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If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur who wants to get the best results for their business then you have to improve your time management skills.

By learning proven time management skills you can manage time effectively, and become more focused and more productive.  

Do you often feel stressed, overworked and think you have a lack of time?

Is busyness and overwhelm stopping you moving forward on the projects and activities that matter most?

If you feel your time management is out of control, it’s essential to develop the time management skills that will help you manage your time effectively so you can work less and achieve more.

This article will share 5 ways you can improve your time management skills, increase productivity and get more focused. 

Managing time effectively

Many small business owners put small, easy tasks at the top of their list to be completed each day.

These items can be simply ticked off.

When attempting to manage time effectively, the question you need to ask yourself is whether “the completion of this task will move my business forward?”

Will working on these small items help me achieve my goals?

Time management skills reduce busyness 

Learning productive time management skills is about reducing busyness and maximising productivity.  Your time management skills increase when you:

  • Are clear on your specific, measurable goals
  • Prioritise your most important activities
  • Free up your time to focus on those activities
  • Delegate and outsourcing lower value work

In reality, having a long list of to-do’s simply doesn’t make you more productive.

It has the opposite effect. You can feel overwhelmed with the amount of them.

The key to managing your time effectively is to simplify your to-do list.

Effective time management skills will help you do that.

Manage your time to be more focused

How would it feel if you were more focused on just a few big projects every day and completed them?

Rather than working on lots of activities you narrow your focus to a small number of key projects and activities that will move your business forward.

Instead of achieving stuff, your time would be spent achieving something important every day, rather than just doing.

To get more focused and manage time effectively you need to develop proven time management skills.

Proven time management skills to boost productivity 

By developing these time management skills you can free up your time, boost productivity and ensure they get more of their most important work completed every day.

1. Focus on freeing up more time

If you focus your time only on the most important areas of your business and life, chances are you will free up some more time.

These simple time management skills help cut out some of the smaller tasks and removed many distractions.  That is the key to master your time.

Chances are you will have more energy and time to spend on yourself, with your family and on growing your business.

There will be more time to think.  To spend with your most important clients.

Simply, by mastering time management skills you draw more energy and opportunity into your world.

2. Prioritise and spend focused time on high value work

If you have the mindset of a commitment to working only on bigger projects that motivate and fascinate you then you will move forward quicker.

This could be three or five projects or tasks per day.

An effective time management skills is to start with the biggest one first and then spend focused time on this one thing until completion.

Rather than lots of little things than cause you to be overwhelmed with the sheer volume, stay focused on where you can add the biggest value.

3. Become more disciplined with your time

Once you’ve got into the groove and mindset of focusing on a smaller number of projects discipline is the key to stay on course.

It’s so easy to be distracted with a shiny new opportunity or reverting to spending time on smaller tasks, because they’re easy.

Lay out clearly each day where you want to spend your time.

Be intentional about this.  State three things you want to achieve each day.

You will then be creating your day rather than reacting.

Discipline yourself to stay away from distractions and focus on the matter at hand.

At the end of the day think about what you’ve achieved.  This discipline will turn into a habit.

4. Improve your time management skills every day

So, let me ask you.  Are you doing what you’re doing right now better than you have done it before?

Or are you on an even keel and is it just “as good as” or “good enough” as it has been before?

If that’s the case, would you like it to be better?

Take a step back and think about how you could improve one thing or a couple of things.  What time management skill would help you the most?

Small steps to manage time effectively

A simple 1% upwards improvement could make a massive difference both now and for the future.

Sometimes the answer to greater success is often found in the process of the work itself.

Simply by doing and creating.

So, let’s slow down for a minute.

Could that article be better?  Would better copy improve that sales promotion?  Could that sales letter be tweaked further?

You gain time management mastery by slowing down and focusing on a small number of things.  And getting better at those things or skills every day.

5. Master the present moment

Sometimes we live too much in our own future.  Always jumping ahead to what could be.

But when you slow down to master this present moment, life gets fearless.

Rather than constantly thinking about getting in front of new prospects and getting new clients look at the clients you already have.

The clients you have in the present moment.  Why not take the time to slow down and look at what you already have?

If you had the time management skill to actually gave yourself the time to think there could be many other ways you could help or serve your clients.

A simple time management tip to maximise productivity 

Try this time management tip.  Get a piece of paper.  Write out what you’re currently doing for that client and what you’d love to help them with.

Think about all the other people in the company you’d like to meet.  Then gather research on the problems and challenges you could help them with.

You may have other clients you could follow a similar process with.

Better manage time to speed up results 

Slow down and have laser like focus on what you have in the present and focus on how you can get more. Spend your time on a small number of bigger projects and opportunities.

Slowing down is often the quickest path to a bigger future and success.  By developing these essential time management skills help you will manage time effectively, free up more time and multiply your productivity.


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