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Being more productive doesn’t just increase your efficiency and effectiveness.

It helps you get more of the right things done to help you get more time back.

If you can figure out how to consistently be more productive every day it will increase your revenue, your income and the opportunity to create more impact.

The problem is that many traditional systems get productivity all wrong.

The focus is about working harder, working longer hours, hustling more to get more things done.

Being productive isn’t about working harder

These systems define productivity as the ability to do more and do it faster. But that approach is just plain wrong.

That way of thinking doesn’t give any attention to what we should actually be spending our time on.

They’re about bigger To-Do lists, crushing it each day, doing more, and taking on more and more work.

This simply accelerates the hamster wheel many of us are already on.

Instead of getting ahead and focusing on the right things that make the biggest impact, our productivity gains can feel very small.

They also leave us feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and stressed.

True productivity isn’t about getting more things done. It’s about getting the right things done.

The plague of busyness

The trick to being more productive is to is identify and invest your time in what I call your High Value Activities or HVAs.

These are a maximum of five activities that will create the biggest impact in terms of revenue generation.

Unfortunately, a lot of what happens in many businesses has little to do with producing big results and increased revenues.

Much of the work is just busyness, putting together a big To-Do list of lots of things to do.

They are created without a real understanding of what role these things play in increasing revenue and driving the business forward.

There is no often no clear purpose to the activity or a questioning of WHY these things are being done.

A huge amount of the ‘work’ plays little role in advancing the overall strategy of the business.

The problem with traditional productivity advice is that it doesn’t filter busyness or low value work.

Being productive doesn’t mean doing unproductive work faster.

It means focusing your efforts on those HVAs that contribute the most to your business.

3 Ways Being More Productive Boosts Income

Here are three simple ways improved productivity leads to more income and a greater impact:

Adding value

Differentiate yourself by focusing on creating real value in the marketplace.

While many of your competitors are focused on being busy and being safe with non-challenging activities, become a focused high achiever to help your business reach their biggest goals.

Driving revenue

Whether it’s coming up with new ideas, increasing revenue with existing clients, launching new products or making more sales by focusing on your HVAs you will help to drive more revenue to your business.

Those measurable improvements stand a good chance of generating higher income and performance increases for the business.

Getting your time back

Low value work and busyness might fill time, but productive work redeems it.

By cutting or trimming busywork and other low-value activity, you can invest your time in high-value activities, innovation and value creation.

These are the things that create the biggest impacts, while preserving time for rest, rejuvenation and reflection.

Income Equals Impact

All three of these reasons add up to greater impact—not only for yourself and your business but also for your family.

Increasing your time and income creates an opportunity to share and invest in the things that really matter to you.

This could be your family, your community, your friends or causes close to your heart.

More income for you means more time for others.

Busyness and low value work on the other hand, no matter much we do or how fast we do it, deprives others by decreasing our impact.

When we can maximise our productivity, earn more income and create more time to focus on the things that matter, everyone wins!

About the Author

Mark Pettit helps successful entrepreneurs become more focused and productive.  He helps them expand their freedom, multiply their productivity and hit their goals faster.

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