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If you want to jump to a higher level in your business and life, but are struggling to find the time to actually grow your business, then business coaching for entrepreneurs could be the answer.

Whether you’re an individual entrepreneur or have a small business with a team, the benefits of working with a business coach can’t be underestimated.

Running a business can be a lonely and it’s easy to feel isolated.  The complexity and complications of managing your time, energy and focus can hold many entrepreneurs back from achieving their biggest goals.

If you’re an ambitious business owner you may want to make fast progress in your business but struggle to have the time to make it a reality.

You may be taking on multiple jobs and your mind is just too cluttered with stuff to think clearly and strategically.

Put simply, you may just have too much going on to really create the kind of growth you’re looking for in your business.

Business coaching can help you simplify your time, energy and focus so you can multiply your productivity, impact and results.

Working with a business coach can help you feel clearer, more confident and more capable, helping you become more focused and more productive.

By simplifying your time, you can focus on the small number of activities that you love to do and actually deliver the results you want and help you achieve your goals quicker,

Having an experienced business coach will clarify your thinking process and make it easier to be more focused and productive.

They’ll also provide ongoing support, guidance and accountability.

What is business coaching?

Business coaching is a proven process that helps the business owner get from here they are now to where they want to be, using a proven process.  The business coach will help the business owner clarify their vision and goals, and work with them to simplify their time, energy and focus to achieve those goals.  Business coaching is about providing support, guidance and accountability to the business owner so they feel clearer, more capable and more confident about achieving their goals.

Some business coaches will work with business owners on tactical changes and improvements such as accountability, sales and marketing, time management or mind-set.  Other business coaches will work with the business owner strategically, to help them achieve growth in every aspect of business and life that is most important to them.

Benefits of business coaching

Have you heard the phrase “it’s hard to read the label from inside of the bottle”?

For many entrepreneurs, it’s hard to find the time to think clearly about the future direction of their business.

As a business coach for entrepreneurs, I help entrepreneurs and small business owners get clarity on the bigger future they want to create.

This insight helps them simplify their time, energy and focus so they can multiply their productivity and creativity to only a small number of activities that really matter.

Many business coaches have significant business experience or are specialists in specific areas.

This expertise may include time management, productivity sales and marketing.

Instead of just working with entrepreneurs on their business growth many business coaches, like me, are focused on helping clients create the time freedom they want to grow their business and create a balanced whole life.

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Clarifying your business and life goals 

The number one focus for business coaching for entrepreneurs is to help people create a bigger and better future.

One that fulfils their biggest aspirations.

A good business coach understands that each client is unique and has unique goals.

It is the structured process that the business coach uses that will create the biggest transformations.

How does entrepreneur coaching help?

It’s very easy for entrepreneurs to get mired in complications and complexity as they grow.

Many business owners reach a jumping off point in their business.

They want to grow to the next level but don’t have the time, capabilities or confidence to make that jump.

That’s where a business coach comes in.

If you’re starting out in business it’s easy to lose focus and spend every waking hour trying to move your business forward.

Transform overwhelm into focused action 

You can get overwhelmed and frustrated.

Challenges include limited cash flow, no team to support you, and having to work with clients that may not value your expertise.

A business coach for entrepreneurs can help you simplify, prioritise and focus on a small number of activities that can help you grow your business quicker.

As you grow, and become more successful different obstacles and challenges will arise.

Rather than having limited opportunities you may have an abundance of opportunities.

Too many choices can create procrastination, overwhelm and inaction.

At this stage, a business coach can help you clarify the ideal future you want to create and help you build a team around you.

The coach can help you and your business simplify everything to only a small number of activities.

These are activities you love to do, do best and brings in the most revenue.

What is a business coach?

Business coaches help entrepreneurs and business owners clarify their business goals, strengths and opportunities and help them simplify their time and energy to achieve those goals quicker and easier. 

