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How can you focus on the present moment to create a bigger future?

When I coach clients, we always set big plans and dreams for the future.  This often sets their direction of travel and they have something to work towards and emotionally engage in a future desired result.  The next step is to focus on the present moment.

What changes must happen now and what wealth generating opportunities are available right now. We then lay out clear goals to achieve in the next 90 Days.

This creates absolute clarity and focus and a set of action steps to implement now and in the coming weeks.

It is always about the present, and about having the time to create a bigger future. Once the future strategy and plan is laid out the mindset shifts to the now.

We know there are always hidden opportunities in every moment, and we can often miss them if we’re always thinking ahead.  Does this resonate with you?

So, if you want to create your bigger future,  then allow all your dreams of doing great work, being creative, and making a difference in people’s lives happen today, not in the future.  To help you create a bigger future, become more productive every day by using my Free Productivity Mastery Daily Planner, grab yours here

1. Focus On Taking Action, Right Now

It doesn’t matter if you think you don’t have everything together – it’s about just starting, in this moment.  Start where you are and build a vision of your bigger future.

I teach people to take advantage of every moment, right now.  People often spend so much time with their head in the future that they don’t realise the potential they have to make a difference now.

If you have a specific skill or expertise or wisdom, there are people out there in the world looking for people like you.  Don’t put off helping them or serving them in the future – take action right now.

2. Don’t Doubt Yourself

Sometimes this lack of taking action to make a difference and create new wealth opportunities happens because we doubt ourselves.

We are not carving out space and time to create a bigger future.

There is the fear of putting ourselves out there. The fear of saying that we have something valuable to offer.  The fear of wanting to help.

So, we tell ourselves that we need to learn this or do that before we take action.  Things will happen in the future rather than taking a stand in this moment and just taking action.

Some of us struggle to identify our unique skills so we hold back but we all have a unique talent and the best use of that talent is to do something with it right here right now.

Your desired future is not out there in your future. It’s in you now. When people understand your unique skills and see how you can make a difference they are seeing something that’s already in you.

If you’re unsure what your unique skills are, ask some friends or people in your network – they’ll tell you.

3. Make A Difference, Today

So, the real opportunity for you is not out there in the future. It’s right here. Right now. You can use your unique skills to make a difference today.

The best way to do this is to simply slow down.  Look at what you have in front of you and give yourself the time to really understand what opportunities currently exist for you.

There are always opportunities when you slow down and give yourself the time to just think.  When I work with some of my clients and they tell me they need some new clients I ask them to first explore their existing client base.

There are so many more ways those already-existing people could be served rather than spending so much energy and focus thinking about the new.

4. Slow Down To Maximise Opportunities

One of my clients was a speaker and she came to me because she wanted to increase her income dramatically.  The first thing we did together was a time audit.

We looked at where she was spending her time currently and what things were currently listed on her calendar.  I knew, by spending time with this client and by analysing where she was spending her time, that she had no real focus on the best use of her time.

Her mind was a whirlwind.  She was trying to do so much and then keep on top of all the things she was doing.  Her calendar was full of tasks, mostly small, unimportant tasks.

She was worried and fearful about where her next piece of work would come from but was so ‘busy’ trying to do lots of things to move forward.

Because she was worried her energy levels dropped and she could see or think clearly.  So, the first thing I did was get her to slow everything down and focus on the present moment.

I asked her to look at who she was working with currently and what her current opportunities were.  I advised that there was actually a lot of opportunities in front of her.

The issue was she was so busy trying to find the next opportunity she didn’t look at what was right in front of her.

It turned out that by looking at two existing opportunities and speaking to the prospective clients and understand more about their objectives she found out she could add further value to their business in the future.

Summing Up 

This client learnt that sometimes you just need to focus on the present moment.  If you slow down and give yourself more time to really think and analyse opportunities the biggest ones are in front of you rather than constantly chasing something new.

The present moment is often where the biggest opportunities are. Stay out of constantly thinking about the future and look at what’s in front of you.

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