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Ready to Transform Your Future?

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Goal Setting

This two-hour Focusing Experience is a Business Strategy Session that will help you design and construct your ideal future.

By using my unique Future Focus Process (FFP) framework you will gain the insight to help you remove the current complexity in your business and replace it with simplicity.

Imagine completely freeing yourself up to multiply your business growth and expand your personal freedom.

How would it feel if you could remove the roadblocks, confusion and frustration and replacing it with clarity, confidence and new capabilities.

Imagine focusing your time on your unique strengths, doing more of the things you love.

What would it be worth if you could increase revenue and profits in a fun, confident way, aligned to your bigger and better future.

At the end of this 2-hour strategy session you have greater clarity and a set of goals that will transform where you are right now into a bigger and better future, one with greater revenue, bigger profits and more happiness.



2 Hour Business Strategy Session

As a coach, my expertise lies in helping entrepreneurs overcome challenges in the following areas:

  • Time Management and Work-Life Balance
  • Business Growth and Strategy
  • Goal Setting and Success Habits
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork and Delegation
  • Personal Growth and Development
  • Growth Mindset and Thinking
  • Focus and Productivity

This two-hour strategy session with me is right for you if:

  • You have a specific business or marketing challenge you need help with
  • You’ve started building your business, but progress feels slow and you want to speed up your growth.
  • You’re struggling to take control of your time and you want more freedom in your life.
  • Your business is full of complexity and want to simplify to multiply your results
  • You want to create your vision and want support with goal setting
  • You want to grow your business to the next level but are not sure how to do it
  • You feel a bit overwhelmed, frustrated and stressed and want more focus and a clear plan
  • You want to be more productive, have more energy and have more fun in your business
  • You’re struggling to communicate your true value in the marketplace
  • You just want a clear strategy so you know exactly what to focus on to grow your business
  • You want to increase revenue and profits


Picture yourself in the future with all of your goals achieved.  Imagine having absolute clarity on your 3-year vision and a path to make that vision a reality.

This two-hour strategy session will give you the clarity and confidence to achieve your biggest goals and dreams for your business and life.

You will get clarity on the:

DANGERS – That need to be eliminated to achieve your ideal future.

OPPORTUNITIES – That need to be captured to achieve your ideal future.

STRENGTHS – That need to be maximised to achieve your ideal future.

You will be able to:

  • Replace complexity with simplicity
  • Replace confusion with clarity
  • Take complete control of your time
  • Have clarity on your biggest revenue generating opportunities
  • Become more focused and productive
  • Have clarity on your goals for the next 90 days and a path to achieve them

The cost of this two-hour strategy session is £400 ($510).

Book your session by clicking on the following link https://meetme.so/markpettitstrategy

About Us

Lucemi Consulting is an entrepreneurial coaching company that offers a business coaching program specifically designed for successful, ambitious entrepreneurs like you, where you can multiply your business growth while simplifying your life and increasing your freedom.

We work with entrepreneurs who have the desire to create the best possible business and life they can—so they turn to us to provide them with the thinking tools to clarify their vision and goals and the proven, practical strategies to make those goals a reality.

We help these entrepreneurs gain the clarity, confidence and capability to double their revenue and double their free time by simplifying the complex and focusing on a creating a bigger and better future.





Transform Your Future in 2 Hours

Transform your Future in 2 Hours and get a roadmap to increasing your clarity, confidence, capability, revenue and freedom.

If you have a specific business or marketing challenge you need help with, I offer two one off consultations.



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