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One of the most challenging things to get right for any entrepreneur is create their company vision and culture.

To be able to clearly identify their reason for being. Who are they? What is their USP? What’s their story? What’s their purpose?

It’s this vision or mission statement that can set one business apart from another both internally, from an employee perspective, and externally from a client or customer perspective. It should be inspiring and based on a clear purpose and vision – customers should want to give you their business and employees should want to work with you.

If you get this vision right and create the right culture and ‘way of working’ you are far more likely to be successful. Your clients and customers know exactly what you stand for and may buy into your brand ethos, your creativity, your story, your impeccable level of service etc – but they buy into something which creates long-term loyalty.

It also creates a clear messaging structure to base your marketing and communications strategy around and creates a real point of difference. It is also beneficial in creating new business opportunities as you have a simple sell that prospects will remember about you.

From an employee perspective they will buy into your vision if it is honest, plays to their own moral sense, excites them and captures their imagination. They are your biggest brand advocate. If you have 50 employees and they all have 100 social connections that’s 5,000 walking, talking advocates of your business

They key with your employees is to get them fully invested in your business at an early stage. Involve them in your business objectives and strategy, they may have some interesting input, frequently update them on business performance, bring junior members of the team into new business opportunities and always celebrate success with the team.

If you can create the right vision and culture it will be key to your long-term business growth.

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