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Do you procrastinate?  In this article I’ll share five simple strategies to overcome procrastination.

Do you sometimes feel stuck in the deepest rut of all time? You have no energy, no focus and it’s really hard to get motivated?

This is what procrastination feels like and it can really impact on your performance and achievement.

You’re trying to move forward, but you can’t see the wood for the trees, whether it’s that never ending to-do list or just a lack of clarity on what to focus on next. Sound familiar?

Procrastination happens to most entrepreneurs and business leaders at some point. Sometimes it’s an occasional feeling but for others it feels never ending with no light at the end of the tunnel.

I’ve found the best way to overcome procrastination is to reflect on and understand the reason you’re there in the first place.

There are many reasons people get stuck and start procrastinating along the way.

What is Procrastination?

The meaning of procrastination involves putting off something we know we should do but, for some reason, can’t motivate ourselves to do.

My observation is that we tend to procrastinate when we know we have to move forward with something specific, but there’s something missing in the situation that keeps us from taking action.

The fact that we procrastinate is often an indicator that something isn’t quite right.

We know that there’s something missing, there’s a deficiency, or something has to be added before we feel we have the capability and confidence to move forward. This is a perfectly intelligent reason to pause and think it through.

How We Can Stop Procrastinating

I often procrastinate when I’m challenged to grow, personally and professionally.

I have to develop new capabilities, gain new knowledge, strengthen my teamwork and up my game when working with growing entrepreneurs.

Every time I’m challenged to grow, it scares me and excites me at the same time.

As you grow to the next level, the stakes become higher and the goals get bigger which can cause you to worry about whether you can actually achieve those bigger results.

But this is what your personal growth process looks like, and because you want to get to the next level you have to have the courage to take action on those bigger goals, and not let procrastination set in.

If you’re struggling with procrastination, here are 5 simple strategies to use to overcome procrastination.

1. Get Clarity Around Your Goals 

Goals that lack total commitment, the courage needed to achieve them and clarity of focus simply become mere wishes.

I hear goals such as “I’d like to build a seven figure business” or “I want to be earning £30,000 per month”. Well, wouldn’t we all.

It’s far better to commit to achieving ambitious but realistic goals in a specific time frame with tangible ways to reach it.

This gives you something that excites you, motivates you and has a clear path and direction for achieving the goals.

To overcome procrastination on your goals, sometimes it’s beneficial to start small to build up momentum and gain confidence.

If you’re not clear on your target audience a goal could be “Identify my target audience and write my sales copy in the next 30 days” or “Increase my sales by 10% in the next 90 days by speaking to at least five new prospects every day”

These are specific goals with tangible outcomes and help overcome procrastination.

We all know that if we don’t have a clear destination in mind, how do we know when we reach it, and how do we keep building momentum every day.

2. Get clear on your purpose and identify your why

Motivation and confidence matter.

There are plenty of ways out there to increase your productivity.

Unless you are emotionally connected to the why of what you’re doing it’s pretty easy to fall off the productivity wagon.

So, when you get stuck, step back, reflect and ask yourself:

“Why am I doing what I’m doing?”

“Why do I want to reach this goal again?”

These simple questions will help you overcome procrastination and get in motion.

Think about how you are feeling now and how you want to feel.

Find your reasons for doing what you’re doing.

Is it about more freedom, having more time to do the things you love, a better work-life balance, making a real difference, making more money, having a sense of accomplishment?

Whatever your key motivations and desires are, when you find yourself dragging your feet, stop to remind yourself why you wanted to do this in the first place.

Reconnecting with and reflecting on your why will always help you overcome procrastination.

3. Break goals down into bite-size pieces

Bigger goals are big things that are going to take a lot of energy and effort over time to accomplish.

If you don’t have a clear end in mind or the goal, it can feel so far out of reach that procrastination sets in.

To overcome procrastination, focus on the steps you need to take and give yourself a pat on the back for accomplishing every step.

Sometimes step by step is the best way to stay focused, energised and motivated.

We all need that extra bit of courage to take that next step towards achieving our goals and cutting the work into specific outcomes and smaller pieces can be hugely beneficial.

4. Stop being distracted by too many tasks

When we set bigger goals, the first question we ask ourselves is “how am I going to do that?”.

If you’ve set a big goal and you don’t know how to take that first step, procrastination will set in.

To overcome procrastination focus only on the actions that you’re really good at and find other people to help with the areas you struggle in,

That simple action will ensure you move forward and progress can begin.

Look at the other activities that are distracting you from taking action on your bigger goal and ask yourself “What can be cut, automated, delegated or outsourced?”

Then ask yourself “What 2 or 3 things can I focus on that will make a huge difference?”

5. Create some accountability

For many entrepreneurs working alone true accountability is hard to achieve.

You have so many things you think you should do, or people have suggested you should do, which makes it easy to go down rabbit holes that take you further away from your goals.

Having someone to hold you accountable, cheer you on, motivate you and inspire you is key to goal success.

They will also help you overcome procrastination.

It’s beneficial to have someone as an accountability partner, whether it be a coach, mentor or close friend, who will hold you accountable without succumbing to your excuses.

Their purpose is to give you clarity and focus on the road you’re travelling on.

They can help you stop you procrastinating, keep you energised and ensure you get over the finish line.


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