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Business Coaching & Consultancy

Do you want to free up your time and grow your business to the next level?

Do you have a specific challenge you need help with in your business?

Perhaps you’re struggling to focus and feel overwhelmed.  Progress is slow and you’d love to speed up your growth.

Or maybe, you’re already a successful entrepreneur, but struggling to juggle the complexities of growing to the next level.  You’d love to take control of your time, grow your revenue and create more freedom in your life.

It could be that you’re just starting out in business or building a team for the first time – and need guidance, support and accountability from someone who’s been in business for 20+ years.

Or maybe you just want more direction, more focus and to bring more revenue and profitability into your business.

Whatever your obstacles or challenges, you need one-to-one, personalised guidance so you can accelerate your progress, multiply your confidence and do more of the things you love to do.

I currently offer a number of options for coaching and I have a separate page for Strategy Sessions which can be booked for One Hour or Half-Day.

If you’d like me to tailor a bespoke solution for you please drop me a line at mark@lucemiconsulting.co.uk


My Signature Business Coaching Program “Freedom to Focus’ is designed as a total support system for any successful entrepreneur with their sights set on “sky’s-the-limit” business growth and the freedom to create the kind of richly satisfying life they dreamed of.

This level of coaching is about transformational change that focuses on and maximizes your biggest opportunities whilst capitalizing on your strengths to increase focus, productivity and business growth.

This coaching program is about you and your growth. You decide on your most important goals and on your game plan.

We provide the structure, tools, support and accountability that give you a new perspective on your business and a fresh way of thinking — and keep you on track to turn your goals into reality.

This level of coaching is about freeing up your time, energy and purpose so you can:

  • Take complete control of your time
  • Simplify your business and life
  • Expand your freedom
  • Achieve your business and life goals faster
  • Grow your business to the next level
  • Have more time with the people who matter most

You will have the opportunity to get outside the day-to-day of your business to a place where big ambitions and dreams are normal.

Every week, or two, you’ll have time to focus on your goals and strategise around what’s most pressing in your business right now.

You’ll get new thinking tools and a plan and path for your business with prioritized, concrete action steps for the next 90 days.

You’ll change the way you do things, the way you think, and the way you see yourself and your business.

Your revenue and profits will increase, your freedom will expand, and your focus and productivity will increase like never before.



Who Is This For


This business coaching program is for the successful, ambitious entrepreneur looking to fast-track their biggest, boldest goals yet.

It’s for the entrepreneur who wants to become ultra-focused, more productive, wants to free up their time to work on their sky’s-the-limit goals right now, and already has the means to get started.

I work with online entrepreneurs, business owners who want to multiply their growth and people who are building teams and want the guidance, support and accountability required to achieve their goals.

It is for leaders and high performers who want to jump to the next level but are mired in complexity and want to simplify their business and life.

What You Can Expect

You’ll learn to simplify and take control of your time to multiply business growth.

You’ll also:

  • Build your long term vision and set annual and quarterly goals.
  • Get clarity on how you can create the greatest value in your business
  • Get clear on your 90 Day action plans to keep you on track
  • Learn how to expand your freedom so you can work less and spend more time with the people that matter most
  • Understand your unique skills and maximize them to bring more revenue into your business
  • Focus on less to achieve a lot more
  • Connect with your vision, purpose and ideal future
  • Simplify to multiply results
  • Eliminate the fears and stuff that hold you back
  • Learn how to optimize your income, freedom and quality of life
  • Increase your energy, rejuvenation and physical health
  • Achieve higher levels of productivity, focus, enjoyment and confidence
  • Focus on your strengths to maximize opportunities
  • Build better habits to increase performance

Why You Should Work With Me

You could try to implement these principles on your own, but in reality, most people don’t.

They simply get too distracted or overwhelmed by the immediate demands of running their business to change their way of doing things proactively in a regular, strategic way.

Self-doubt, procrastination and a lack of time sets in which creates an inability to focus on the most important things in your business and life.

You could carry on as you are and take a long time to figure things out, or you could multiply your performance and results much quicker by working with a coach.

Making the transformation to a growth focused business is easier with a structured, supported path to help you set achievable, incremental goals and hold yourself accountable to achieving them.

Also, it’s easier when you’re provided with proven strategies and tools that let you get greater results with less time and effort.

Wouldn’t you prefer to start using your time better so you have more energy, creativity, freedom and balance in your life to help you generate more and more income.

You’ll have the time and mental energy to use that income to achieve whatever you want to be true in your business and your personal life on an ongoing basis.

Book a 30-Minute Call Today to see if we would be a good fit to work together.

The investment in the Freedom to Focus Coaching Program is £12,000 ($15,000) for 12 Months Coaching.

The investment in the Freedom to Focus Coaching 90 Day Program is £3,000 ($4,000) for 3 Months Coaching.




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