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Every small business owner and leader loses focus and motivation and gets off track from time to time. But, when that loss of focus happens consistently then accountability coaching will help you get back on track.

If you’re spinning your wheels and getting frustrated with your progress on achieving your goals I’m about to share how working with an accountability coach can help you stay focused to achieve your biggest goals much quicker. 

If you have clear goals you want to achieve, but you aren’t implementing, taking action and moving forward, you may benefit from more accountability to keep you focused and on track.

An accountability coach will help you prioritise, get more focused and stay accountable to achieve your biggest goals.

Every week your coach can help you move forward on your most important goals, by helping you stay focused and prioritise what’s most important to you. 

There may be specific things holding you back from making the progress you want.  Accountability coaching will provide proven tools and techniques to help you make the small changes that produce big results.

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What is an accountability coach?

In essence an accountability coach is there to provide support, guidance and peer pressure that holds people accountable to take specific action to achieve their goals.

Many people think of accountability coaching as having an ass kicker shouting at you to do something and then berate you when you don’t do it.

As a business coach who helps small business owners and leaders stay accountable to achieve their goals, I look at accountability coaching slightly differently.

An accountability coach can help support specific areas of your business and life that you find challenging or want to grow, by helping you prioritise, get more focused and create mindset shifts.

I personally help small business owners and leaders stay accountable to achieve their goals by working with them to set measurable goals, prioritising their time and getting them more focused and productive to achieve bigger results much quicker. 

An accountability coach will work with you one-on-one and you will have their direct focus and attention to mentor, guide and hold you accountable to stay focused and do what you say you’ll do. 

You will achieve specific breakthroughs that are important to you by working through a structured path and plan to achieve your goals much quicker.

I personally use the STM process which helps small business owners and leaders stay focused, productive and accountable through three stages:

  • Simplify
  • Transform
  • Multiply

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Strategic peer pressure 

Many business owners and leaders want accountability in the form of strategic peer pressure.

Accountability coaching will help you stay focused, prioritise, stay on track, be intentional and take massive action each week.

The key benefit of accountability coaching for small business owners and leader is having someone like me hold them accountable.

Accountable to identify their most important activities and then follow through on taking the action they said they’d take.

An accountability coach will use strategies such as daily calls, weekly calls and goal setting to help clients stay on track and be accountable.

How can accountability coaching help business owners?

One of the biggest challenges business owners and leaders face is that they have too many things going on.

This complexity makes it hard to stay focused.

You may have too many ideas.

An abundance of opportunities.

Too many shiny objects to take your attention and focus away from your biggest priorities.

Distractions galore to take you away from making confident progress towards achieving your goals.

An accountability coach will help you set goals and then prioritise your time so you can focus on the small number of activities you do best, love to do and that achieve the biggest results.  Read more about the benefits of working with a time management coach.

The accountability mindset 

It takes a different mindset to stay on track, implement, consistently take action and stay motivated to move forward.  There are many obstacles that can come up which can derail even the best plans.

The simple act of weekly accountability calls and a clear action plan to follow will help you achieve your goals much quicker.

I’ve personally helped hundreds of small business owners and leaders turn their goals into reality through the simple act of holding them accountable and keeping them on track. 

Instead of being stuck in the same place, feeling distracted and unfocused, they were able to achieve much bigger goals by working less and doing more of the work they love to do.  

That is the power of accountability coaching.

Why choose accountability coaches? 

If you’ve thought about working with someone to help you prioritise, stay focused and keep you on track to achieve your biggest goals, an accountability coach could be what you’re looking for.

The benefit of working with accountability coaches is that they are focused on helping people like you overcome the obstacles that hold them back.

There is no cookie cutter approach.

The coach will sit down with you and help you get absolute clarity on what you want and what your biggest goals are.  

They will help you understand the obstacles that stop you from moving forward and taking action.

Together, a strategy and action plan is created to help you overcome those obstacles and stay accountable to take action to achieve those goals. 

A plan and path on how you can stay accountable to move forward and take action will be created.

This might be weekly calls that become a priority with the client, daily check ins or even fortnightly meetings.

Clear, focused accountability 

Working with an accountability coach will help you get clear and feel confident about exactly what you need to do to make progress on goal achievement, and the action step to take.

This level of accountability and positive peer pressure will ensure you take the action needed to make the progress you want.  

Your internal accountability will be multiplied by having a coach work alongside you. 

Accountability is all about creating better habits and being more focused and productive on the activities that matter most.

The payoff, of staying focused and productive towards goal achievement, can be huge.  A month of progress can be made in a week if the right environment has been set up.

