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Some of the biggest complaints I hear from business owners I speak to are around Time Management and Productivity.  They say they’re ‘Too Busy’ or have a ‘Never Ending To-Do List’ or ‘Don’t have the Time’ to really focus on their business.

This often leads to stress, overwhelm and a lack of real clarity and focus.  It stops them creating a vision for their business and putting the strategies and systems in place to help them achieve their goals.

They are craving more freedom in their business and life but it seems out of reach for them.  Part of the reason they don’t have time is through lack of focus.  They haven’t identified the high value activities that will help to drive their business forward.

With the huge amount of distractions and never ending list of things to do at once many business owners are struggling.  There’s always too much to think about, to work on, to develop.

The Power of Focus to boost productivity

This got me thinking about a great motivational talk I read by Dallas Cowboys Coach Jimmy Johnson during half-time of the 1993 Super Bowl.

He said “I told them that if I laid a two-by-four across the room, everybody there would walk across it and not fall, because our focus would be that we were going to walk that two-by-four.

But if I put that same two-by-four 10 stories high between two buildings only a few would make it, because the focus would be on falling. Focus is everything. The team that is more focused today is the team that will win this game”

Johnson told his team not to be distracted by the crowd, the media, or the possibility of losing, but to focus on each play of the game itself just as if it were a good practice session. The Cowboys won the game 52–17.

Why we lose focus

I think there’s a great point from this story that everyone can use in their business.  One of the reasons we lose focus, apart from having too many things to do, is because we are often so worried about the negative possibilities.  We are happy to take the safe route but the challenging option is always a distant second.

In this story, rather than focusing on the two-by-four, we worry about all the ramifications of falling. So, rather than focusing on our goals, we are distracted by our worries and fears and our seemingly endless busyness.

But when you give yourself the time to focus on what you want and emotionally connect with it, it has a habit of becoming a reality. When you focus on being a happy and motivated person, that is often who you will be.

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