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Small business coaching can be hugely valuable for any small business owner who wants to work less, experience more time freedom, and multiply their revenue and profits by spending more time doing what they love to do and are best at.

In this guide you’ll find out why entrepreneurs choose small business coaching and mentoring to provide guidance, support and accountability to help them jump to the next level of growth in their business and life.

If you’ve thought about working with a small business coach before, this article will share the benefits of small business coaching and lay out 7 ways that a small business coach can help you achieve your biggest goals in business and life. 

No matter how successful your small business, no business owner has all the answers.  Is it time you took on a business coach?

Running a small business can be a lonely experience at times so having a business coach to provide support, perspective and proven tools to help you thrive can be a valuable addition to your toolbox.

Choosing the right small business coach is all about getting clear on where you are now and where you want to go and looking at the specific areas of your business and life that you want support with.

This may be strategic growth, goal setting, time management, marketing, getting more clients or managing teams more effectively.

Coaching for small businesses

Coaching for small businesses is about the business owner having specific goals they want to achieve and the small business coach helping them overcome the obstacles and challenges that stop them from achieving those goals.

This business coaching happens through one-to-one coaching or through group coaching sessions, either in a one off situation or over a specific period of time, such as 90 days or 12 months.

Effective small business coaching is based on the small business owner having a future vision they want to achieve and the business coach helping them achieve that result in the simplest, fastest and easiest way possible. .

As a small business coach I work with small businesses to achieve three specific results:

  • Freeing up 100 hours of their time in 90 days
  • Increasing revenue and profits
  • Having more time freedom to do more of what they love to do in their business and to spend time with the people that matter at home 

Small business coaching is about helping the business owner get clarity on their future vision and working with them to provide a game plan that gives them the confidence and capability to achieve their biggest goals.

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What is small business coaching?

Small business coaching helps business owners take their business from where they are now to where they want it to be.  Small business coaches work with their clients to help them grow and achieve the goals and aspirations that are most important to them. 

A business coach will guide and support the business owner in growing their business.  They do this by helping them clarify their bigger vision and providing a growth structure that maximises their biggest strengths, captures their biggest opportunities and eliminates their biggest challenges.

Business coaching for small businesses is about expanding simplicity, clarity, confidence and capability and eliminating complexity and complication so the business owner can achieve their goals simply and easily. 

What is small business coach?

A small business coach is someone who helps business owners get clear on what is most important to them in their business and life. 

Business coaching is a proven process that takes the business owner from where they are now to where they want to go in a way that makes their life simpler, clearer and constantly expands their capabilities. 

An effective small business coach asks open ended questions, rather than telling the client what to do.

Effective small business coaching is based on using thinking tools and techniques to provoke internal thought, rather than giving specific directions. 

Coaching for business owners is about expanding strengths and confidence and eliminating activities that don’t support the owners goals and aspirations.

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6 benefits of hiring a small business coach 

7 benefits of small business coaching for entrepreneurs

Small business Coaching is about helping business owners become intentional about their actions and staying focused and accountable to achieve their goals.

Here are 7 benefits of small business coaching for your small business.

1. Help you achieve your goals quicker

Many small business owners struggle to achieve their goals because they have too many goals and their time is taken up on low value activities.

A small business coach helps business owners clarify the ideal future they want and then constructs a game plan with them to achieve their goals in the simplest, fastest and easiest way possible.

This includes setting long-term goals and short-term, measurable goals. 

Having a long-term vision to guide thinking and action, supported by making measurable progress on short-term goals ensures the business owner is always making progress in the areas of business and life that are most important.

This clarity and direction creates higher levels of focus, accountability and confidence, which leads to bigger and better results. 

2. Small business coaching gets you clear on what you want

In a world of complexity and confusion, feeling simple, clear and confident about exactly what to do and where to invest your time can be hugely valuable for any business owner.

This clarity, direction and focus can help you save hundreds of hours of time, work less, spend more time doing what you love to do and make a lot more money in the process. 