6 Benefits of working with an accountability coach

Would you like to achieve your biggest goals simply and easily? 

If you have big goals, but you’re not seeing the progress you want, more accountability will help.

When you’re feeling stuck, trapped, overwhelmed or frustrated an accountability coach can help you refocus, prioritise and get back on track.

They can help you think clearly and confidently about the bigger future you want, and take action on achieving that result.

Here are 7 benefits of accountability coaching that can help you amplify your focus, productivity and results.

1. Greater clarity and direction

What difference would it make to your business and life if you had absolute clarity on the ideal future you wanted to create?

If you knew where to focus your time?

If you knew what results you wanted to create and by when?

This insight could be transformational.

Working with an accountability coach can clarify your vision and help you set long-term and short-term goals.

Having longer-term goals gives you a path and plan to work towards.

Short-term goals give you more focus and direction with specific weekly, monthly and 90-day plans to work towards.

By identifying what’s crucially important to you helps you capture bigger opportunities.

It also helps you eliminate and say no to things that don’t support your goals.

This accountability focus will keep you on track and productive every day.

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2. Focus your energy on what you love to do

Without clear focus and a game plan to follow each day, it’s easy to get distracted and overwhelmed.

It becomes easy to chase shiny objects that don’t support your overall goals.

Accountability coaching can help you get clarity on what you love to do and are best at.

This insight will help you focus your time and energy more and more only on a small number of those activities.

Everything else is eliminated, delegated or outsourced.

When you have less to do, it’s easier to stay focused and productive.

Too much to do creates complexity, complication and overwhelm.

An accountability coach can help you simplify your activities so you do less but achieve more every day.  Read more about how to manage time better.

3. Become results focused

When you are accountable to achieve a specific, measurable result you become more intentional and focused about where to spend your time.

If you are reporting results to an accountability coach, then your time and energy gets focused on delivering results.

You realise that low value work won’t help you deliver the results you want.

Intentionality becomes a focus.

You become more focused on leveraging your time and expertise to produce a bigger result quicker.

When you achieve the results you want and make progress every day, your confidence grows.

Accountability to the results you want to achieve amplifies.

Morale, momentum and motivation grows every day.  Which produces bigger results.  Read more about how to become more intentional.

4. Manage your time effectively

We all only have 24 hours in a day.

When we become more accountable for delivering specific results we start managing time much more effectively.

An accountability coach will have time management and productive expertise to help keep you on track.

They will help you use time blocking and other time management tips to focus your time on the activities that matter.

When you take more ownership of your time, the aim is to achieve bigger results in less time.

This takes setting better boundaries, saying no more often and finding ways to leverage time.

Your focus will become more about working smarter, not harder.

The benefit of this focus is more time freedom to spend with the people who matter most and a better work-life balance for you.

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5. Overcome procrastination

One of the biggest benefits of working with an accountability coach is overcoming procrastination.

When you have bigger goals that are scary or feel overwhelmed with too much to do it’s easy to procrastinate.

If left unchecked, procrastination can leave you feeling stuck and trapped for days or even weeks.

Having an accountability coach ensures that results have to be achieved,

Progress has to be made otherwise there will be nothing to update your coach on.

No-one wants to be in a position where they haven’t met a deadline or done something they said they’d do.

If you are alone the only accountability is to yourself.

When you bring in accountability coaching or work with an accountability partner, you want to do what you say.

You don’t want to be someone who doesn’t deliver.

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6. Set goals you actually achieve

It’s easy to set goals but unless they are specific, measurable and have a deadline attached, they often fall by the wayside.

An accountability coach can help you set goals that matter to you and then create a plan and path to achieve them simply and easily.

Knowing where you want to go and by when can be life changing.

Having a proven path and plan to follow can transform how you think and work.

Accountability coaching ensures you know where to focus your time and what result you want to achieve.

Weekly or daily check ins ensure you stay focused and on track.

When obstacles or challenges arise you will have a coach in your corner to help you create an action plan to move forward.

Constantly reviewing progress and performance and tweaking how you work will help you stay accountable to the results that matter to you.

Summing Up

Working with an accountability coach will help you stay focused to achieve your biggest goals much quicker.

The simple act of getting clear on the results you want, having an action plan to achieve the results, and having someone hold you accountable can be transformational.

It’s difficult to do everything alone.  When you invest in yourself and your future, and have a proven path and plan to follow, it’s easier to stay focused and productive to achieve your goals.

Having ongoing guidance, support, a sounding board and accountability can be a powerful force on your journey to create a business and life you love.

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