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I will help you sharpen your focus to help you double your energy, master your time and achieve your biggest goals faster.


I will help you double your productivity and achieve more in less time, by helping you focus on the highest earning projects in your business.


I will help you double the amount of free time you have in your life in the next 90 days so you can spend more and more time doing the things you love with the people that matter most.


At Lucemi Consulting, our unique business coaching program is about empowering successful entrepreneurs to transform themselves, their business and their life so they can focus on multiplying their growth and expanding their freedom.

We do this by empowering them to turn their vision, purpose and dreams into reality every day, helping them achieve their goals quicker whilst increasing their productivity, happiness, confidence, success and energy.

Created by Business Coach Mark Pettit, we offer two business coaching programs, both designed to speed up and multiply clarity, focus, progress, motivation and results in both your business and personal life.

The focused planning time, goal setting, accountability, thinking tools, and problem solving time away from your business are the foundations of our programs’ success.

Would you like:
  • Clarity around your biggest vision, setting goals and a clear path and plan to achieve them?
  • Bigger and better clients that understand your true value?
  • More freedom and balance in your life so you can grow your business to levels you didn’t think were possible?
  • To double your focus, productivity and energy so you can increase your revenue AND have more time with your family and friends?
  • More structure and accountability so you have clarity on your plans and business goals and the specific measurements needed to achieve them?
  • Complete control of your time so you can leverage your biggest opportunities whilst having more fun in the process?
  • Greater confidence, gratitude, happiness and more abundance in your life?
  • Personal transformation so you become stronger, healthier, rejuvenated and with higher levels of energy?

As a successful entrepreneur, you have the ability to transform your vision into reality, to achieve your goals, to manage your time effectively and do more of the things you love to do.

Yet, as you become more successful and become more of a leader, you reach a point where it becomes increasingly difficult to jump to the next level if personal success and business growth.

The complexity of dealing with many opportunities, managing a team, responsibilities, and challenges that arise as your business grows can begins to obscure your ability to focus on your future vision and to do what’s needed to move towards it confidently and creatively.

You may feel a bit stuck, overwhelmed, time poor and have no real strategy or plan to jump to the next level.  You’re missing out on time with the people who matter most and don’t have the freedom to focus on your biggest earning opportunities.

The Freedom to Focus Coaching Program helps successful entrepreneurs turn complexity into simplicity.  It helps you refocus on your vision of the future and create specific, measurable goals and an intentional action plan to achieve those goals.

This coaching, coupled with the focus and accountability that comes with it, has the remarkable impact of creating a level of simplicity and confidence that makes it increasingly easier to reach bigger and bigger goals.

A byproduct of this freedom to focus are higher levels of productivity, creativity, energy, confidence and happiness with your personal and professional life.

If this sounds interesting and you’re curious about how my Freedom to Focus Business Coaching Program can transform your business and life works you can Start Here or Book a Complimentary Business Breakthrough Call.

I also now offer one off Strategy Sessions consultancy, either one hour or half day.

This coaching program has been designed just for entrepreneurs like you.























I empower successful entrepreneurs to transform their business and life through one to one business coaching.  If you’re curious about how you can expand your freedom and multiply your business growth then please schedule a complimentary 30 minute call with me.

My Freedom to Focus business coaching program is for 3 months or 12 months.  I currently also offer one off consultancy Strategy Sessions which are available for One Hour or Half-Day.

We also have an About Us page where you can find out more about Mark Pettit 


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1:1 Business Coaching

Are you ready to create breakthroughs in your business in the next 90 Days.  If you’re ready to become more focused, more productive, earn more and multiply your freedom and business growth Click the Button to Book a Complimentary Breakthrough Session.

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Strategy Sessions

Do you have a specific business or marketing challenge you need help with?

I now provide one off consultancy to successful entrepreneurs who want to take control of their time, expand their freedom and multiply their business growth.

These Strategy Sessions are available for One Hour or for Half-Day, starting from £250.

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Get More Freedom To Focus on Creating a Growth Focused Business

Would you like to achieve transformation in your business and life?

How would it feel if you could:

  • Work less and achieve higher levels of business growth
  • Double your Productivity
  • Double Your Energy
  • Master your time so you can so much more done
  • Double your confidence and belief
  • Reach your goals quicker
  • Be more focused and have a clear path and plan
  • To be more profitable and work with higher paying clients

By understanding your unique skills and focusing on where you can add the biggest value to your business is where the real breakthroughs come from.  You become clearer on your goals and begin to set measurable, time specific outcomes for your business.

You have a clear focused strategy and a clear action plan to achieve your loftiest goals.  This creates more time freedom and allows you to spend more time doing the things that bring you joy as well as with the people that matter most.

If you’re ready to jump to the next level book a 30-minute Business Breakthrough Call.

If you want to receive weekly strategies, tips and tools on business growth, time management, leadership and teamwork please enter your details below:

Enter your contact details to receive expert tools and coaching

Get the best of the best, game-changing strategies I depend on to work effectively

Book Your Business Breakthrough Session

Book Your Complimentary 30-Minute Business Breakthrough Session.  Click the Book Now button.

I also have one off consultancy packages available for One Hour or Half-Day.  You can find out more by clicking Strategy Sessions.


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