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Focus and concentration is a key capability to develop if you want to achieve your goals faster.  If you need help to increase your focus, these 8 tips will outline how to improve focus and concentration.  They will also help you avoid distractions and overwhelm.

In a world of distractions and interruptions, it can be difficult to get and stay focused.  Learning to stay focused improves your productivity, and helps you manage time better.  As a result, you achieve your goals faster.  

All successful people have mastered the art of being able to focus.  This guide will cover everything you need to improve your focus.  

You can improve your focus and concentration by clarifying your goals and priorities.  When you have greater clarity, you can focus on what matters most, and ignore everything else.  

Increasing your focus helps you manage time, and create better boundaries.  It also improves your productivity and concentration.  

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9 tips to improve focus and concentration 

Here are 9 tips on how to improve your focus and concentration. 

1. Stop multi-tasking 

Improving your focus forces you to choose where to focus your time and energy.  Working on several things at once reduces your focus and concentration. 

You can increase your focus by getting clear on where you want your focus to be.  When you single focus, you can stay focused and concentrate for longer.  When you multitask, it’s easy to feel scattered and distracted.

To improve your focus, choose your biggest priority.  Then, work on it without interruption.  Use time blocking to  remove distractions and increase your attention span for longer.  

To increase your focus, schedule time to focus on your priorities in silence.  To increase focus, let people know that you won’t be responding unless necessary.

Working on one task at a time ensures you maintain energy, focus, and concentration.  To help you stay focused, ensure you take regular breaks to improve concentration. 

2. Enhance your mental focus

You are capable of focusing for longer if you enhance your mental focus.  Improving your mental focus starts with planning so you are clear on your priorities. 

As a result, you focus on the present moment.  This ensures you aren’t distracted and overwhelmed.  When you live in the moment, your attention and focus will always be on the task at hand.

It can be hard to stay focused and motivated when you feel confused and cluttered.  When you can carve away the unnecessary, you will increase mental focus and get more done.  

To improve your focus, explore which areas of your life you could simplify.  Increased focus is often about doing less, rather than trying to do too much. 

3. Limit your focus 

Limiting your focus improves attention and concentration.  Trying to do too much increases tiredness and exhaustion, which reduces focus.  To improve your focus, cut back your to-do list and focus more time on your most important activities. 

When you have too much going on, it’s impossible to stay focused.  You may work longer hours and start multi-tasking to try and keep up.  This takes your focus away from your most important activities.

When you limit your focus, you can stop distraction and procrastination.  Limiting your focus ensures you focus on your priorities.  This helps you focus on making progress on your goals, rather than being busy.

4. Focus on your priorities

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and distracted by a long to-do list.  You cannot stay focused on everything. 

To increase your focus, it’s important to identify and write down your top priorities.  Identifying your biggest priorities helps you get clear on what deserves your attention. 

To help you prioritise and focus, get clear on your goals.  Then write down the short-term priorities that will help you achieve your goals.  Understanding your priorities will also improve your weekly and daily planning.

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5. Set measurable goals

Setting measurable goals will help you stay focused and boost concentration.  Having measurements to work towards each day maintains focus and concentration.  This measurable focus increases motivation and helps you achieve your goals faster  

Setting goals clarifies your vision and focus.  Goals ensure you use your time effectively and productively.  When you make progress on your goals, you increase your focus on achieving your goals.  Making progress also increases motivation and confidence, which can increase focus.

Goals focus your attention on what you want to achieve in the future.  When that future is exciting, you want to focus your time on the activities that move you closer to your goals. 

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6. Start a new habit

Practicing good habits improves your focus and concentration. Developing better habits increase your productivity, effectiveness, and focus.

Improving your focus takes consistency and commitment. You can improve your focus by developing better sleep habits.  Taking good care of your body, and eating healthily will also increase your focus.

The key to improving your focus is to decide what areas you want to improve.  Then work on developing better habits every day. Small improvements each day produce bigger results over time.

7. Increase your energy

It is no secret that higher levels of energy improve your focus and concentration.  When you feel energised and excited, you can stay focused for longer. 

To improve your focus, it’s important to build habits that increase your energy.  You can increase your energy by working smarter and taking better care of yourself. 

Work habits that increase energy include planning and cutting back your to-do list.  You will also feel more energised if you take breaks during the day and use time in the morning to focus on yourself.

8. Take action 

One of the best methods for focusing is to set clear goals so you can your weekly priorities and daily actions.  Without clear priorities, it’s difficult to focus on your tasks without getting distracted.

The key to overcoming distractions is to take action.  We struggle to maintain focus when we lack clarity about what we need to do, and where we need to invest our time.

When you take action, your concentration and focus improve.  Having clear goals and a written plan of action increases focus and productivity.  When you take action on your plan, your confidence improves.  Building confidence from making progress also helps you focus for longer.

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Summing up

In this article, I’ve shared 8 tips on how to focus and increase your attention span.  To increase your focus, it’s important to develop better productivity habits. 

The best way to boost your focus and concentration is to take care of your mind and body and be kinder to yourself.  It’s important to eat healthily, and get regular exercise.  When you can do more of the things that increase energy and motivation, you’ll feel more focused.

Now I’d love to hear from you.

What’s your best tip for increasing your focus and concentration? 

Let me know in the comments.

About the Author

Mark Pettit is a time management coach based in Colchester, Essex, UK.  He is the Founder of time management coaching company, Lucemi Consulting.

Mark provides time management coaching programs and accountability coaching programs to entrepreneurs and business owners.  He works with clients in London, Essex, Suffolk, East Anglia and across the UK and US. 

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