Running a business can feel isolating and lonely at times, so having a business coach providing guidance and perspective can provide higher levels of confidence and capability.

When you become clear on what you want your future to look like, a business coach will help you with goal setting and creating a simple path and plan to get there.

This takes away a huge amount of complexity and confusion and stops hours of wasted time..

3. Clarify your thinking   

Effective small business coaching requires the business coach to provide thinking tools that help the client start thinking about their thinking.

All major breakthrough and transformations that come about in business coaching are through internal changes that the client makes.

Having proven thinking tools and frameworks are the starting point for this transformation.

You have an ideal future that is unique to you. 

The thinking tools provided by the business coach are a way of helping you clarify your thinking and get clear on the future you want, and what’s important to you.

It is the thinking tools provided by the small business coach, that are the ‘door openers’ to the breakthroughs, but it is the answers you provide and the insights that get created that create the biggest transformations.

4. Creates more time freedom  

Working longer and longer hours is not the path to success and growth.  A business coach can help you create more time freedom to grow your business and have more time with the people that matter most.

Working with a small business coach can help clarify your biggest strengths and capabilities so you can spend more time doing what you love to do and are best at and less time on everything else.

The quickest path to business success is identifying which activities produce the biggest results and simplifying your time, energy and focus to do more of that work.

Small business coaching can improve your time management skills and make you more productive so you can produce bigger results at work and have more time for the people that matter at home.

5. Builds your confidence 

It’s difficult to grow to the next level and achieve your goals unless you feel confident. 

A small business coach will help you expand your confidence by focusing on your biggest strengths, rather than trying to improve weaknesses.

Running a business can be lonely, so having someone by your side highlighting your strengths and your achievements can boost your confidence. 

Knowing that you are on the right path and knowing exactly what to do every day can be invaluable.

Being reassured that you’re doing the right things and celebrating progress with you can be transformational. 

Having a clear path and plan to follow can give you the confidence to focus on achieving bigger and better goals.

A business coach will help you set short-term measurable goals that will help boost your confidence and capability when you achieve those goals. 

This progress helps the business owner see they can capture even bigger opportunities in the future because they feel confident.

6. Get more focused 

One of the things that holds many small business owners back from achieving their goals is they have too much going on in their business and in their minds.

This can create overwhelm, frustration and a feeling of not having enough time to really achieve their goals.

Rather than feeling simple, clear, and confident many business owners feel distracted and unfocused with the complexity and complications of running their business.

Effective small business coaching will help you identify a small number of unique skills you have that produce the biggest results and then simplify your time, energy and focus to do more of that work.

This helps you free up your time to produce bigger results in a simple and easy way.  A business coach will help you become more productive and work smarter, not harder.

They can help remove distractions, and improve your focus so you can achieve your goals in the simplest way possible.

7. Increase revenue and profits 

Business coaches help small business owners maximise revenue and profits by focusing their time and energy on the productive activities that produce the biggest results.

With any small business, there are only a small number of activities that drive revenue and growth. 

Business coaches help the business owner identify those activities and then free up their time to maximise the time spent on those activities.

The business coach helps the client leverage time to produce bigger results through eliminating activities that don’t support business growth through delegation, outsourcing and collaboration.

Summing Up

There are many factors that can creative an effective small business coaching relationships and environment.

The 7 insights laid out above are a great way for small business owners to think about the benefits of hiring a small business coach to take their business to the next level.

If you’ve been thinking about working with a small business coach, here are some of the ways I can work with you to achieve your biggest goals.

Small business coaching packages

I have a range of small business coaching packages.  If you want to achieve you goals quicker, have more time freedom, do more of the work you love to do and multiply your revenue and profits book a free 30-minute clarity call with me. 

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Mark Pettit is the Founder of Lucemi Consulting and a small business coach to business owners who want to simplify their time, energy and focus so they can multiply their freedom, impact and results. 

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