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To stay productive at work every day there are some proven tips you can use to manage time wisely and get more of your important work done.  Everyone wants to be more productive.  To end every day feeling satisfied, productive and having nailed their to-do list.

Staying productive at work can be hard.  There are numerous distractions, emails, meetings to attend, notifications and conversations to be had.

The good news is there are some proven strategies you can use to stay productive at work and get more of the right work done.   In this article, I’ll share 8 tips to increase productivity at work.

8 Productivity tips to stay productive at work

If you want to learn how to stay productive at work these tips will help.

1. Plan your day the night before

If you want to increase productivity at work each day, the key is to set up your day the night before.  Staying productive is about prioritising your most important activities and then focusing on them first thing in the morning.

A good rule of thumb to stay productive is to use Friday or Sunday to lay out your five most important activities for the following week.

Then create an evening routine where you write down three things you’ve achieved that day and three things you want to achieve the following day.

From there, you can block out time each day to focus on those important activities.  This will ensure you stay productive at work each day, and don’t get bogged down low value work. Here are more effective ways to be more productive.

2. Manage your time effectively

When it comes to productivity at work and getting more done, being intentional about where to invest your time is the first step.

We all have the same amount of time each day, so if you want to stay productive, it’s important to develop an intentional mindset and choose to invest your time wisely.

If you don’t, you’ll end up reacting and being distracted.  When you are intentional about your time, you’re proactive.  When you’re not, you can waste hours of time just reacting.  Here are more ways you can manage time effectively.

3. Schedule your important activities

If you want to stay productive at work, schedule in your most important activities.  You can use an online calendar, a paper planner or even use post it notes to write down your most important goals for the day.

Scheduling your most important activities helps you organise your day and manage time effectively.  When you schedule your most important activities and block time to work on them, you can analyse if things are taking longer than expected, or less time than expected.  This helps you stay productive. Use my Daily Planner to stay productive every day.

4. Have measurable goals to work towards

Busyness and distractions can take over your day.  To ensure you increase productivity at work, ensure you have set measurable goals to work towards every day.

Having measurable goals to work towards keeps you focused and helps you manage time effectively.  Being productive at work is always about making measurable progress on your goals.

When you make progress towards your goals you stay motivated, excited and build momentum.  Learn the best goal setting tips to help you stay productive.

5. Take regular breaks

To work more efficiently it’s essential to take more breaks during the day. Taking regular breaks will help you stay productive at work and boost energy and focus.

We all go through times during the day when we feel unfocused, fatigued or even exhausted.  This often happens when we multi-task for hours on end.

If you don’t take breaks during the day you won’t be productive.  You’re more likely to be distracted and less creative and energised.  To stay productive at work, try to take a short break every hour or try to have a couple of longer breaks during the day, in addition to lunch.

6. Create better boundaries around your time

If you keep adding to your to-do list it will be difficult to stay productive at work.  To allow yourself to stay focused on your most important work, it may be time to create better boundaries around your time, energy and focus.

This might be saying no to more things.  It might be becoming better at delegating or finding other ways to manage your workload.

When work gets on top of you, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and even stressed at work.

Get clear on your most important activities each day.  Look to free up time to focus on those activities any way you can.  Saying no more often is a good place to start.  Read more tips and strategies to help you stop feeling overwhelmed at work.

7. Ensure you have time with the people that matter

It’s important to be productive at work, but it’s equally important that you still have time for the people that matter most.

Spending more time away from the office will actually make you more productive at work.  Rather than feeling tired all the time, taking time off will make you feel more creative, energised and productive.

Longer working hours won’t make you more productive and will create a negative work-life balance.  The key to staying productive at work is to work smarter, not harder and focus your time only on your most valuable activities.

8. Improve your focus

Multi-tasking won’t make you more productive at work.  In fact, it will create the opposite effect and cause you to lose focus.

What we give our attention to and concentration to grows in importance.  We can’t give out attention to more than one thing at the same time, especially if those things are different.

Try using time blocking to focus your attention on specific task.  Give the task your full attention for 50 minutes, take a 10-minute break and then follow the process again.  This simple process will make you more productive at work.

You can also try these strategies for improving your focus.

Summing up

There are lots of ways to increase productivity at work.  This article has shared 8 simple but effective strategies for increasing your productivity at work.

Hopefully, at least one of them will help you be more productive at work so you can achieve more each day and achieve your goals quicker.

Now I’d love to hear from you.

What’s your top tip for staying productive at work?

Let me know in the comments.

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