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If you want to achieve your goals it’s important to discover how to get motivated and stay motivated.  Learning how to become motivated when you’re stuck in a rut or feel trapped is an essential capability to develop.

Even when you have no energy or lack motivation there are some simple strategies you can use to get motivated.

When you have too much going on or you lack purpose and direction it’s easy to lose motivation.  We all have days when we lack the motivation or energy to work and take action.

When this happens, finding ways to stay motivated can be a challenge.  What I’ve learnt , through coaching business owners, is that the key to getting motivated is to find more activities you love to do, are best at and create the biggest impact in your business and life.

When you find activities that excite and motivate, and spend more time working on them, it’s easier to get motivated and stay motivated.  When you can find your purpose and get excited about your most important activities,  it’s easier to feel motivated about what you’re doing.

If you’re struggling with motivation  right now, these 11 tips will show you how to get motivated and stay motivated.

How to get motivated, and stay motivated   

Use these 11 tips on how to get motivated and stay motivated.

1. Find your passion

 If you want to get motivated and stay motivated find activities that you’re passionate about.  When you’re passionate about something, you bring a higher level of energy and motivation to the activity.

If you dislike doing something, or find an activity boring, it can be difficult to find the motivation to take action.   To boost motivation, choose one thing you’re passionate about and take one action that excites you.

2. Get support 

When your motivation is low get some support to raise your motivation.  You can increase motivation by talking to a friend, accountability partner, boss or colleague.  Simply talking to someone about what motivates you, and what doesn’t, can realign your passions and motivation.

Alternatively, work with someone on a project that excites you will help get you motivated again.  It can be hard to stay motivated all the time if you have to do everything alone.

Working with someone or talking it through is a great way to get motivated and stay motivated.

3. Find inspiration 

If you’re feeling stuck or unmotivated, find inspiration to get motivated again.  You can get inspired by reconnecting with your goals or your passions.  You can get inspired and motivated by talking about your goals with someone.

If you’re trying to boost your motivation look for inspiration anywhere you can get it.  Find books or inspirational talks that motivate you to take action.  You can get motivated by getting out of the house, taking some exercise or finding a different environment to work in.

4. Get results focused 

We all feel motivated when we achieve results that are important to us.To get motivated start focusing on the results you want to achieve, and celebrate your progress along the way.

Getting clear on the outcomes you want to achieve builds motivation and excitement.  Celebrating progress helps you stay motivated and on track.  To increase your motivation, try writing down everything you achieved each day.

If you do this every day, you’ll feel excited and motivated about what you’ve actually achieved each day. Check out this evening routine to help you celebrate achievements.

5. Get clear on your goals

The simplest way to get motivated to get clear on your goals.  Setting goals gives you an exciting, motivating vision of the future you want to create for yourself.

If you don’t have clear goals, it’s easy to lose motivation as you don’t have a clear, measurable destination to reach. When you have too many goals, it can sap your energy, motivation and focus.

Choose goals that interest and inspire you.  Try setting a small number of annual goals that motivate and excite you.  Then, set a small number of quarterly goals to work towards every day.

Having clear goals that are important to you to work towards will ensure you stay motivated and energised.

6. Find your energy 

When you feel energised, it’s easier to feel motivated.  Alternatively, when you have no energy your motivation can drop.  If you want to feel more motivated, find people and activities that give you energy.

If you feel stuck, reconnect with things that give you energy.  When a goal doesn’t give you energy, find another one that does.

Always look for things that give you energy to raise your motivation.

7. Get excited 

To increase motivation, get excited about the things that really matter to you.  Examine your motivation and ask yourself some important questions about how you feel about what you’re doing right now.  Are you excited to get up and go to work?

Are you excited about your to-do list for the day?  If you’re not excited, look to do one or two new things that are motivating and get you excited.

8. Find out what drives you 

Do you know what motivates you?  Motivation is the thing that drives you forward and ensures you get up and take action every day.  If you’re lacking motivation, take a moment to write down what motivates and inspires you.

Then pick one or two activities or things that motivate you and take action on those things.  This simple act will build momentum and increase your motivation.

9. Find a coach 

If you’re struggling to find motivation it might be time to get a coach.  Working with a coach will help you get clear on your goals and identify your biggest strengths so you feel more energised and motivated.

You may know exactly what you want, but are struggling to find the motivation to get up every day and take action on your goals.  When we lack motivation it can be difficult to take action.

A coach will help you find the motivation you need to achieve your goals.  Find more about the benefits of working with a productivity coach.

10. Make a commitment 

When you are committed to achieve something that is important to you, it’s easier to feel motivated.  Motivation drives that commitment and the daily actions you take to achieve the goal you set.

When you make a commitment you recognise that something is important to you.  You’ll only stay motivated if you’re committed enough to make a change or to work towards achieving a specific result.

11. Find your strengths 

If you want to increase your motivation, find your strengths so you can spend more time doing what you love to do and do best.  When you focus on your strengths it’s easier to be self-motivated.

Doing activities you’re passionate about increases energy and motivation.  Determine what you see as your biggest strengths or ask someone what your biggest strengths are.  The more time you spend using your greatest capabilities, the higher your motivation will grow.

Summing up 

Motivation is internally driven but can be reinforced by finding a deeper purpose and getting clear on your goals.  If you want to learn how to get motivated, focus more time on the activities that excite you and give you energy. Use these tips to help you stay motivated on the things that really matter to you.

Now I’d love to hear from you.

What’s your best tip to increase your motivation?

Let me know in the comments.

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Mark Pettit is a productivity coach based in Colchester, Essex, UK.  He is the Founder of productivity coaching company Lucemi Consulting.  Mark provides productivity coaching programs to entrepreneurs and business owners in Colchester, Essex, Suffolk and across the UK.

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