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Would you like some productivity hacks to help you achieve and get more done every day?  If yes, you”re in the right place.

Have you had this experience?  You start out the day with the best of intentions.  You have your To-Do list at the ready.

In your mind you know that today is going to be a great day.  You’re all set to start working on your biggest priorities.  But…

Distractions happen.  Life happens.  You begin to procrastinate.

Suddenly it feels like you’re behind.  Behind on your goals.  Behind on your Most Important Activities.  It feels like you can’t catch up.

 But what if you could stay one step ahead?  To stay focused and productive, and achieve your most important activities every day.

These 11 productivity hacks helped me maximise my time to get more done.  Hopefully they’ll do the same for you.

 Pick the Hours that are Most Productive for You

There are lots of articles out there that extol the virtues of creating a morning routine that starts at 5am.  For many, that is the ultimate productivity hack.

The thing is, some of us work better in the morning, whilst others are more night owls.  Getting a night owl to start a morning routine is completely counterproductive.

Personally, I can get a lot done in the morning.  I have a 90-minute window from getting up until my children come down.  I use that time to exercise and lay out my 3 Most Important Activities for the day.

Many people don’t have the luxury of getting up at 5am as they have other commitments.

So, find your own productivity style that works for you.  Don’t worry about what most people think is normal.  Follow your own path.

Write in a Journal Every Day

A journal can be used for many things – as a place to record your gratitude for what you have in your life; a place to note down thoughts and ideas or a place to state what you want to come into your life.

It can help you be more creative and help you cope by taking all of the things that are swirling around your mind and getting it down on paper.

3 Item Daily to Do List

One of the reasons so many people procrastinate and get stressed is the number of things they have on their daily to do list.

Too many things and not enough time is a common theme I hear all the time.

But, what if you could strip everything back and lay out only 3 Key Priorities for the day, starting with the most important.

3 things is manageable and can be achieved.  Completing your Big 3 boost confidence and ensures you move forward in your progress every day.

If you’re worried about small tasks.  Try listing out all of the small tasks and having a One Day blitz to complete everything.  If you can do this every month supported by your Big Three you will be on the fast track to achieving your goals.

Learn to Say No

One of the simplest productivity hacks to be more productive and get more of the right things done is to learn the art of saying no.

We have so many opportunities and activities and people that consume our time.

So, ask yourself.

Will this opportunity move my business forward?

How does it fit with my goals?

Am I excited to spend time with this person?

Do I feel like I have to do this rather than wanting to do this?

Does this thing excite and motivate me?

Create a scorecard for assessing the opportunities in front of you to ensure you are maximising your time.

Have Something to Capture Notes

I wrote an article for Lifehack on The Importance of Note Taking

Note taking is the lifeblood of the creative entrepreneur looking to grow their business.  This is the place to capture your big ideas, to note down important points, to lay down everything that’s whirling around inside your mind.

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world are avid note takers, from Richard Branson to Bill Gates, and they all credit note taking as being a key part of their success.

Avoid Things That Suck Up Your Time

If you analysed your time during the day, how much of it is used up on people and activities that just suck up your time?

They don’t bring you joy and excitement.  They don’t motivate and inspire you.  They’re not using your unique skills.  They don’t move the needle on your business forward.

These activities are just stuff, that often you feel you have to do.  Can these activities be outsourced or delegated?  Do you have to do them?

20% of our activities are responsible for 80% of our results.  If things that suck up your time don’t make up that 20%, look for ways to stop doing them personally.

Take More Time Out

We all want more freedom, right?  But how much freedom do you actually have? Freedom to spend with your family or to invest in yourself.

Freeing entrepreneurs up is the core principle of my coaching.  One of the methods I coach is the art of taking more time out of the business for rest and rejuvenation.

This is not a holiday.  This is about taking one day per month (or more, if you can) to take yourself completely out of the business.  That means no phone, no email.

The focus is on recharging and boosting energy.  When you come back you will find yourself far more focused and productive. 

Protect Your Time

We all have the same 24 hours in the day.  Some people manage to achieve exactly what they want, whilst others struggle and end up with a number of unfinished projects and a feeling of not moving forward.

There is a huge difference between busyness and just checking things off a to-do list V being effective and working on your biggest money making opportunities.

The first step is to be crystal clear on your goals.  Then to break your goals into 90 Days Outcome Goals.

Once you are clear on your objectives for the next 90 Days, you can lay out monthly, weekly and daily plans.

This will help you get super focused on where to spend your time and to protect the time that you actually have.

Just Get Moving

The key to building confidence, achieving results and building momentum is to simply start.  To get moving forward.

Some of us are so worried about making everything perfect that we don’t start.  We procrastinate.  We feel stuck.

Simply be clear on your Big 3 for the day and take that first step forward. 

Maximise Your Most Important Tasks

This is an important productivity hack to help you get more done. Do you know the key projects or tasks that will really take your business and life to the next level?

Do your goals have specific objectives and time frames against them?

I try to make this really simple.  Pick 3 things to focus on each day.

At the end of the day, lay out 3 things you achieved that day, and 3 things you want to achieve tomorrow.

Each week, lay out a weekly achievement tracker.  This will show you how far forward you’ve moved forward on your most important tasks.

If you’ve achieved what you want – great, continue in that vein.  If you haven’t achieved what you want, see what adjustments could be made.

Block Time for Housekeeping

In the busy day to day of running your business it’s easy to forget business basis – finance, operations, systems, relationships.

Unless you invest time in these areas of your business, you miss out on ways of exploring how you can streamline the business, improve systems and flow, how you can leverage your time, how you can grow your team, how you can improve your marketing etc.

Take one day per month, out of your business ideally, and look at everything in the ‘back of house’ of your business.

What can be improved?  What areas do you need to invest in?  What areas can be outsourced or delegated?  How can you free up more of your time?

I’m all for strategy days to focus on the growth of the business, but without the operational efficiency and system improvements required in any business all of your growth focus could come to nothing.  

What could you accomplish if you were performing at your peak productivity level?

Which productivity hacks do you use to create peak performance?

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