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About The Founder

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Get To Know The Founder, Mark Pettit

 Hello, I’m Mark Pettit.  I believe that every entrepreneur and business owner can change their game and take their business to the next level if they have a clear picture of their ideal future that multiplies their belief, confidence, mindset and thinking.

I founded Lucemi (a mix of my children’s names) Consulting in 2017 as I wanted to combine my commercial business and life experiences to help entrepreneurs and business owners achieve the growth and freedom they wanted in every aspect of their business and life.

I bring to my coaching practice over 20 years’ of business and marketing experience and am a highly regarded leader, marketer, consultant, strategic planner and coach to businesses and individuals.

Before launching this business, I led a very successful marketing agency working alongside governments, national newspapers and global brands to help them grow their business.

I have worked with The Government of Malaysia, The Times, The Telegraph, B&Q, Anchor Butter and across Heineken UK’s beer and cider brands across both brand and trade marketing

I know that every entrepreneur wants more freedom and that’s where my coaching always starts – creating a vision and strategy that frees up people’s time so they can focus on the areas of their business where they can utilise their unique skills.

My strategies, systems and coaching process that I use with my clients is focused on results and helping them achieve sustainable growth.

I am married with two small children and live in Colchester, Essex.

One of my favorite things in the world is discovering new information and creating insights that can be used to help my client’s businesses grow.

I spend a lot of time reading, talking to marketing innovators and entrepreneurs, discovering new things, and working out how to apply them in the real world.

I am constantly learning from other people and one of my passions is to create real value for my clients and to share things I learn with everyone.

You don’t have to work with me to get some of my best ideas, you can sign up to my weekly newsletter.

This brings together my latest thinking and ideas you can use to accelerate your business growth, regardless of where you are right now.

This thinking covers marketing, business growth, productivity, time management, client acquisition, building relationships and increasing customer loyalty.


Why my coaching works

Many entrepreneurs and business owners talk about wanting to grow their business and claim it’s really important to them but often they don’t follow through.

They know what they should be doing but often aren’t committed enough to just start.

Sometimes people just need the systems, support, guidance and accountability to help us just do what we know we need to do.

My coaching is designed to show you the exact strategies and systems go help you grow your business and life and expand your freedom.

There is no sugar coating and no random tactics.  Just tested, step by step systems and strategies that work in the real world.

I help you focus on the activities that will generate massive results for you and your business

Right now, I want to prove that my coaching can change your life.  Sign up for a Free Consultation here or sign up for my free newsletter.



Want to learn more about how we can work together?

To book a Free Consultation click here or to find out more please email us at enquiries@lucemiconsulting.co.uk