About Mark Pettit, Founder of business coaching company Lucemi Consulting.

What’s with the name Lucemi Consulting? Plus other FAQs

Lucemi Consulting is a business coaching company founded by business coach Mark Pettit.

It’s your resource to help with:

  • Clarifying your vision
  • Tapping into your unique strengths
  • Getting paid for results not time and effort
  • Setting and achieving your biggest goals
  • Doing more of what you love to do and are best at
  • Working less and freeing up your time

How do you help with all that?

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Who is Mark Pettit?

Lucemi Consulting is me, Business Coach Mark Pettit, and my team.

Where are you based?

Our business is based in Colchester, Essex, UK.  We work with business owners throughout the UK and the US.

Why do you do what you do?

You can’t grow a business that makes real money unless you have more time freedom to do what you love and are brilliant at.

Helping small business owners free up hundreds of hours to spend growing their business and with the people that matter most is my passion. I simply help you clarify your bigger future vision (what you want), identify your unique strengths (what you’re brilliant at), free up your time do spend more time doing that work. So you work less, do more of what you love and make more money.

What results can I expect?

Small business owners come to me because they want to achieve bigger & better goals but don’t have enough time.  Their life is  full of complexity and complications and they want to be freed up to do more of what they’re great at, love to do and brings in more money.

I help them free up 100 hours of time in 90 days and multiply their revenue by doing more of what they’re great at.

They transform complexity and complications into simplicity, clarity and confidence.

Why Lucemi Consulting?

The company was named after my two children.

I’m afraid you’ll judge my weaknesses. Will you?

Simply put no.  I help you focus on your unique strengths and get you to speak more time using them rather than developing weaknesses.

OK I’m in. Now what?

You can find out more about the Time Transformer Business Coaching Program or my 90-Minute Time Breakthrough Session or simply subscribe to the best building growth emails by hitting the Sign Up button below:

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About Mark Pettit

Here’s my bio, written in 3rd person 

Mark Pettit, Founder of Business Coaching Practice Lucemi Consulting has been coaching small business owners for four years, and has been a senior leader in business for over two decades and has won many big awards for his work.

After graduating from Stirling University he worked in lots of different roles, poorly.

Then his first real job was working for a marketing agency running big sports promotions for national newspapers including The Telegraph, The Times and The Sun.

Next he started creating and running big marketing campaigns and loyalty programs for the same newspapers including working on The Times’ Loyalty Scheme Times+, the Books for Schools campaign and acquisition marketing campaigns that brought in hundreds of thousands of new readers.

He went onto handle the business strategy, agency vision and client development for a 60 person marketing agency and developed brand and marketing campaigns and loyalty schemes for brands such as Heineken, Pernod Ricard, Arla and The Government of Malaysia.

The marketing campaigns Mark led won many marketing awards including many gongs at the Institute of Sales Promotion (ISP).

So how did he start coaching ambitious entrepreneurs? He worked with a number of small business owners during his marketing career and realised he could serve them with far more than his marketing skills.

He saw that many entrepreneurs had their time filled with activities which stopped them really being able to grow their business. So, he decided to use his capabilities running a business to help them free up more of their time to grow their business.

When not coaching entrepreneurs, writing his famous emails or talking to small business owners, Mark likes hanging out with his family, and watching films.  

Mark lives in Colchester, UK. 

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