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It’s tough to get motivated all the time, especially when you’re feeling stuck, trapped or in a rut.  If you’re struggling with motivation right now, these 13 tips will show you how to get motivated even when you don’t feel like it.

No matter what activities you’re working on, there are bound to be days when you simply don’t feel like working and taking action.  There will be projects you don’t want to start, clients you don’t want to call, admin you don’t want to take on.

We all have days when it’s a struggle to find motivation, when our energy levels and confidence are low, but this is often because we have way too much going on and the activities we’re doing are simply not exciting enough to motivate us.

Staying energised and motivated is a big challenge for every business owner and leader I coach.

What I’ve learnt is that they key to learn how to get motivated is to spend more time doing the activities you love to do, are best at and create the biggest impact in your business and life.

If you are fascinated and motivated by a specific goal you want to achieve, and you can stick with it long enough, you’ll almost always get there eventually.

It just takes patience, progress, motivation and confidence.

What is motivation?

Motivation is the internal force that guides our desires, behaviours and actions.  Motivation is created by getting clear on exactly what we want and what we desire most in business and life.  This clarity guides our understanding of what is most important to us and helps us set specific, measurable goals to achieve what we want.  This insight motivates us to to take action daily to achieve those goals because we understand how important achieving the goals are and the difference it will create in our lives.

Getting clarity on what’s important to us emotionally and intellectually helps us stay motivated and ensures we make progress on the things that matter most.

How to motivate yourself  

The key to motivate yourself and get motivated is to set bigger and better goals that inspire you and give you energy, and then work towards achieving those goals every day.

If the payoff for achieving something isn’t big enough, chances are that you’ll lose motivation.

When your goal doesn’t create energy and excitement in your life, you may get stuck.

Learning how to get motivated is about getting clear on the end result you want to achieve and understanding the benefit it will create.

This exciting vision will inspire you to get started.  It’s then about showing up.  Making progress.

Taking small steps and celebrating the progress you’ve made to help you stay motivated and achieve your goals..

Why is motivation important?

Motivation is an important life and business capability. The reason motivation is important is that everyone is unique and everyone has a unique future they want to create.  Their motivation for achieving that unique future is different and only they can decide if it is important or not.  To get motivated to achieve your goals, they must be exciting and scary at the same time so you are motivated to take action on them.

How to find motivation

If you want to learn how to find motivation, set specific, measurable goals that create fascination and excitement and drive you forward everyday towards achieving those goals.

Motivation comes from having a vision of something bigger and better in the future that keeps you going when things get tough or you feel stuck.

Positive motivation is about doing something that you believe will make your life better in some way.

The end result is something you really, really want to achieve and will inspire you to take action even when you don’t feel like it.

Wanting is more powerful than needing.

Dan Sullivan Founder of Strategic Coach wrote about the importance of wanting what you want.

It will give you a reason to stay with your goals because it’s important to you.

Excitement and energy are natural byproducts of choosing to do something that really means something.

The best motivation, then, is to choose something specific and measurable that you really want.

That you’re passionate about.

How to get motivated 

If you want to get motivated again or improve your motivation, use these 13 tips to get motivated and make progress towards your goals.

1. Focus on what you love to do

 It’s easier to get motivated and stay motivated when you’re doing something you love to do or are passionate about achieving a desired result.

If you dislike doing something and the end benefit isn’t exciting enough, you will probably lose motivation.

Choose a goal that is meaningful and important and you have a better chance of making progress every day.

 2. Celebrate achievements

 Motivation stays high when you celebrate what you’ve achieved, even if the progress is small.

The simple act of stepping back and celebrating a win can help keep you on track.

At the end of each day, write something that you achieved in a journal, a tracker or a sticky note.

If you do this every day, you’ll feel excited about your progress, which will inspire and motivate you to continue the next day.

Check out this evening routine to help you celebrate achievements.

3. Set clear measurements

 We all feel more motivated when we know exactly where we’re going.

When we have a clear destination in mind.

 Setting generic goals won’t help you stay motivated.

Putting measurements and deadlines to your goals will push you forward every day.

4. Get motivated by doing less

 It’s hard to stay motivated when you have too many activities to focus your energy on.

