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Have you noticed that when you make a real commitment on the inside to achieve your goals everything changes on the outside?

One of my coaching clients, we’ll call her Jill, turned her professional life around in a single day.

She was letting outside events and projects and people influence how she felt about herself.

She was reacting rather than creating.  She was not in control of her day or her time.

Jill had big goals for the future but was struggling to achieve her goals.

She didn’t have the internal belief or commitment to move forward to achieve those goals.

During our time together Jill went from being overwhelmed, stuck and unsure of what path she should follow to declaring herself the best there is in her particular discipline.

Create A Positive Mindset

Her mindset shifted.  Her energy level increased.  She began thinking about herself and working differently in her business.

She put herself first.  She took control of her present and future.

She became totally committed to her future success.  She had total belief in achieving the success she desired.

People began to notice the difference.  They could see the new found confidence and belief in Jill.

Her commitment was internal, not external. It did not depend on any outside factor or circumstance for Jill to begin acting hand living as the best in her profession.

The whole point of this transformation is that it was internal. It was totally up to her.

Like many people Jill set goals and then started worrying about achieving them.

Her goals were for 3 years ahead.  A long time into the future.

Achieve Short Term Process Goals To Boost Confidence

I realised that sometimes it’s really hard for the mind to hold onto and focus on these long-term goals because they are so far into the future.

I experienced a similar thing.  The goals felt so far in front of me that I lose sight of them within the day to day.

Have you experienced a similar thing with achieving your goals?

I started to make my goals shorter (as a Segway to my bigger goals) and I worked on a similar process with Jill.

She started setting short-term “process goals” that she always finished and felt good about.   This gave her continued confidence and belief.

She didn’t have to worry about “sticking with” something. These process goals also encouraged her to focus on and enjoy the present moment.

She was creating and succeeding in the present rather than having her head in the future.

Create Your Ideal Future

The great thing about creating your ideal future in the present moment is that you can have more fun.  You can try different things.

To make this work for you the process goals should be very specific and ideally have a measurement attached to it.

Spend thirty minutes a day writing a new piece of content.  One new sales conversation every day.  £10,000 in new proposals this week.  Speak to five new people this week.

To make this even more fun treat it as a game.  When you succeed, up the stakes for the next week.

If you’re competitive create a challenge with a friend or fellow business owner.  You could even collaborate on a specific process goal.

You know that only you can fire yourself up.

Only you can make that commitment.

Only you can have the courage to make that change.

Only you can challenge yourself more.

Get More Creative And have Fun

So get more creative and have fun with it.  Create things and have small adventures that lead you to the bigger future you want.

Don’t pressure yourself because this is when you may fall off the wagon.  And, celebrate those process goal wins.

Don’t hold your present happiness and success hostage to the achievement of a long term goal. If you do that, your happiness is always in the future.

So, figure out where you want to spend your time.  Achieve your short term goals.  It is that achievement right now that will boost your confidence and belief in creating your longer term ideal future.

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