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Time management is important if you want to use your time effectively to achieve your goals quickly and easily.  In this article I’m going to share the benefits of time management and outline 10 reasons why time management is important if you want to achieve bigger and better results in a shorter period of time. 

Good time management enables you to achieve bigger results in less time, which leads to greater time freedom, greater productivity and more satisfaction in business and life without the stress.  The benefits of time management means you can use your time in a way that allows you to plan your day effectively, increase focus, reduce stress and increase your productivity. 

Each benefit of time management improves your ability to simplify your time, be more productive at work and work smarter, not harder.  Poor time management can cause exhaustion, lack of focus, lack of sleep, unhappiness and poor decision making.  Good time management helps you achieve your goals faster, it helps you spend more time doing what you love to do and helps you prioritise your time better. 

Developing effective time management skills can have a positive impact on your work, and give you more time to spend with the people that matter at home.  When you learn to take control of your time on a daily basis, and develop good time management skills, you can get more done, prioritise better, overcome procrastination, be more productive, reduce overwhelm and help you feel less stressed at work.  Read more about the benefits of time management

What is time management?

Time management is the process of how you manage your time, energy and focus each day to produce bigger and better results.  Good time management makes you more productive and creative and less reactive and overwhelmed.  Time management means planning and organising your time between specific activities each day.  The benefits of time management include greater productivity, less stress, being more organised and having the ability to prioritise your time and focus.  

Developing good time management skills at work enables you to create a better work-life balance as your focus becomes more about delivering results, rather than time spent on task.   One of the biggest factors that affects your performance and achievements at work is time management, so it’s essential to develop effective time management skills.  Read more on developing time management skills

Why is time management important?

Good time management allows you to achieve bigger results in a shorter period of time, which creates more time freedom.  Time management can have a huge impact on your performance and productivity at work.  Better time management at work improves focus, stops distraction, lowers stress, increases productivity and helps you reach your goals in less time.

Everyone’s time is valuable.  Time management is important at work because it enables you to organise and plan your time so you can focus that time on your biggest opportunities.  The two important benefits of time management are greater productivity and greater effectiveness.   

The objective of time management is to help you maximise the time you have so you have more time for the activities that matter most and less time for lower value activities.

The importance of time management essentially comes down to how much you value the time you have.  The benefits of time management allow you to get clearer about your goals and then ensures you prioritise your time and energy to work only on the activities that will help you reach those goals.

The consequence of bad time management can lead to stress, burnout, tiredness and frustration as you simply don’t have the time to achieve your goals.

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The benefits of time management 

Knowing how to manage your time effectively is important as it creates a number of benefits. Good time management requires an important shift in focus from activities to results.  Understanding the importance of time management, and the benefits of time management, changes your mindset and enables you to prioritise a small number of tasks each day.   Effective time management places more of an importance on being effective and productive with your time instead of being busy. 

Here are 6 benefits of time management.

Clarity on your goals 

Good time management helps you achieve your goals quicker.  When you understand the importance of goal setting and understand the importance of time management, you will be excited and motivated to get into action.

You understand the activities that need to be undertaken to reach your goals, eliminating low-value activities that won’t help you reach your goals.

Time leverage 

When you manage time effectively rather than efficiently, you become more productive and get more of the right work done.

You look for ways to leverage time rather than trying to do everything yourself which helps to free up more of your time.

Eliminate work you’re not good at

When you understand your unique strengths and the high value activities only you should undertake to reach your goals, you can eliminate work you’re not great at.

By having this clarity, you’ll be clear on where to spend your time and where not to spend your time.

Less stress  

Effective time management is about working at a peak state on activities you love to do and are great at.

Taking more time off to rejuvenate mind and body puts you in that peak state, and reduces stress levels.

Rather than focusing on time and effort to achieve something you become focused on delivering a result.

You become focused on working smarter, not harder.

To deliver that result effectively, put your mind in a peak state.

Greater productivity 

When you properly manage time, and work more and more using your unique strength you are always energised, motivated and focused.

Eliminate and outsource what takes up your time and find collaborators to achieve bigger results by leveraging your time.

Eliminate procrastination 

When you are clear, focused and energised you’ll learn how to stop procrastinating.

All of your skills won’t help if you don’t have a clear direction and focus for your time.