There is only so much motivation to go round.

Having too many things on our mind and on our to-do list can make us feel stuck and directionless.

The key is to simplify.

To focus your energy on a smaller number of important activities and goals.

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5. Progress not perfection

 Making simple progress every day is the key to stay motivated and energised on our goals.

Rather than strive for perfection, aim for being happy with your progress.

When we try to make everything perfect, we can blame ourselves and feel guilt when it’s not ideally how we want things to be.

I see so many entrepreneurs give up on their big goals because they’re chasing an impossible ideal, rather than seeing how well they were actually doing.

Instead of thinking about what hasn’t happened and what’s not right, think about the gains and the progress you make each day.

6. Set a smaller number of goals

 Don’t have too many things in your business and life that you’re shooting for.

It will sap your energy and motivation.

Don’t try to take on too much and try to accomplish too many goals at once.

You cannot maintain energy and focus if you’re trying to nail ten goals in the next 90 days.

You have to choose a small number of important goals on focus solely on those goals, and filter out the rest.

7. Get more energy and excitement

What’s the point of shooting for a bigger and better goal if you’re not excited and motivated about achieving it?

If you feel stuck, reconnect with your excitement about achieving your crucially important goal.

When a goal doesn’t excite you, find another one that does.

Alternatively, reconnect with the vision of who you want to become when the goal is achieved.

8. Make a commitment

One of the most powerful motivating forces on the planet is a personal commitment to achieving something specific.

When you commit to something write it down.

Share it with people that matter most.

Your brain will take notice of this commitment and look for ways to help you achieve the goal you’ve committed to.

“Your eyes and ears only see what your brain is looking for.” – Dan Sullivan

If you need extra motivation, post it to your network, show your friends, or make a screen saver so you see the goal every day.

9. Get more accountability

It’s hard to accomplish something alone.

When you have a specific, measurable goal, having an accountability partner, someone to train with or someone to talk things through with can help.

One of my clients started a youtube channel recently and they struggled initially,

I asked them to message me every day with two or three things that were good about their progress.

This helped them stay on track and keep motivated despite the challenges they faced.

Benjamin Hardy has a great article on how accountability builds motivation.

10. Understand that you’ll have bad days

We all have bad days which can crush our motivation and energy.

If you’ve had days where you don’t feel like doing anything you know what I mean.

But motivation is not a constant thing.

Your goals that you’re working towards is.

When you’re not fully motivated do something small that will move you a little bit closer to your goal.

It may not seem big, but progress is still being made.

Talk to others about why you don’t feel motivated or simply ride out the day knowing that your excitement and energy will come back.

11. Create compound interest

Daily progress compounds.

Celebrating that progress daily compounds motivation further.

It might only feel like small steps towards your goals but everything builds if you make progress daily.

At the end of a week, look at how far you’ve come.

The progress you see will boost confidence and energy and motivate you for the following week.

12. Think about the end result

 When you feel stuck or trapped, remind yourself of the end result you want to achieve.

Think about how achieving that goal or result will make you feel.

Consider the difference achieving that goal will make in your business and life.

Start enjoying the process of daily progress towards your goals.

Pick one thing you really enjoy and focus your mind and motivation on that one thing.

13. Measure everything 

“When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported back, the rate of improvement accelerates.” — Pearson’s Law

If your goals aren’t measurable with a clear deadline it will be hard to stay motivated for the long haul.

Whether your goals are financial or health related or fitness related we all need something to track our progress against.

The key is then to measure backwards to see how far you’ve come.

However you do it, track your progress, and allow yourself to celebrate your success.

Share that success with friends or your network.

They will celebrate with you, which will increase your motivation.

How to get motivated: Putting it all together 

Motivation is internally driven but can be reinforced by external forces to push you on.

If you want to learn how to get motivated, focus on every small bit of progress you make.

That progress will give you the energy, momentum and motivation to push you closer to your goals.

If you want to stay motivated, your goals must be measurable so you can look at how you’re performing daily.

They must also be exciting with a big result at the end to shoot for.

Over to you.

What’s your best tip to get motivated?

How do you get unstuck?

Let me know in the comments.

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