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I will help you focus on creating a high performance business that achieves your business goals


I will help you achieve more in less time, double your productivity and give you more freedom


I will help you create a mission for your business that delivers increased sales, revenue and profitability


I help entrepreneurs and business owners like you take control of your time and help you become more organised, more creative, more productive and more profitable.

If you are building your business I will help you put the strategies and systems in place to focus on the things that will drive your business forward and allow you to get more done in less time.

If you are looking to grow your business I will help you find the right environment, mindset and habits to remove distractions, deliver rapid growth and help you create more control and freedom in your life.

Through my coaching and training you will put in place simple, efficient and effective strategies and tools that will help you get the most important, revenue driving activities done in less time.  I call this ‘Profitable Productivity’ coaching.

I will help you focus on creating and achieving bold goals.  You will gain clarity on what produces the most value and results within your business and have a roadmap for future success, increased revenue and profits.

You will eliminate the things that are stopping you focusing on the things that matter, will double your productivity, have more time and a real sense of joy within your business.

With my 90 Day Productivity Accelerator program I will work with you on the art of reclaiming your life and finding the time, space and freedom to create a life that allows you to work more effectively AND live fully

You will experience a new level of peace and balance in your life, will remove the things that cause you feelings of stress, overwhelm and stuckness and focus on the things that will have a huge impact on the success of your business

How To Start Using Self-Discipline

From the Coaching Office of Mark Pettit Colchester, UK  I was speaking to a prospective client yesterday and they told me “I don’t have any self-discipline”.  She was struggling.  She was overwhelmed with the projects and tasks she had to deliver....
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Free OWL Group Coaching Session

As a loyal follower of Maria Flynn and One Wise Life you are invited to join a Free Online Group Coaching Session “How To Create More Free Time To Grow Your Business” This will be an online masterclass on how you can master your time, increase your...
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7 Strategies To Regain Harmony And Balance When You’re Overwhelmed

A couple of years ago, in a previous job, I found myself in a particularly busy period.  We were focusing on big growth strategies for the business, had more and more client work with tight deadlines and I had greater numbers of people to manage.  I was struggling to...
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8 Simple Shifts To Take Control Of Your Time

Do you consider yourself a master of time management?  Are you a productive person in control of your time?  If you are struggling to stay focused and overcome your long to-do list I offer up eight strategies to help you stay focused and in control of your time....
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Productivity Breakthrough Session

It’s not about getting all of your tasks done or finding more hours in the day. I will help you make the maximum use of your time by a process of elimination and prioritisation that will give you the kind of focus that will create real change and transformation

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90 Day Productivity Accelerator

With the 90 Day Productivity Accelerator coaching program I will help you work more effectively and focus on doing the high value activities that matter most in your business to increase productivity and profitability

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Profitable Productivity

To build a high growth, profitable business it is essential to identify and consistently and systematically focus on the high value, important activities that need to be done in your business.  By doing this you will gain clarity on your goals and build a business vision, work more effectively and allow you to gain more leverage in your business.  It will help you gain more control over your business and life and allow you to experience more freedom and conquer feelings of stress and overwhelm.   It will allow you to achieve more in the same amount of time, increase your energy, improve your confidence and motivation and prioritise the things that matter most.

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