Business Coaching Services 

Learn more about the business coaching services and business coaching packages from Lucemi Consulting.  We provide business coaching services for entrepreneurs and small business owners in Colchester, Essex, and Suffolk.  Book your free 30-minute clarity call.  

Business coaching services for entrepreneurs

Lucemi Consulting provides business coaching services for entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Mark Pettit, one of the most experienced business coaches in the UK, helps businesses and entrepreneurs build profitable, sustainable businesses.

We offer a range of business coaching programs and business coaching sessions.  We work with our clients in one-off two-hour business coaching sessions and also provide 90-day business coaching programs.  Many business coaches work with their clients from between six to 18-months.  Many of our business coaching clients have worked with us for over two years.

Business coaching services are key to helping business owners get clear on what needs to be done to achieve faster business growth.  Business owners find their business functions more productively when they know what to focus on each day.

We created the two-hour business coaching service for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to focus on a specific issue they have in their business.  Many business owners hire me as their business coach to help them clarify the vision of their business and set business goals.  Other business owners hire me to help them overcome overwhelm and procrastination.

Who are our business coaching services for?

Our business coaching services are for ambitious, aspirational entrepreneurs and small business owners.  We currently provide in-person business coaching services for entrepreneurs and business owners in Colchester, Essex, and Suffolk.

We also provide online business coaching services for entrepreneurs and business owners in London, East Anglia, and across the UK, and the US.

Why choose our business coaching services?

Business owners and entrepreneurs take our business coaching services when they feel overwhelmed and stuck.  They know what they should be doing but feel overloaded, stressed, and don’t have clarity on where to invest their time and energy.  The purpose of my business coaching services is to encourage, support, challenge, and guide you to be more successful.

In your business coaching session, I’ll help you create exciting business goals and provide a simple plan to help you achieve them.  You’ll feel clearer, more capable, and more confident.  We’ll develop strategies to overcome your obstacles so you have a clear framework to increase your performance and profits.

My business coaching services are for you if you want to:

  • Clarify your vision
  • Set better goals
  • Stop feeling stressed and overwhelmed
  • Get better direction and focus
  • Manage your time better
  • Manage your priorities better
  • Be more organised and productive
  • Achieve a better work-life balance

What happens in your business coaching session?

During the 2-hour business coaching session, we’ll work together to help you clarify your goals and identify the obstacles that are holding you back.  We’ll clarify your biggest strengths and identify your opportunities to grow your business faster.

I’ll also help you increase your productivity, get organised, and plan your time effectively.  As a result, you’ll feel clearer, more confident, and more focused.  You’ll have greater direction and feel more fulfilled and satisfied.  My simple business coaching system will help you ditch overwhelm and procrastination, and take control of your time.

Entrepreneurs and business owners come to me when they:

  • Feel stuck and unfulfilled
  • Don’t have clarity on their goals
  • Have too much to do and too little time to do it in
  • Aren’t reaching their goals as quickly as they want
  • Struggle to prioritise and stay focused
  • Experience overwhelm and procrastination
  • Miss out on spending time with the people that matter
  • Feel frustrated with their progress

If you’re experiencing any of these challenges, and you want to achieve your goals faster, this business coaching session is for you.  Find out more by booking a free 30-minute clarity call.

Benefits of my business coaching session

People who take my business coaching session achieve their goals and grow their business faster.  They use my business growth framework to work less, achieve bigger results, and spend more time doing what they love to do.

Clients have greater focus, greater belief, and more confidence to achieve their goals.  As a result, they experience increased, clarity, capability, and confidence to grow their business faster.  They take control of their time and feel more organised, and productive.  Other benefits of your business coaching session include:

  • Increased revenue and profits
  • Clarity on your goals
  • More time freedom
  • Greater opportunities
  • Increased motivation and confidence
  • Greater direction and productivity
  • Less stress and overwhelm
  • More excitement and satisfaction
  • Better organisation and prioritisation
  • Increased direction and focus

Find out more by booking a free 30-minute clarity call today.

Additional coaching services

In addition to my business coaching services I also offer accountability coaching sessions and time management coaching sessions.  To find out more book a free 30-minute clarity call.

Book a Clarity Call

Discover a simple path to business growth with a free 30-minute strategy call. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and aren’t sure where to focus your attention in your business, this call will help you feel clear, focused, and confident.

During the call, you’ll clarify your goals, understand the obstacles that hold you back, and get proven strategies to overcome your obstacles.  Book your free 30-minute clarity call today.