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Lucemi Consulting provides business coaching along with time management coaching for growth focused business owners and entrepreneurs who want to achieve faster growth, greater profits and more time freedom.

Business coaching  

Lucemi Consulting deliver 90-day business coaching programs and one-off business coaching sessions to entrepreneurs and business owners in Colchester, Essex, Suffolk and across the UK.

In addition, we provide online business coaching to business owners in the US, Canada and Australia.

Our business coaching helps business owners achieve faster growth and greater work-life balance.  

At the end of our 90-day business coaching program, business owners achieve three key results:

  • Free up 100 hours of time
  • Achieve accelerated revenue growth
  • Feel more confident about their future. 

Working with me as their business coach, entrepreneurs gain clarity on their biggest strengths and biggest revenue generating opportunities. 

By tapping into their greatest strengths they work less and achieve their goals simply and easily.  

Business coaching to grow your business

Discover the benefits of business coaching for entrepreneurs.  Learn more about my business coaching program.

Book a 30-minute clarity call with me today to find out if we’re a right fit to work together.  

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Time management coaching  

Lucemi Consulting provide online time management coaching and in-person time management coaching for business owners and leaders throughout the UK, US and Canada. 

Our unique time management coaching program helps entrepreneurs and business owners:

  • Manage time more effectively
  • Be more productive
  • Achieve faster growth.

As a time management coach I help entrepreneurs and small business owners transform overwhelm and distraction into greater focus and productivity. 

Working with me as their time management coach, entrepreneurs free up 10 hours of time a week, achieve greater work-life balance and achieve higher levels of personal freedom.  

My time management coaching program is for business owners who want to work less and achieve greater growth. 

Time management coaching to grow your business

Discover he benefits of time management coaching.   

Book a free 30-minute clarity call with me to find out how time management coaching can help you. 

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Accountability coaching 

Accountability coaching program and accountability coaching sessions that help entrepreneurs stay focused, on-track and accountable to achieve their goals.

The accountability coaching program provides regular accountability to help you overcome distractions, overwhelm and procrastination. 

Working with me as their accountability coach, entrepreneurs achieve greater focus, productivity and results.  Through fortnightly accountability coaching sessions, clients benefit from knowing exactly where to spend their time and what to focus on every week.

Accountability coaching to achieve your goals

Lucemi Consulting provide both online accountability coaching programs and in-person accountability coaching.  Discover the benefits of accountability coaching.

Book a 30-minute clarity call with me to discover how accountability coaching can help you stay focused and on track.

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Business consulting 

In addition, Lucemi Consulting provides business consulting to entrepreneurs and business owners throughout the UK and US. 

Founder Mark Pettit has worked with start-ups, non-profits and marketing agencies along with media companies, FMCG brands and professional service firms.

Importantly, his consulting has helped these companies improve business strategy, business performance and business growth.  He especially focuses on helping companies:

  • Define company vision and goals 
  • Improve time management and productivity
  • Build effective business strategy
  • Strengthen work-life balance
  • Establish greater productivity 

For further information about our business consulting services drop us an email at

Actionable tips for business growth 

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Business Coaching

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