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At Lucemi Consulting, my unique business coaching program starts with a focus on understanding what your ideal future looks like and on creating growth in every area of your business and life, and from that flows the ability to expand your personal freedom.

The common thread that runs through working with me as your Business Coach is Results. These are often unexpected results. More-than-expected results. Off-shoot results. Very often, these are transformative, life-changing results.

I currently offer business coaching 1:1, either in person or via skype/zoom designed to step up progress and results in both your business and personal life.

My unique business and marketing expertise, strategies, systems and tools, and the focused coaching session planning time you have away from your business are the cornerstones of creating a successful coaching relationship.

Benefits of Working With A Business Coach

My 1:1 Business Coaching Program is designed as a total support system for any successful entrepreneur who has their sights set on next level thinking and “sky’s-the-limit” growth.

It gives you the mindset and freedom to create the kind of joyful life you dreamed of when you made the decision to become an entrepreneur.

Any business owner who’s come to us for business coaching will tell you that working with a business coach is not a quick fix. It’s a transformational strategic change that is focused on creating your ideal future and maximizing your unique capabilities.

You will gain a new way of thinking that will give you the clarity and focus for everything you do going forward.

This coaching program is focused on YOU and YOUR growth.  You decide on your most important goals and on your game plan.

As your business coach I provide the strategic direction, structure, tools, and accountability  that give you a new perspective on how you think about and work within your business.


This is 1:1 business coaching.  We will meet either face to face or via skype/zoom.

We will hold weekly (one-hour session) or fortnightly (two hour sessions) to a maximum of four hours each month.

For more information on my coaching program click here or to set up a complimentary strategy session with me click here

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One To One Business Coaching

A total coaching support system for any ambitious, growth minded entrepreneur who is focused on growing to the next level in all areas of business and life and expanding their personal freedom.


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Group Coaching Program

Launching, March 2018.

For many entrepreneurs, the idea of learning and growing as part of a like-minded group who share the same challenges, opportunities and mindsets can deliver the biggest breakthroughs.

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Get More Clarity And Focus

To build a high growth, profitable business it is essential to be crystal clear on what your ideal future looks like.  What is your vision?  How will you get there?

By understanding your unique skills and focusing on where you can add the biggest value to your business is where the real breakthroughs come from.  You become clearer on your goals and begin to set measurable, time specific outcomes for your business.

You have a clear focused strategy and a clear action plan to achieve your loftiest goals.  This creates more time freedom and allows you to spend more time doing the things that bring you joy as well as with the people that matter most.

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Enter your contact details to receive expert tools and coaching

Get the best of the best, game-changing strategies I depend on to work effectively

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