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From the Coaching Office of Mark Pettit
Colchester, UK 

I was speaking to a prospective client yesterday and they told me “I don’t have any self-discipline”.  She was struggling.  She was overwhelmed with the projects and tasks she had to deliver.

She believed this lack of self-discipline was a character trait that couldn’t be changed.  I advised her that in reality we don’t actually have self-discipline its how we use self-discipline that really matters.  And she, up until now hadn’t chosen to use it yet.

What’s your take on it?  Do you use self-discipline?  

Most people think they either have self-discipline or they don’t.  Many think it is a permanent aspect of their character.  In both instances they’re wrong.

Have you ever heard this being said “She could go really far if she had some self-discipline.  But she has none?”

This is completely untrue.  If you are an entrepreneur, a CEO, or manager with a team and you understand that self-discipline is something your team members can use and that it can be developed in them, then you could have a team that could accomplish pretty much any goal you set.

Enlightened and growth focused entrepreneurs and leaders can get the most out of themselves and their teams if they understand that everyone has everything they need to be successful.  Forget about the excuses.

If people really want something they will choose to use self-discipline to achieve it.
Mark Pettit is a Business Coach and Consultant to successful, ambitious entrepreneurs. He helps them simplify their life and business so they can multiply their results, grow their business and achieve higher levels of freedom and success.