The business coach helps the business owner identify what they do best, what they love to do and that produces the biggest results and helps them leverage time to focus more on those activities and delegate everything else.

Working with a business coach is like a creative partnership. 

Business coaches are focused on helping their clients clarify what’s most important to them so they can create the quickest path to achieve those goals.

A business coach can be a mixture of strategic partner, coach, cheerleader, motivator, sounding board, energy provider confidence builder and accountability partner.

Much like a sports coach or other specialist coaches, the business coach works with you to help you identify your biggest capabilities, and maximise the time you spend using those capabilities.

They help you strip out everything that is not what you do best, so you can feel clearer, more confident and more capable to achieve your goals quicker.

Overcoming obstacles 

Whatever the specific obstacles you have for achieving your goals, a proven business coach can help you create a strategy and action plan for overcoming the obstacles,

If you currently feel that you have to do everything, a business coach can help you simplify what you do.

A business coach can help you clarify your vision and work with you to set specific, measurable goals.

They will then work with you on an ongoing basis to help you achieve those goals.

10 benefits of business coaches for entrepreneurs

There are many reasons entrepreneurs work with business coaches. 

if you’re considering working with a business coach, here are the top 10 benefits of working with business coaches for entrepreneurs.

1. More Time Freedom

Many entrepreneurs feel like they don’t have enough time to achieve everything they want to do.

That there are not enough hours in the day.

They work longer and longer hours trying to get some kind of traction and progress.

Working longer hours is not productive however.

Plus, working longer can cause fatigue, tiredness and make everything feel draining.

The downside of longer working hours is missed time with family and friends.

Leverage time 

An experienced business coach can help entrepreneurs get more of their time back.

To take more time out of their business to spend with the people that matter, on their health and on things they’re passionate about.

It’s not unusual for my business coaching clients to free up 100 hours of their time every quarter,

Some of this time back will be used completely away from their business to refresh and recharge.

An energised entrepreneur is a productive entrepreneur if they can leverage time.

2. Work on your business

When you have more time freedom you are freed up to work on your business rather than in your business.

Business coaching helps you simplify your time and can help you identify and focus on the small number of activities that will actually grow your business.

Having time to think, to plan and to set goals is something every entrepreneur wants but few have the time to do.

When you have the time to work on your business you get clarity on your bigger goals.

This clarity helps you identify your biggest revenue making opportunities and seek out collaborations and opportunities that will multiply growth quicker.

Working with the right business coach can help you continually transform complexity and complication into simple, enjoyable growth.

3. Do more of what you love to do

There are only a certain amounts of activities every entrepreneur does that impacts their business.

The key to simple growth is to identify the three or four activities you do that will create the biggest impact.

Rather than doing multiple jobs and always working out how to do something or learn something, business coaching can help you simplify your activities and focus.

The right business coach can help you identify what you love to do, are great at and brings in the most money.

The coach will then work with you to eliminate other activities that doesn’t meet those criteria.

Whether this includes delegation, outsourcing or finding experts to help you.

Doing more of what you love to do will help you create a simple, satisfying and productive day, every day.

4. Get greater clarity on your goals

A business coach can help you create the ideal future you want to achieve with proven goal setting techniques.

So many entrepreneurs have goals but they’re generic and they’re not emotionally invested in achieving them.

Having a structured goal setting process will help you clarify your thinking.

It will help set your long-term vision and help you create specific, measurable goals.

Business coaching helps growth focused entrepreneurs have time away from their business.

Time to think and plan their ideal future, and set out the path and plan to achieve their biggest goals.

This creates more energy, motivation and creates a path and plan to create focused time on growing what’s most important to you.

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5. Increased business revenues and profits

When you simplify your time and activities to a small number of things that you do best, love to do and makes the most money things become simpler.

A business coach can help you identify your biggest strengths and opportunities.

This clarity helps you increase business revenue and profits quicker.

They can help you identify your most profitable clients and maximise your unique skills to create greater profits.

