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90 Day Business Coaching Program for Entrepreneurs 

Work less, do more of what you love and make more money is the simple promise of the Time Transformer 90 day business coaching program.

As a strategic business coach, Lucemi Consulting provides business coaching programs and business coaching services to successful, ambitious small business owners who want to achieve faster growth, bigger profits and an abundant quality of life.

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Imagine getting to the end of the next 90 days achieving the outcome we promise – you will be working less, doing more of what you love to do and have grown your revenue.

How would it feel if you could achieve that result, and achieve your biggest goals?

As a business coach I help entrepreneurs and small business owners simplify their time, energy and focus so they can multiply their productivity, income and impact.

We have recognised that many businesses share the same challenges but they are all focused on expanding one thing – personal freedom.

Our business coaching program is focused on helping business owners spend more time doing what they love to do, are best at and brings in the most money.

This singular focus helps them expand their time freedom by being more productive on the activities that deliver the biggest result.

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A Business Coaching Program based on what YOU want

How would it feel is you could work less and achieve bigger results?

If you could free up 100 hours of your time, do more of what you love to do and multiply your productivity and revenue?

What difference would it make if you could spend more time doing what you’re great at, love to do and brings in the most revenue?

When you’re focused on your custom-designed growth and achievement anything is possible.

Do you have a specific challenge you need help with in your business?

How our Business Coaching Program Works 

Our 90-day business coaching program is focused solely on your growth and achievement.  In our 1:1 business coaching sessions you’ll:

  • Discover concepts and tools to better manage your time, productivity and focus
  • Learn how to focus your time on doing more of what you love to do and grow your business and its profits
  • Increase your time freedom so you have more time to spend with the people who matter most
  • Discover your unique strengths, skills, and talents and spend more time doing them so you can achieve your goals quicker
  • Set and achieve specific, measurable goals every 90 days

You will work less, do more of what you love and multiply revenue.

Is our business coaching programs a right fit for you?

If you want to experience greater growth, achievement and time freedom in your business and life then this is for you.

Our business coaching program is right for you if you:

  • You’re highly ambitious but not sure which direction to take and focus on 
  • Are struggling to focus and feel overwhelmed
  • You have no time to focus on growing your business
  • Progress feels slow and you’d love to speed up your growth
  • You’re struggling to juggle the complexities of growing to the next level
  • You’d love to take control of your time, grow your revenue and create more freedom in your life
  • Procrastination is holding you back 

It could be that you’re just starting out in business or want to build a team for the first time – and need guidance, support and accountability from a business coach who’s been in business for 20+ years.

Or maybe you just want more direction, more clarity, more focus and more confidence to multiply the revenue and profitability into your business.

Whatever your obstacles or challenges personalised guidance and support can accelerate your progress, multiply your confidence and increase your revenue and profits.

If you are looking for instant clarity and focus our 90-minute time breakthrough business coaching session could be what you want.

Alternatively, if you want to transform how you manage your time in just 30 minutes, book a complimentary focusing call with me.

1:1 Business Coaching Program 

My 90-day Time Transformer business coaching program is designed as a total support system for any successful entrepreneur and small business owner with their sights set on next level business growth.

This level of business coaching is about transformational change in 90 days with a focus on:

  • Getting clarity on your vision and goals
  • Eliminating obstacles that are holding you back
  • Maximising your biggest strengths
  • Freeing up 100 hours of your time
  • Focusing your time on the activities that will drive the biggest increase in revenue and profits
  • Maximising revenue from existing clients
  • Increasing focus and productivity

This business coaching program is about you and your growth. You decide on your most important goals and on your game plan.

We provide the structure, tools, support and accountability that give you a new perspective on your business and a fresh way of thinking — and keep you on track to turn your goals into reality.

The Foundation of Our Business Coaching Program 

The focus of this 90-day business coaching program is entirely on you, your vision, your time freedom, your uniques strengths and how to free up your time to make it possible.

We’ll look at your unique strengths, what you love to do, how you spend your time, and create the habits, support system,  and mindsets that will give you the confidence, capability and accountability to achieve your biggest goals.

The focus will be on:

  • Discovering what you do best and brings in the most revenue
  • Freeing up 100 hours of your time to focus more time on those activities
  • Creating longer term and 90 day goals that you’re most excited about
  • Implementing a game plan to support that goal achievement

What support will I receive?

This is a 1:1 business coaching program.  We will meet for two hours every fortnight and you will also receive ongoing calls to keep you clear, focused, and confident about your goals and progress. What’s the end result?

What results can I expect to achieve?

You will free up at least 100 hours of your time and increase revenue and profits.  The focus for this 90 day coaching program is on maximising your time and productivity to achieve bigger business results and more time freedom.

What Other Results Can You Expect

You’ll learn to simplify and focus your time on what you love to do, are great at, and brings in the most revenue.

You’ll also:

  • Build your long term vision and set annual and quarterly goals.
  • Get clarity on how you can create the greatest value in your business
  • Get clear on your 90 Day action plans to keep you on track
  • Connect with your vision, purpose and ideal future
  • Simplify to multiply results
  • Eliminate the fears and stuff that hold you back
  • Increase your energy, rejuvenation and physical health
  • Achieve higher levels of productivity, focus, enjoyment and confidence
  • Focus on your strengths to maximize opportunities
  • Build better habits to increase performance

Benefits of working with a business coach 

You could try to implement these principles on your own, but in reality, most people don’t.

They simply get too distracted or overwhelmed by the immediate demands of running their business to change their way of doing things proactively in a regular, strategic way.

Self-doubt, procrastination and a lack of time sets in which creates an inability to focus on the most important things in your business and life.

You could carry on as you are and take a long time to figure things out, or you could multiply your performance and results much quicker by working with a business coach.

Making the transformation to a growth focused business is easier with a structured, supported path to help you set achievable, incremental goals and hold yourself accountable to achieving them.

A business coach can provide that accountability, guidance and structure.

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The investment in our Time Transformer 90 Day Business Coaching Program is £1,500 ($1,900).

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