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If you’re feeling stuck, trapped and frustrated in your small business right now, a small business coach can help you jump to the next level of growth quicker than you might be able to get there yourself.

As a small business owner you probably started your business so you could have more independence and freedom.

More time freedom and financial freedom were probably top priorities.

To be your own boss and have the freedom to choose your own path and make decisions for yourself.

To have complete freedom over how you choose to run your company.

The complexity of running a small business

But, with the freedom to choose, guidelines and structures often fall by the wayside.

There is a responsibility that comes with this freedom.  To yourself, to your family and to your employees.  There is a new layer of accountability required to keep moving forwards.

Every small business owner faces challenges around cash flow, time management, securing new business, generating revenue, and building your customer base.

This complexity and complication can make that sense of desired freedom evaporate for many small business owners.

So what can you do?

Investing in small business coaching can be transformational.

What is a small business coach?

There are several different labels that business coaches may use to describe their services, with a small business coach being one of them.

The challenges and goals of small business owners often differ from bigger corporates.

My small business coaching clients, for example, are mostly companies with a team of two to ten people.

A business coach can help you achieve your goals 

A small business coach specialises in helping small business owners achieve specific personal goals and company goals.

My personal speciality focuses on helping small business owners get clear on their unique strengths and then we work on managing time so they can spend more time doing the work they’re great at, they love do and brings in the most money.

A big part of the job of a small business coach is to learn as much they can about each company and owner that they are working with.

The business coaching becomes about helping them to develop a custom-designed strategy to help them create the bigger and better future they want.

Why hiring a proven small business coach matters

A proven small business coach will help you get clear on your goals and then work with you to create a game plan to help you achieve those goals.

If you’re a small business owner wanting to achieve the next level of growth in your business, small business coaching may be right for you.

If you’re considering hiring a small business coach, here are six reasons why small business coaching may be right for you if you want to invest in yourself and your business growth.

1. A small business coach will hold you accountable

A big challenge for small business owners to build momentum and get things done is that they only have themselves to answer to.

You are the boss and you may well no longer have anyone else to answer to, or keep you on track.

The most successful small business owners are focused on taking action on a regular basis, and many have a small business coach to help them stay on their path and do the things they say they’ll do.

A small business coach will hold you accountable and provide total support.

They will provide inspiration, lift you up, help you overcome challenges and ensure you are making the right progress to reach your goals.

2. A business coach will help you create a better life

You became a small business owner not just to be successful but to be your own boss, make your own decisions and to achieve higher levels of freedom in your life.

As you build and grow your business why should you lose these ideals and sense of purpose along the way?

When you wear many hats and feel like you have so much to do, then complexities and frustrations begin to mount.

You’re working longer and longer hours and have the pressure of managing and growing the business.

Naturally, frustrations and stress mount and some of the fun and enjoyment evaporates.

Running your own small business doesn’t need to keep you from living a present, joyful, and meaningful life.

A small business coach will help you let the business work for you rather than you working for your business.

Business coaching will help you think differently about how you work and manage your time.

3. You’ll be investing in yourself and your future

We often invest money, energy and time in so many different services and solutions to help us grow our business.

Advertising, social media, admin support, marketing expertise etc but one thing many entrepreneurs fail to invest in is themselves.

This is one of the most important investments you can make.

Having a small business coach alongside you to support you, hold you accountable and help you to continue to grow personally and professionally can be invaluable.

An outside viewpoint that expands your wisdom, confidence, mindset, perspective and way of thinking can help you get to where you want to go quicker.

Small business coaching is a way to invest in yourself, but it’s also an investment in your family, well being and your future. 

4. A small business coach will save time and energy

Time is our most valuable asset so it’s essential that it is used wisely.

For successful small business owners, there is always so much to do.

Another idea to develop, a new project to work on, a never ending to-do list.

But, there will never be enough time for everything.

Having a small business coach will help give you the clarity and focus needed to achieve your biggest goals can be hugely beneficial.

Sometimes it isn’t about what you are saying Yes to and spending time on, it is rather about saying No and spending more time on what you love to do.

The benefit of working alongside a small business coach is that you have more dedicated time and space to step back and look at the bigger picture.

A business coach will help leverage your time

You create time to strategise, to recharge and to work on the business, rather than in the business.

There are many strategies, systems and tools to help you free up your time and make you more productive, which in turn will make you more successful.

An outside perspective can be the difference between working for months on projects that drain energy and don’t bring in any revenue to having clarity around your vision, spending more time doing what you love and bringing huge value to your customers and clients.  

5. Have someone to share your hopes and dreams

Being a small business owner can get lonely.

You’re running your business based on your purpose and sometimes it can be hard to find other small business owners or team members that share your vision and really understand what you’re going through.

Working with a small business coach and being part of a community of like minded people is the relationship you’ll build and the wisdom you’ll gain.

With small business coaching, there is no judgment and they will be as invested in your growth and success as you are.

Having someone who talks and thinks like you do sitting alongside you can be the difference between success and failure. 

6. The people that matter will thank you

Being totally consumed by your business, working longer and longer hours and dealing with ongoing frustrations can affect your mood and energy levels.

Growing a business takes a lot of sacrifice but a small business coach can help ensure that your business doesn’t take over your life and impact negatively on your relationships.

If you’re always working and thinking about work, chances are you’ll miss out on time with the people that matter most.

If you can find a small business coach that understands your vision and the path that you’re on they can open up your eyes to thinking, strategies and tools that could transform your business and life.

Small business coaching can be the key to transforming your revenue, profits, growth and personal freedom.


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About the Author Mark Pettit is a leading 1:1 business coach to ambitious entrepreneurs who want to free themselves up to jump to the next level of time freedom and business growth. He is the founder of Lucemi Consulting, a coaching and consulting company. Visionary, creative, and generous, he is a hero to entrepreneurs seeking to work less, do more of what they love and multiply their revenue and profits. www.lucemiconsulting.co.uk
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