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There is a big difference between being busy and being productive.  Between being efficient and being effective.  Many of us are looking for productivity tips to manage our time better and increase our productivity at work without the stress and the long hours.  As a time management coach, I help overwhelmed leaders and business owners achieve bigger results in less time without the overwhelm.  I’ve discovered there are a number of productivity tips you can use to ensure you get your most productive work done in less time. 

From ways to say no more often to methods of staying focused, these productivity tips can help you maximise your time, reduce stress and increase your productivity.

Productivity means achieving the biggest result possible in the least amount of time, with the least amount of stress.  These productivity tips will help you optimise your time and focus at work so you have more time for the people that matter at home.

Use these tips to overcome your time and productivity challenges so you feel happier, healthier and more energised at work.  With these productivity tips, you’ll be able to take your effectiveness and results to the next level. 

7 productivity tips to achieve more in less time

Here are 7 top productivity tips to increase productivity and achieve more in less time.

1. Start your day the night before 

The key to a productive day starts the night before.  Your evening routine will greatly influence your next day.  Taking time out the night before to plan your day can save you hours of time.   Spending just 15 minutes in the evening getting clear on your most important activities for the following day ensures you start the day focused and productive.  

When you plan your productive day the night before, you choose to have a great start each and every day.  You know exactly what to do and where to invest your time and energy.  Instead of reacting to your time, you create your day.

There are so many benefits of planning your day the night before.  The biggest benefit is that you have clear direction and focus for the following day, which ensures you don’t get distracted or overwhelmed.   Read more about creating an evening routine.

2. Plan and schedule your week 

If you want to be more productive and effective with your time, it’s important to plan your week in advance so you know exactly what you want to achieve. 

By planning your week, you are clear in your own mind on your goals for the week.  This helps you lay out the action steps you need to take to achieve those goals.

Plan your week on Friday afternoon or Monday morning, so you have clear direction and focus for the week.  Then, block out time in your schedule or planner for your most important tasks.

Planning your week in advance gives you greater clarity about where to invest your time and greater confidence about the results you want to achieve by the end of the week.  When you plan your week you set better boundaries around your time which removed distractions and helps you be more productive.

Read more about how to prioritise

3. Set daily goals  

If you want to increase your productivity and achieve more each day, the key is to do less.  By setting a small number of important goals each day you narrow your focus to your most productive activities, 

Instead of giving yourself too much to achieve each day, which is the opposite of productivity, become more effective and more productive by identifying three crucial goals you want to achieve each day.

When you achieve your daily goals you feel satisfied, motivated and build momentum.  The key here is to keep your daily goals short. Write out your goals the night before so you are focused in the morning.  Schedule your most important activities in your calendar and take action.

If you follow this simple productivity tip, you will transform your day from one of busyness, to one of maximum productivity.  

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4. Do your most important task first 

This productivity tip is simple: do the most important thing first each day.  When your mindset shifts to starting your day with your most important task, your focus changes. 

Do the most important thing first each day is simply the best way to harness your time, energy and focus.  When you can identify your most important tasks, you get clarity on what is most important to you each day.

The simple act of identifying your most important task helps you create a productive day and stops you from reacting to your day.  Reaching your goals and being more productive requires a laser focus on your most important tasks each day. 

Doing your most important task first ensures you are set up for a successful day, every day.  Your mental powers are often at their highest fist thing so it makes sense to harness that energy on your most important and productive tasks.  Get more habits of productive people.

5. Take more breaks

If you want to harness your energy and focus to take on your most productive tasks, it’s important to take more breaks.  The most productive people take more breaks to stay productive throughout the day.

The most productive people take short breaks while working on their most important work, as well as longer breaks to rejuvenate their mind and body.  Many productive people use time blocking or the pomodoro technique to take breaks during deep work, while others will take time out of their day for walks, exercise or mindfulness exercises.

When you feel tired or fatigued during the day, it’s in your best interest to take a break.  Too many breaks will reduce your focus and productivity.  Taking a break every hour will keep you at peak productivity to get your most important work done.

6. Batch tasks together

Task batching is a planning process that batches similar tasks together to boost focus and productivity.  We all have small tasks that have to be done.  But spreading those small tasks throughout the day can reduce productivity.

It is often spending hours on these smaller tasks that can keep you stuck and stop you focusing on your important projects.  To ensure you carve out time for your most productive work, try batching similar tasks together and doing them all at once.  For example, you can batch all admin together or all housekeeping activities together so you don’t waste time and energy doing them individually. 

7. Review your week 

This is a simple productivity tip, but an effective one.  If you want to increase your productivity it’s essential to conduct a weekly review.  This productivity review gives you a chance to analyse what went well and didn’t go so well.   It’s a dedicated time to think about the past week and plan for the week ahead.

Once you’ve conducted your weekly review, you can decide where to invest your time for maximum productivity the following week.  Taking the time for a weekly review builds confidence, motivation and momentum.

If you don’t take the time to review your progress and check in with how you’re doing with your goals, every week will feel the same.  You can boost your productivity in one week simply by dedicating time to review your week.

This review time will helps you capture your biggest opportunities, eliminate time sucking activities and focus more time on your most productive work. 

Summing up

These simple productivity tips will help you achieve bigger results in less time.  Use these productivity tips to overcome your time and productivity struggles so you can take your focus and productivity to the next level.

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