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If you want to achieve your goals in business and life, there is a proven process for goal achievement you can use to ensure you always reach your goals.

The secret to successful goal setting is to believe you can create your own future and create your own identity.

If you want to achieve your dreams and take steps to achieve goals that are important to you, then commitment is the key to help you get there.

When you believe you can reach your goals and have the commitment and self-confidence to expand that belief, anything is possible.

In this article I’m going to share a proven process for goal achievement that you can use to take steps to achieve goals that are crucial to you in the short-term and long-term.

Motivation and excitement is key to achieving goals.  I will share how to set goals that relate to creating the ideal future you want and the steps to take to start achieving goals that really matter to you.

What is goal achievement?

Goal achievement is our ability to identify a version of ourselves in the future that we want and then to prioritise our time, energy and focus to create a plan and path that leads to achieving those goals.  Goal achievement is the outcome or end result that we want to achieve when setting goals.

How to set goals?

When you set your goals, choose a goal that is important to you, but also excites you and scares you at the same time.  Goal setting is about choosing how we want our life to be in the future and using measurements and deadlines to help us move forward to achieving goals. To set a goal it needs to be very specific.  Many people fail with goal setting and goal achievement because their goals are too generic and they’re not emotionally invested in achieving the goal.

A Proven Process for Goal Achievement

If you want to achieve a goal that is important to you today and in the future, use this proven process for goal achievement.

1. Set goals that are specific

Set goals that are specific and measurable.  Measurable goals would be numbers or events that you want to achieve in the future.  This may be losing a specific amount of weight, saving a specific amount of money, increasing revenue by a specific amount or hitting a specific target of new followers as examples.

Events relate to things that happen or don’t happen.  This could be a goal to travel to a specific destination, to buy a specific car, to have a specific type of house or to run a marathon.

2. Set deadlines for your goals

When setting goals, ensure that your goals have a deadline to achieve the goal in.  This can be any timeframe you choose.  The essential element is the deadline, whether that is 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, 90 days or 3 years.

When you set a goal with a deadline you intellectually engage with the desired outcome of achieving the goal.

You can get into the future and imagine your future self, having achieved the goal you set.  This is a powerful emotional feeling and will make the progress and action steps take to achieve that goal even more exciting.

3. Ensure the goal is exciting

You need to really want to achieve your goals.  The goals must be exciting but also a little bit scary.  If the goal achievement, or the end result you want, doesn’t create real transformation in your life, the goal will fall by the wayside.

Setting goals that are exciting creates desire, momentum and motivation to make progress towards achieving your goals.

4. Write down your goals

Being able to describe your goals both visually and in written form, is associated with goal success. When you have clarity on who you want to be in the future, and the goals that can make that future a reality, the next step is to write down your goals.

According to research you are far more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down.  Once you’ve written down your goals, keep them somewhere prominent so you can see them every day.

5. Believe you can achieve your goals

It is essential for goal achievement to believe you can actually achieve your goals.  If you don’t believe you can achieve the goals, then your motivation and momentum will drop very quickly.  And the goals will fall by the wayside.

6. Be committed to goal achievement

Goal achievement can be tough, especially if the goal is crucially important to you and it requires hard work and real change to achieve.

You won’t be inspired to stay the course and stay motivated to achieve your goals if you’re not 100% committed to the result of the goal.

Until there is commitment, you might be hesitant to take the first step to move forward on your goals.

Without commitment, the challenges and obstacles that come up on your progress towards achieving goals might be too much and you might give up on your goals.

But when you’re committed to achieving a specific, important goal, you put yourself in environments, relationships and situations that support that commitment.

7. Build self-confidence by measuring progress

When you have self-confidence, you believe achieving any goal is possible.  You’re confident to take on new challenges and create new experiences that you’ve never done before.

You’re willing to move outside of your comfort zone and try things that may be uncomfortable to you.

Protecting your self-confidence ensures you can overcome challenges and helps you get back up after failures and setbacks. Self-confidence makes you willing and able to do anything it takes to achieve your goal.

Summing Up

If you want to achieve your goals, whether that be personal goals or professional goals, use this proven process for goal achievement.

Once you use this process to reach your goals and you see how powerful it is, you can use it again and again

Over to you.

What’s your best tip for goal achievement?

Do you have your own goal setting process?

Let me know in the comments.

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