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Happiness is different for everyone but being happy or not is a choice.  If you want to understand the keys to happiness and learn how to be happy with yourself, it’s important to understand that increased feelings of happiness is a uniquely personal experience.

Regardless of your own keys for happiness in your business and life, being happy is within reach if you choose to look at things through a lens of being grateful and appreciating what you have and your experiences.

The keys to happiness

Everyone’s perception of happiness is different but there are a number of key drivers of personal happiness.

The key for happiness for many people lies ion having gratitude for what they have, living and enjoying the present moment, helping others, getting more exercise, being more joyful and spending more time with people that make them happy.

The charity, Action for Happiness, have a great resource on 10 Keys for Happier Living.

When you understand that happiness is a mindset, that it is internally driven, being happy becomes more powerful every time you choose to be joyful and appreciate what you have.

Expand your existing happiness

Start by thinking about all the things in your life that make you happy and expand your happiness in those areas.

If spending more time with friends makes you happy, do more of that.

If doing more exercise boosts happiness, do more of that that.

When you start each day feeling grateful for what you have and being clear on what you want to achieve you’ll feel happier and more confident.

This feeling of positivity can come internally as well as externally, be that from happy experiences you have with family and friends, or a funny story you read.

During the day, choose to maintain that feeling of being happy , despite the ups and downs you may experience.

Feeling happy then becomes a decision, which can appreciate over time every time you choose it..

How to feel happy

Look at everything that makes you feel happy.  We all have words, relationships and experiences that make us feel happy and confident.

Some things simply make us smile.  Other things boost happiness through compliments, achievements or just sleeping better.

US researchers have started trying to measure the happiness of the world at any given time.

Using something called the hedonometer, they have analysed millions of messages written in English on Twitter to give a happy ranking for that day and location.

Popular words included happiest, laughter, smile, rainbow and music.

What are your happy words?

Make happiness a habit

if you want the keys to happiness, start by taking ownership of it and make being happy a habit.

With good happiness habits we feel more joyful, grateful and energised.  If you’re not feeling great right now, try focusing on everything that’s positive in your life to boost happiness.

Make a commitment to be happy every day for a specific period of time, try 14 days, and see how you feel at the end of each day.

Create a gratitude journal and write down three positive feelings or experiences about yourself, and others each day.

This simple happiness habit will increase each day.

The decision to be happy is a decision that each of us can make right now.

How to be happy for a happier life 

The keys to happiness start with appreciating and being grateful for what you have.  If you want to learn how to be happy, use these 9 happiness tips to give you the action steps on how to feel happier and more content.

1. Surround yourself with happier people 

We like being with people who make us feel happy, energised and joyful.  Things just feel so much better.

“You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.” – Charlie Tremendous Jones

If you want to be happier surround yourself with people who are happy and make you feel happy and more confident about yourself.

When you spend your time with people who are unhappy you will become unhappy.

If you spend your time with complainers and blamers, you’ll naturally gravitate to the same mindset.  When you surround yourself with people with an abundance mindset, you’ll develop the same mindset.

Be it your friends, family, co-workers, or close network, gravitate towards positive people who make you feel good about yourself, make you laugh or you just feel happy being around them.

2. Be happy with yourself 

Happiness attracts happiness.

Become intentional about being the happy person that people gravitate towards.

When we choose to buy something or work with someone, we are naturally pulled to the persona who has a happy demeanour, rather than someone who is not.

Ask yourself, how can you become the type of happy person that more and more people want to spend time with and collaborate.

3. Expand what makes you feel happy

The key to create increased levels of happiness is to build on your existing feelings of being happy.

We are happy in different areas of our business and life.

Rather than pursue happiness, look at the areas where happiness already exists and look to build upon what you already have.

When goal setting, recognise your progress and achievements.

With your family and friends recognise what is good about them to elevate your feelings of happiness.

To expand your existing happiness, expand your gratitude and and appreciate everything you have right now and everything you have to look forward to in the future.

4. Achieve your goals 

Happiness is often achieved when we achieve measurable goals, be that a number or an event

Being happy with an achievement comes from making measurable progress, whether winning or simply moving forward

When happiness is achieved as the result of something specific, you know exactly what made you happy.

You can use this capability and knowledge be able to see how to replicate that happiness in the future.

5. Focus on your positive progress

Every step towards your custom-designed growth and achievement makes you happy.

Whether that is a 1% improvement on something or a bigger breakthrough towards your goals.

When we achieve something important to us, we feel much more confident and energised which boosts happiness.

This achievement could be for ourselves or helping someone else achieve something that is crucially important to them.

Always focus on progress, not perfection.

6. Don’t compare yourself

The key to personal happiness is to be happy with who we are.

To be proud of what you’ve achieved, happy with where you are right now and confident about your future.

It’s easy to have FOMO and compare ourselves to others. If we feel we don’t match up, we’re not happy.

This can escalate into frustration, stress and feeling overwhelmed.

It’s easy to feel that we don’t measure up somehow.

The problem starts when we constantly compare ourselves and beat ourselves up that we are in some way “not good enough”.

If you start getting into that kind of mindset, stop.  Challenge yourself about that way of thinking.

As long as you feel happy about yourself and stay true to your own values and purpose that is all that matters.

Celebrate your own wins, don’t look to other people’s success, then you will increase happiness. 

7. Express gratitude daily

If you want to be happy, express gratitude every day for what you to have and to the people in your life,

When you appreciate things and people, their value grows.

If you have a gratitude mindset you will always be coming from a place of happy abundance, rather than scarcity.

When you’ve had a difficult day, write down one or two things that you’re grateful for.

This will create positive feelings and will set your mind up for a positive day tomorrow.

8. Be intentional about what you want

If you want to learn how to be happy, the key is to get clear on what makes you happy and then become intentional about bringing that joy into your life every day.

You can choose to make your day fun or to make it frustrating.

Be intentional about doing more of the things that make you feel good.

Seek out happy people and create a more positive mindset and you’ll begin to feel more confident and joyful.

9. Focus on value creation

If you come from a place of wanting to help people you come from an abundance mindset.

You aren’t expecting anything in return.

Happiness for you is derived from simply being useful to other people.

Naturally, those people will be grateful that you helped them.

This builds your confidence and feelings of gratitude.

Which in turn makes you happier.

Over to you.

What are the keys to your happiness?

What one thing makes you feel happy?

Let me know in the comments.

10 Days of Happiness

Action for Happiness have recently launched their 10 Days of Happiness program which involves setting a daily happiness action each day for 10 days.  Hit the link above to find our more and sign up.

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