About Mark Pettit  

Mark Pettit is a leading time management coach and business coach and the founder of Lucemi Consulting.

Mark provides business coaching programs and time management coaching programs for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to grow their business by working less.  

Business coaching to simplify your time

Do you find yourself spending more time doing activities you don’t like doing, that you aren’t very good at and don’t grow your business? 

With more demands on your time and increased pressures to get the results you want, you end up working longer hours but don’t see the progress you want.

But, you shouldn’t have to compromise doing the work you love to do to achieve the goals you want. 

You can achieve your goals, do more of the work you love to do and still have time to spend with the people that matter at home.

Hi, I’m Mark Pettit

As the founder of business coaching company, Lucemi Consulting, I help small business owners turn their goals into reality by working less and doing more of the work they love to do and are best at. 

As a business coach, Mark Pettit specialises in helping entrepreneurs improve their time management, productivity and goal setting skills so they have more time to focus on growing their business and more time to spend with the people that matter at home.

Through our business coaching programs and value driven blog and newsletters, our aim is to help you turn your goals into reality by focusing your time on the things that grow your business and less time on the things that don’t.

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About Lucemi Consulting plus other FAQs

Lucemi Consulting provides business coaching to entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to work less, do more of what they love to do and achieve bigger and better goals in less time. 

Business coaching services 

Lucemi Consulting provides 90-day business coaching programs and 90-minute business coaching services to successful but time-poor and overwhelmed small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to jump to the next level of growth but have no time to actually grow their business.

Our business coaching company is based in Colchester, Essex and we provide 1:1 business coaching services to small business owners and entrepreneurs across Essex and Suffolk, UK.  We also provide virtual business coaching programs to clients throughout Europe, United States, Canada and Australia.

Working with a business coach will help you achieve three things: 1. More time freedom; 2. More time to spend doing what you love to do and, 3. Greater growth in revenue and profits. 

Find out more about the benefits of working with a small business coach and accountability coaching.   We also provide time management coaching.

Do you use specific business coaching tools?

I use a simple three phase business coaching system to help small business owners work less, do more of what they love and make more money. 

Whether you are a successful solopreneur or have a small team, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the complexity and complication of running a business. 

Rather than having more time freedom, you may feel you have no time to think, to plan and actually grow your business.

My business coaching process is named CSM (Clarify, Simplify and Multiply).  This stands for the three stages of time freedom and business growth I work with clients on.

Firstly, we work together clarify your goals so you are clear on what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve it by.  Secondly, we work together to simplify your time, energy and focus so you can spend more time growing your business and less time on activities that don’t. 

Finally we work together to multiply your time and focus on the activities that deliver the biggest results and help you achieve your goals much quicker.

Results from business coaching

Business coaching is not just about business transformation.  It is about life transformation, and creating the perfect balance between business growth and life growth. The goal of most of my coaching clients is to have the time freedom to create a life and business they love. 

To achieve bigger and better goals in their business, but also to have more time freedom to spend with the people who matter most.

At the end of my 90-day business coaching program clients work less, spend time doing more of what they love to do, have more time with their family and increase revenue and profits.

At the end of 90 days, you can expect to have free’d up at least 100 hours of your time, doubled your productivity, be spending more time doing what you’re passionate about and achieved an increase in revenue and profits. 

If we work together for at least twelve months you can expect to free up 500 hours of your time and double your revenue.

Where are you based?

I am a business coach in Colchester, Essex, UK, but provide business coaching to entrepreneurs and small business owners across Europe, United States, Canada and Australia.

How can you help me right now?

If you’ve been thinking about working with a business coach, you cam book a call with me.  You can also grab my free Productivity Guide to 10x your productivity, sign up to my weekly newsletter or read my best articles on entrepreneurship and productivity on my blog.

Proven tips to simplify your time 

My Time For What Matters blog is the go to destination for the best articles on business growth, time management, productivity, mindset and other tools that every small business owner needs to create more time freedom.

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Turn your goals into reality

If you’ve thought about business coaching before or want to understand more about how I can help you simplify your time, energy and focus to multiply your productivity, income and results book a 30-minute clarity call with me today.

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About Mark Pettit

Here’s my bio, written in 3rd person 

Mark Pettit is a business coach and founder of Business Coaching Company Lucemi Consulting.  He has been providing business coaching services and time management coaching to small business owners and entrepreneurs for four years.  Previously he was a senior leader in business for over two decades and received many awards for his work.

After graduating from Stirling University he worked in lots of different roles, poorly.

His first real job was working for a marketing agency running big sports promotions for national newspapers including The Telegraph, The Times and The Sun.

Next he created and led successful marketing campaigns and loyalty programs for the same newspapers including leading The Times’ Loyalty Scheme Times+, the Books for Schools campaign and acquisition marketing campaigns that brought in hundreds of thousands of new readers.

He went onto handle the business strategy, agency vision and client development for a 60 person marketing agency and developed brand and marketing campaigns and loyalty schemes for brands such as Heineken, Pernod Ricard, Arla and The Government of Malaysia.  

During that time he developed a passion for coaching.  The marketing campaigns Mark led won many marketing awards including many gongs at the Institute of Sales Promotion (ISP).

So how did he start providing business coaching to ambitious entrepreneurs? During work with a number of small business owners during his marketing career, he realised he could serve them with far more than his marketing skills.

He saw that many entrepreneurs had their time filled with activities which stopped them really being able to grow their business. So, he decided to use his capabilities running a business, and his expertise in time management and productivity, to help these business owners free up more of their time to grow their business.

When not coaching entrepreneurs, writing his famous emails or talking to small business owners, Mark likes hanging out with his family, and watching films.

Mark is married with two children and lives in Colchester, UK.