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Growth Multiplier Group Business Coaching

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Here’s how it will work

  • Fortnightly group coaching sessions via zoom with your coach and a community of growth focused peers will give you the opportunity to remove distractions and create the space for big thinking and the creation of ambitious plans
  • There will be a clear structure for each session, starting with my unique time management system, but there will also be a clear space to focus on and strategise in what’s most challenging in your business right now
  • At the end of each session, you’ll leave with new strategies and tools and higher level thinking plus a clear plan on what to focus on between each session.  You will have clarity on your action steps and focus areas.
  • Session by session and month by month you’ll change the way you think about and work within your business.  Your performance and that of your business will improve and you’ll experience more freedom than you thought was possible. Here’s what you’ll experience as part of this high-caliber 10x Program.

You will be fast tracking your success and elevating your mindset to create a next level, anything’s possible thinking.



Growth Multiplier Group Coaching Program

Launching March, 2018

For many entrepreneurs and business owners the idea of being part of a Group Coaching Program and working with an experienced Business Coach and developing alongside other successful people with some of the same challenges, issues and opportunities is very appealing.

That’s why in March, 2018 I will be launching a Group Business Coaching program for up to 20 ambitious, growth minded entrepreneurs.

Some of the core benefits of this program are:

  1. Entrepreneurs and Business owners have unique challenges specific to them. They are often looking for a similar ideal future based, have the same thinking process, are looking for increased and want to grow their capabilities.  Being around a group of like-minded people is beneficial as there is a clear understanding of what the other group members are going through.
  2. The combined knowledge, expertise and wisdom of successful peers helps to raise each person’s ambition, creates more learning opportunities and the opportunities for collaboration outside of the coaching group.
  3. Each person in the group shares the same mindset and is committed and focused on growth in every area of their business and life. This creates a dynamic environment and builds a sense of community.



As with my 1:1 business coaching, the Growth Multiplier Group Coaching Program is about you and your growth.

What you can expect to achieve

You’ll learn how to use my Business Growth and Time Freedom implementation strategies that will help you change the way you think by focusing on your unique skills and creating more time out of your business.

You will:

  • Learn to master your time and expand your personal freedom so you can focus on delivering the biggest results whilst staying energized, focused and joyful
  • Understand your true value and free up your time in this area so you can expand your results and build the right team beneath you
  • Understand what you’re worth and focus your time on the biggest revenue generating opportunities and attracting the right kind of clients
  • Build a long-term vision, set inspiring goals and build a 90-day action plan to give you clarity and keep you on track
  • Create the right belief system, raise your mindset level and increase your capabilities and confidence to help you increase revenue and profits

Want to find out more?                     

 To find out more or to pre-register for this Group Coaching program please email enquiries@lucemiconsulting.co.uk

Want to find out more?

To find out more about this Group Coaching Program or to add your name to the waitlist please email enquiries@lucemiconsulting.co.uk

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