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Time To Grow Business Coaching For Entrepreneurs

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Time To Grow Business Coaching For Entrepreneurs

Here’s what you get when you join my 1:1 Business Coaching Program.

A total coaching support system for any ambitious, growth minded entrepreneurs who are focused on growing to the next level and expanding their personal freedom.

It is a one to one experience for committed business owners who want to achieve growth in every level of their business and life and achieve ongoing transformations and breakthroughs.

It is about you and your growth and what matters most to you, moving you from where you are now to create that ideal future.

What does your future growth look like?

This is very different from business to business, based on where you are now and your future vision, which is why this coaching program is tailored to you.

When you think about your future is it about:

Mapping out your ideal future and having the strategy to get there?

Spending more time working on the business and utilising your unique skills?

Growing your business whilst you take more time out of the business to spend time with the people that matter most?

Growing your revenue whilst you spend more time working on your biggest revenue generating opportunities?

Spending more time doing the things you love?

This kind of future has been achieved by many of my clients who’ve put my strategies and systems in place within their business.

Get More Clarity And Focus

During my 20+ year business and marketing career I’ve developed proven processes and systems that have delivered exponential results.

My clients are ambitious, growth minded entrepreneurs who use these strategies and thinking to focus on creating their ideal future and building the action plan achieve the success they desire.

They become more confident, have a bigger belief, grow their business and get to spend more time doing the things they love.

Significant business growth and changes in the way you think about your business can be exciting but often daunting.

My coaching sessions are a place to take your capabilities, confidence, mindset and thinking to the next level, freeing up your time and energy to focus on achieving your biggest goals and dreams.

Week by week and month by month you’ll change the way you think, you will have more belief, your capabilities will grow and you’ll change your mindset to what you think could be possible.

You will create more opportunities, build bigger relationships and your results will improve.  You will have clarity on how to move forward with a clear focus on your priorities.

Change Your Game

Entrepreneurs and business owners start working with me once they’ve made the commitment to themselves to take their business to the next level.

Many have a vision of their ideal future and where they want to take the business but are unsure of their strategic direction and where they should focus their time.

Others want to move away from the day to day running of their business and need a clear strategy to free up their time.

This often takes a lot of courage to admit they may need some support to get to that next level and that some of the things they’ve been doing simply aren’t working.

For many, business coaching has been the answer, where they get than ongoing support and guidance and new tools and strategies to uplevel their thinking.

The coaching process often starts with a focus on understanding your unique skills and freeing up your time to concentrate on the biggest opportunities within your business.

What You Get

Each coaching session takes you outside your day to day business so you can get a fresh perspective on everything and create new insights and breakthroughs that can change your business.

You will receive guidance, support, accountability, different thinking and the right environment to create the mindset that anything is possible.

Each session is conducted weekly or fortnightly face to face or via skype/zoom.  In between sessions you will have ongoing support through calls and email.

The Investment

The investment for this one to one business coaching program is £1,000 per month for four hours business coaching each month.

There is a minimum commitment of 3 months and at the end of this time we can review continuing to work together.

Next Steps

 Book a free initial consultation by clicking here or email us directly at enquiries@lucemiconsulting.co.uk

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To find out more about my coaching program email enquiries@lucemiconsulting.co.uk or to Book a free consultation click here 

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