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As entrepreneurs we are all looking for ways to be more productive and increase our productivity.  I’ve created these productivity tips for entrepreneurs to help you free up more time, stay focused and work smarter, not harder so you can achieve your goals quicker by doing more of the work you love to do, are best at and brings in the most money. 

Productivity is about managing time effectively so you can achieve more in less time without the distraction, complexity and complications that holds many entrepreneurs back.

How to be more productive   

You may know what you want to do, where you want to go, but the amount of activities on your plate is holding you back.

There is just too much going on.

Rather than being proactive, you are in a state of inaction, but want to get unstuck and transform your productivity.

Maybe you’re like one of my coaching clients who was having real trouble prioritising and making any real progress on launching her new marketing workshops.

“The first workshop is looming,” she told me. “But I can’t seem to get focused on what I should do first.  I need some productivity tips to help me prioritise and take action”

I know the feeling.  I’ve been there before and I’m sure you have too.

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Productivity tips for entrepreneurs 

These 7 top productivity tips for entrepreneurs will help you transform feeling stuck into energised action.

It will transform procrastination into focused progress so you become more productive and produce the results you want.

In all honesty, these are not radical ideas on their own.

If practiced together, these productivity tips, will become part of your daily practice.

These productivity tips for entrepreneurs will help you get you in motion and will supercharge your energy and productivity.

1. Set three priorities each day to boost productivity 

Many people use a daily planner or keep lists of the things they are going to work on each day.

Some have been inspired by David Allen’s GTD Method, are using a Bullet Journal to keep track of everything, or simply use post it notes stuck to their computer.

They have a huge amount of tasks in front of them, some divided by projects or content ideas, some supported by monthly goals.

Simplify your to-do list to increase productivity

But, the problem for many entrepreneurs is that this task list is simply a list of things they want to get done or feel they need to get done.

It’s full of stuff.

A simple way entrepreneurs can move from low productivity to high levels of productivity is to get clarity on their three biggest priorities.

Pick the one thing that gives you the most excitement and motivation and work on that project.

Take regular breaks throughout the day to keep your energy up.

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2. Focus on one productive task at a time

Despite what many people think, you simply can’t multitask effectively.

Instead you need to focus on one task at a time to increase your productivity.

Starting with one thing, then stopping, and switching tasks reduces your energy and motivation.

Having a lot of unfinished tasks at the end of the day can create an environment of self-doubt and self-blame.

Choose the most important from your top three and work on it until finished.

3. Work in time blocks

To support your focused, productive work on just one thing, start time blocking

These are fantastic productivity tips for entrepreneurs who are easily distracted.

Look at the task you’re working on and decide how much time you wish to invest in its completion.

If it will take you four hours to do, and it’s a big priority block out those four hours.

I suggest using the 60-60-30 method.  Work for 50 minutes, take a ten minute break.  Follow the same process again and then take a thirty minute break.

Follow the same process again until the project has been completed to increase your productivity.

Time blocking is a cornerstone habit to help with getting unstuck and becoming more focused and productive.

4. Take more breaks to be more productive

To make the above strategy work you need to ensure you are strict about taking those breaks.

You can use the Pomodoro Technique or just set a timer on your watch (not your phone, too many distractions).

You’ll find this actually increases your focus, concentration and productivity. It ensures that your energy is always high.

I recommend going for a walk, having a healthy lunch or doing something that rejuvenates during your breaks.

If you feel yourself getting really tired and losing focus you can always take a quick nap.

5. Change up your environment

If you find you’re struggling to stay focused in your current work environment change things up.

This could be a bit of decluttering in your home office, going to a coffee shop to work or go to a co-working space.

You may prefer having relaxing music playing, that supports your focus.

If you really need to change your environment, go for a long walk to clear your mind, or even work in a park.

6. Turn off notifications

Throughout the day we are bombarded with messages and notifications.

To stay on track and to increase focus shut down your social networks and their notifications as well as email.

You need discipline to do this, but an email notification or Facebook message popping up when you’re in full flow will destroy your focus and it can take you a long time to regain that focus.

7. Batch smaller tasks together

All of the productivity tips for entrepreneurs steps above have been focused on helping you with getting unstuck and to work smarter and focus on your most important projects.

But, I get it.  You will have lots of smaller tasks that also need to get sorted.

The problem is, these smaller tasks are often the things that keep you stuck and stop you focusing on the big, important projects.

How to batch tasks 

So, I suggest clearing space to blitz all of the smaller tasks.  You may need a full day or half day each month or week to do this.

Write everything down and just do everything, one after another until everything has been completed.

If you need to do a financial task, do several. If you have a lot of admin, do it all at once. Leverage your time and energy across several tasks.

Summing up.

Focus and productivity are like any skills.

The more you practice, the better you get.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t initially make as much progress as you want. Try to stick with these productivity tips for entrepreneurs that work best for 14 days and see how much progress you make.

What productivity tips work best for you when you find yourself distracted?

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