Business coaching can open up your eyes to new opportunities.

Whether this is building a team, creating bigger collaborations or leveraging people, platforms or technology to maximise your reach.

If you want to jump to the next level of growth your time should be focused on quality not quality.

The quality of your time, the quality of your team, the quality of your relationships and the quality of your collaborations.

For many of my business coaching clients, increased revenue is a way of gaining more freedom.

Freedom to make a bigger impact with their business and in their personal life.

6. Increase your capabilities

Entrepreneurs want their day to be as simple, satisfying and productive as possible.

The entrepreneurs and small business owners I coach are highly ambitious.

But they want to grow their business by doing more of what they love to do, not by doing more stuff.

Business growth is about expanding strengths, not focusing on improving weaknesses.

The problem for many entrepreneurs is that they haven’t identified the two or three things that they do naturally and brilliantly that they could do all day and be paid for.

Business coaching for entrepreneurs is a lot about getting people to simply fall in love with the things they love to do and eliminating everything else.

Then find the clients who would love help with the things you do really well.

When you can identify your biggest capabilities it helps you establish your position in the marketplace.

This insight can reinforce your biggest purpose in life.

7. A coach will help you get more focused

It’s very easy for entrepreneurs to feel cluttered with stuff both mentally and physically.

When you feel cluttered and conflicted it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, stuck and trapped.

This leads to distraction, procrastination and a lack of energy and motivation.

Business coaching helps entrepreneurs get and stay focused.

Focused on their goals, focused time, more productivity and clear action steps.

If you want a proven system for working less, making more money and enjoying a more balanced life then a business coach can help.

Business coaching will help you set goals that are important to you.

The coach will help you stay on track and focused to achieve them so you can enjoy the kind of life and business you want.

8. Get a self-confidence jump

Confidence is an essential capability for every entrepreneur but it can be easy to lose confidence when things don’t go to plan.

Business coaching provides ongoing guidance and support focused on protecting confidence.

With growth and progress comes confidence.

A business coach can help you create an abundance mindset so you look at all achievement as confidence building.

When confidence and self-esteem are high, you will confident about next level growth.

Self-confidence is all about identifying the things you really want to achieve, achieving them and then celebrating the accomplishments you’ve made.

Working with a business coach can help you identify your confidence areas and maximise the time you spend in those areas to feel super confident every day.

9. A business coach can help you feel less isolated

Entrepreneurship can be a lonely experience at times, especially if you’re working on your own.

You can feel especially isolated if you’ve come from corporate background working within a team.

Working with a business coach can provide the support and sounding board you may need.

Another challenge for entrepreneurs who feel isolated is that their family and friends may be removed from the entrepreneurial life so they may not understand and empathise.

Many business coaches provide group coaching so the entrepreneur is surrounded by other entrepreneurs.

This creates a sense of community and camaraderie and even peer pressure where needed.

Just having someone to talk to and share experiences with can be transformative for entrepreneurs.

A business coach can provide perspectives and an objective view that you may not be able to see on your own

Running a business can be overwhelming at times.

Having someone to talk though strategies to overcome the obstacles can be life changing.

10. More accountability to achieve your goals

Business coaching is about helping entrepreneurs clarify the future they want to create.

Then developing a plan and path to make those goals a reality.

But, it’s easy for entrepreneurs to get distracted and feel overwhelmed.

Having someone to hold them accountable to following their path can be beneficial.

Many business owners can get blindsided by challenges and obstacles which knows their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Having peer pressure to follow through and stay accountable can really help entrepreneurs maintain belief and motivation.

My business coaching helps entrepreneurs simplify their time, energy and focus so they can multiply results quicker.

This is a lot about helping people understand what works and what doesn’t work and helping them focus more on the things in their business and life that do work.

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Ready to jump to the next level of growth?

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If you want to work less, do more of what you love to do and multiply your revenue book a free 30-minute clarity call today. 


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