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We all know about the importance of creating the right morning routine but today I want to focus on your evening routine

A morning routine is a really effective way of being focused on the day ahead whilst creating more time for you.

That time for you could be for meditation, reading, having breakfast with the family.  It’s a time to really think about your goals and let your mind really think.

There are lots of articles out there about creating the right morning routine.  I’ve created a Free Daily Planner where a key part of the planning is about setting up your morning routine.

If you haven’t picked up my planner yet, click on the link here

Creating an evening routine

But today I want to focus on the power of setting up your day the night before.  By simply spending 15-30 minutes thinking about what you really want to achieve the next day, you will wake up more focused and with a clear plan of where to spend your time.

This evening routine will make a huge difference to your morning.  If coupled with the right morning routine it can really multiply your success.

Now, everyone’s evening routine will be different, depending on their circumstances and personal commitments.

But, here’s a sample routine that I’ve been using and hopefully there will be some good ideas here that most people can use.

A sample routine

If we can make one small shift the compound results could be significant.

  • Review my day and celebrate 3 wins. More about 3 wins here
  • Check my calendar for the next day
  • Think about 3 wins I want to achieve tomorrow
  • Get my clothes and other stuff ready
  • Pick up stuff around the house so your environment is clear in the morning
  • Get yourself set for tomorrow (clothes and other gear)
  • Drink water
  • Read if you have some time

As I said, this is what I’m doing at the moment and you will of course modify to fit your needs.

This is all about the principle of setting up your day to maximise results the night before.  It also helps that by prepping the day the night before you’re not rushing around in the morning trying to cram everything in.

Get started today with your evening routine.  Let me know how you get on.

About The Author

 Mark Pettit is a Business Coach and Consultant.  He helps entrepreneurs and business owners grow in every aspect of their business and life to multiply their results and success.


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