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Many entrepreneurs I speak with are looking for advice on how to build confidence.

To be able to stay positive entrepreneurs have to protect their confidence.

Running a business can be hard work.

There is always so much to do and so little time to do it in.

Sometimes you may get to the end of the day and struggle to think of anything really positive that has happened that day.

If that feeling of not really achieving anything compounds day after day people easily get stuck and frustrated with their progress.

There is a better way to ensure you feel like you’re always moving forward.  Always making progress.

That’s why I wanted to introduce the concept of 3A.

The A stands for achievement.

Building self-confidence

Days can merge into days for many entrepreneurs.

In their own mind they haven’t really achieved anything specific and memorable in their mind.

There is no real gain, just the same old.

Your to do list gets longer every day.

If you don’t complete your list you often don’t feel that real sense of accomplishment.

You are juggling multiple roles.

Things happen during the day that takes your focus away from your priorities.

This can cause you to work longer to catch up creating a sense of constantly working behind the 8-ball.

The key is to work smarter, not harder.

The focus should be on always winning.

Always making progress towards your goals.

People want to learn how to build confidence, but they feel trapped.

How to gain confidence 

How would you feel if you could take a step back and simplify things?

If you had a simple technique that you could use to build confidence?

If you don’t find a better approach to build confidence, tomorrow will be the same, and the next day, next week and so on.

1. Build confidence by focusing on three achievements 

How about focusing your time on achieving just three wins or three crucial results every day?

If recognising and expressing gratitude for your achievements would benefit your business and life, let’s step back and look at how you can do it.

Let’s think about how to build confidence for the next 90 days.

Now imagine you’ve got to the end of the next 90 days and you’re looking back.

Think about how happy you would be with your progress if you had 270 real achievements during that 90 day period (3 x 90 days).

What would that mean for your business growth?  For your personal confidence?

2. Gain self-confidence with three wins 

So, let’s try this:

Start each day (or set up the night before where you can) with the mindset and intention of getting three important things or projects completed that day.

If a fourth gets added, great.

When you restrict yourself to focusing on achieving three big things each day your mind gets a laser like focus and you ask yourself “What are the most important things I have to work on?”

Boost confidence by simplifying

If you want to learn how to build confidence, the key is simplify.

If you have other projects or tasks that you want to be on that daily list, it might be time to ask yourself if you have the ability or financial resources to find experts and specialists who can work with you.

Or simply start the process to build a team around you.

These three core achievements are linked directly to your goals.

That way you feel you are constantly moving forward, building your confidence and belief.

3. Create a self-confidence habit

Try celebrating three achievements every day for 14 days.

See what kind of results you can achieve and sense how much more confident you feel..

Building self-confidence becomes a habit

If it working, it will become a success habit that you enjoy.

The key is to be intentional and make progress every day..

To set this up first thing in the morning or the previous night .

If your desired achievement list off until later, chances are that you’ll get really busy or run out of time.

This might seem like a small thing to implement but sometimes small steps create the biggest breakthroughs.  I highly recommend you give it a go. and get started.

Now I’d like to hear from you:

How quickly are you going to implement celebrating 3 achievements?

How do you increase your own self-confidence and self-esteem?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below, right now!


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