Good time management helps you reduce the amount of things on your to-do list and make sure your goals are achievable to reduce procrastination.

Managing your time effectively can also help reduce overwhelm.

10 reasons why time management is important 

Here are 10 reasons why time management is important. 

1. Helps you focus  

Good time management skills help you identify and focus your time on your most important tasks (MITs) each day.  By simplifying your time and focus to three crucial activities each day you can achieve bigger results in less time.  This helps you eliminate and delegate specific activities and make you a lot more productive. Read more on how to work smarter, not harder.

2. Reduces overwhelm 

Effective time management skills helps you focus and prioritise effectively, which can reduce feelings of overwhelm.  We often feel overwhelmed when we have too much to do and too little time to do it in.  When we focus our time on our biggest strengths and opportunities and reduce lower value work, we have more time abundance. Read more on how to stop feeling overwhelmed.

3. Greater productivity

Good time management is about being productive with your time.  Many people are busy, but not productive.  They have a long to-do list and feel productive by ticking off items on their list.  Effective time management is about looking at your biggest strengths and working our how to use those strengths to achieve bigger results in less time. Read more on how to be more productive.

4. Better priorities 

Effective time management starts with getting clarity about what’s most important to you in business and life.  Being clear about what you want, helps you create a path and plan to achieve it.  If creating a good work-life balance is important, then taking control of your time is essential.  If having more time freedom is important, then it becomes a priority to ensure you have more time with the people that matter most. Read more on how to create time freedom.

5. Eliminates perfectionism 

One of the benefits of good time management is that it can help stop perfectionism.  Procrastination and perfectionism can cause you to waste time by being busy perfecting, tweaking and polishing.  Perfectionism often arises when you’re not clear on the result you want to achieve so you’re not intellectually and emotionally engaged enough to get into action. 

Effective time management skills help you clarify the importance of projects and the benefit they will achieve so you become more focused on results, not the act of doing. Read more on how to overcome perfectionism.

6. Increases intentionality 

Our time is limited.  To achieve more in less time and manage time effectively, you need to be intentional about your time.  When you are intentional about your time you are clear about what you want and what your priorities are.  If you have that clarity, you won’t waste time on busyness and chasing shiny objects.  You will be clearer, more focused, more productive and more effective with your time. Read more about how to start being intentional.

7. Increases motivation 

When you have an abundance of time you feel excited and motivated.  If you feel that time is scarce or you don’t have enough time, motivation is often one of the first things to go.  You are often playing catch up, wearing multiple hats and working longer and longer hours to try and complete your to-do list.  

Good time management skills help you get clearer on what you love to do and on the things that produce the biggest results.  This clarity creates more motivation and will make you more productive. Read more on how to get motivated.

8. Less stress 

A lack of time can make you feel stressed and feel tired all the time.  When you feel tired you lose energy and focus, and projects take twice as long to complete.  Understanding the importance of time management can reduce your stress levels because you recognise the value of your time.  It is about ensuring your time is spend on productive activities at work, and that you create time to recharge and rejuvenate at home. Read more on how to stop feeling tired.

9. Improved organisation skills  

Good time management skills help you feel in control of your day.  Being able to manage your time ensures you are organised and effective, rather than reactive, distracted and cluttered.

Setting up your day the night before, and creating a productive morning routine ensures you are super organised when you start your day so you can focus on what really matter most.  Read more on how to develop habits of highly productive people.

10. Better work-life balance 

Effective time management is often about energy management.  When we spend time doing activities we love to and that create the biggest impact we feel excited, energised and motivated.  If we spend the majority of our days doing activities we don’t like or aren’t very good at, it’s not very satisfying or productive. 

Get clear on the small number of activities you love to do, and expand the time you spend doing that work. 

Summing up

Time management is important because it helps you take control of your time so you can achieve bigger and better results faster.  Good time management is essential to your mental and physical wellbeing.  Understanding the benefits of time management will help you be more productive, manage time better, increase your focus and help you achieve your goals quicker. 

Understanding the importance of time management and developing good time management skills will dramatically improve all aspects of your life. All you have to do is get started!

Now I’d love to hear from you.

What’s your number one time management tip?

How has time management helped you be more effective?

Let me know in the comments.

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