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If you want to take your productivity to the next level and get more done in less time, the answer is to reclaim your time.  The simple truth is we all have the same 24 hours each day.  We can choose to use that time productively or to be busy firefighting through a long to-do list.

If you feel like you don’t have enough time right now, and want to reclaim your time to achieve bigger results in your business and life, this article will help you get more things done in less time.

We can’t get any more time in the day, but we can manage our attention and focus in a more productive way.  By optimising your energy and focus you can reclaim your time, and make powerful progress towards goal achievement every day.

In this article I’ll share 7 simple ways to reclaim your time, so you can achieve more without the stress.

7 simple ways to reclaim your time 

Here are 7 ways to reclaim your time.

1. Optimise your to-do list

You can reclaim your time by optimising your to-do list.  When we simplify how we spend our time it creates greater harmony between work and home.

We become fully present in the moment and fully experience the joy of time.

If you want to reclaim your time, start by cutting down your to-do list,  Focus only on the activities you love to do, and that deliver bigger results. When you spend time doing activities you love to do time slows down.

Instead of being pulled in different directions, slow down and focus on your most important activities.

2. See your time as a priority

Reclaim your time by seeing time as a priority.  When you protect your time and prioritise your time, your mindset shifts from time and effort to a focus on results.

You therefore focus your time on finding ways to achieve that result in the shortest possible time.

Time leverage becomes your focus.

Instead of looking at how little time we have, we can appreciate the time we have as an incredible, powerful gift that can help us achieve the results we want.

If you see the importance of time and appreciate it fully, how you choose to spend your time will shift.

3. Be intentional about your time

If you want to reclaim your time, you must be intentional about the time you have and treat it as a precious gift.

This starts with being clear up front about the how, where and who of your time.

When we’re not clear, it’s easy to get distracted and feel scattered with no clear direction.

Being intentional about where you’re spending your time gives you clarity, direction and focus.

4. Be clear about your priorities

When you are clear on your priorities, you can reclaim your time.  Not having enough time is a simple coverall excuse for not following through or doing something important.

We all have the time.  We just need to prioritise the time we have because it’s limited.

When we really get down to it, we choose to spend our time based on what is important to us.

If you have a big opportunity in your business, but choose not to do it because you don’t have enough time, then growth isn’t a priority.

When we’re really honest with ourselves about our priorities, then we don’t need to use time as an excuse.

If you want to reclaim your time, which I’m guessing is why you’re here, then it’s time to rethink how you prioritise the time you have. 

5. Create more free time in your day

If you feel a constant sense of fatigue and are spending a lot of your time dealing with stuff, why not create more free time for you?

We often feel that we want to prioritise something that is important to us, but don’t have the time.

If it’s really important, then we need to make the time.

This could be following a passion, spending more time with your family or helping the local community.

If that activity or cause is a priority, find the time to create the space to pursue that thing.

6. Clarify your future

Imagine knowing just what to do with your time.

Spending that time only on the activities that are important to you and make a real difference in your business and life.

When you are clear on your goals and have the time to make decisions, think and plan you begin to shift how you want to spend your time.

If you have clear measurements in place around those goals and a deadline to achieve them in you might spend the time you have more intentionally.

When you have that clarity, time slows down and you can think more clearly.

7. Audit your time 

It’s difficult to reclaim your time when you don’t know where you’re spending it.

Take some time to write down all of the activities you’re currently doing.

Then ask yourself, is this really where I want to be spending my time?

If the answer is no, create a plan to eliminate certain activities and expand the time you spend in activities you love to do.

Summing up.

Try each of these tips to reclaim your time, and make them a habit. Your relationship to time might never be the same.

Over to you.

What’s your best time management tip?

How do you free up more of your time?

Let me know in the comments.

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