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We all want to be more productive at work and get more done in less time.  In this article you’ll learn how to increase productivity at work with 7 essential productivity tips.

If you want to be more productive at work it’s important to remember there is a big difference between being busy and being productive.  Between being efficient and being effective. 

If you want to increase productivity at work it’s essential to manage your time better, and plan ahead.  Learning how to be more productive at work starts with setting better goals and understanding how to use your time and energy to be more productive.

As a productivity coach, I help overwhelmed leaders and business owners be more productive on their most important activities.  I help them achieve higher levels of productivity by simplifying their time so they can work on their most important and productive activities.

I’ve discovered there are a number of essential productivity tips that take people from a low level of productivity to a higher level of productivity. 

By using these productivity tips you can start working smarter, not harder and ensure you get your most productive work done in less time. 

These productivity tips will help you optimise your time and focus at work so you have more time for the people that matter at home.

From ways to spend less time on your least productive tasks to methods to stay focused, these productivity tips will help you increase your productivity by working less.  With these productivity tips, you’ll be able to take your work, productivity and effectiveness to the next level. 

7 productivity tips to be more productive 

Here are 7 top productivity tips to help you be more productive.

1. Plan ahead  

The key to being more productive starts the night before.  By planning your day in advance, you can guarantee having a productive day.

When you take the time to plan your day, you can save hours of unproductive time.  By spending just 15 minutes in the evening getting clear on your most important activities for the following day, you will be more focused and more productive. 

When you plan your productive day the night before, you choose to focus on your most productive activities. You know exactly where to invest your time and energy for increased productivity. 

Instead of reacting to your day, you create your day.

There are many benefits of planning ahead.  The biggest benefit is greater direction and focus.  Planning ahead ensures you stay productive without getting distracted or overwhelmed.   

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2. Schedule your time 

An essential productivity tip is to schedule your time.  If you schedule your most important activities you’ll be more productive and focused.  If you fail to schedule your activities it’s easy to get distracted and waste time on unproductive activities. 

Scheduling your time helps you set goals on a daily basis and identify your most important activities for the day.  When you schedule your time you gain clarity on exactly what you want to achieve each day.

By scheduling your time you set boundaries around your time and isolate yourself from distractions. 

Start with just 5 minutes each day to schedule your time to ensure you have a productive day, every day.  When you schedule your day in advance, and write down your most important activities, you’ll feel more more and be more productive. 

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3. Set goals daily  

If you want to increase your productivity and achieve more each day, the key is to set goals daily.  By setting a small number of important goals each day you narrow your focus to your most productive activities, 

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, which is the opposite of productivity, you will be more effective and more productive.  

When you set goals daily, and achieve your goals, you feel satisfied, motivated and more productive. 

The key to increase your productivity is to keep your daily goals short. Write down your goals the night before so you are focused in the morning. 

If you follow this simple productivity tip, you will transform your day from one of busyness, to one of increased productivity.  

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4. Do your most important task first 

This productivity tip is simple.  To be more productive tackle your most important task first each day.  When you start your day with your most important task, you feel more energised and productive. 

Doing your most important task first each day is simply the best way to harness your time, energy and productivity.  When you identify your most important task, you get clarity on exactly what you want to achieve each day.

This ensures you stay focused and productive.

Identifying, and tackling your most important task first,  helps you create a productive day rather than reacting to your day.  Reaching your goals and being more productive requires a laser focus on tackling most important tasks first. 

Doing your most important task first ensures you are set up for a successful day, every day.  Your energy, excitement and motivation are often at their highest fist thing so it makes sense to harness that energy on your most important and productive tasks. 

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5. Take more breaks

If you want to be more productive and harness your energy on your most productive tasks, it’s important to take more breaks.  The most productive people take more breaks to stay productive throughout the day.

Taking breaks throughout the day ensures you stay energised, focused and productive.  If you don’t take breaks it’s easy to feel exhausted and fatigued which reduces productivity. 

Take longer breaks while working on your most important work to rejuvenate your mind and body.  You can also take shorter breaks to stay productive throughout the day by simply going for a walk to taking some exercise. 

6. Batch tasks together

Task batching is a planning process that batches similar tasks together to boost focus and productivity.  We all have small tasks that have to be done.  But spreading those small tasks throughout the day can reduce productivity.

It is often spending hours on these smaller tasks that can keep you stuck and stop you focusing on your important projects.  To ensure you carve out time for your most productive work, try batching similar tasks together and doing them all at once. 

For example, you can batch all admin together or all housekeeping activities together so you don’t waste time and energy doing them individually. 

7. Review your week 

This is a simple productivity tip, but an effective one.  To increase your productivity it’s essential to conduct weekly reviews. 

This productivity review gives you a chance to analyse what went well and didn’t go so well.   It’s a dedicated time to think about the past week and plan for the week ahead.

Once you’ve conducted your weekly review, you can decide where to invest your time for maximum productivity the following week.  Taking the time for a weekly review builds confidence, motivation and momentum.

If you don’t take the time to review your progress every week will feel the same.  You can boost your productivity in one week simply by dedicating time to review your week and planning the following week.

This review time will helps you capture your biggest opportunities and spend more time on your most productive work. 

Summing up

These simple productivity tips will help you achieve bigger results in less time.  With these productivity tips you can reduce distractions and overcome procrastination.

By setting daily goals, doing your most important work first and planning your time in advance you will be more productive and increase your effectiveness and performance at work.

Now I’d love to hear from you.

What’s the best productivity tip you use to stay productive?

Which productivity tip from today’s article will you use first?

Let me know in the comments.

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