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Entrepreneurs and business owners I speak with are looking to learn how to be more productive and stay focused.

To remove distractions and stop the busyness from taking over their day.

If you want to be more productive then this guide will show you how to be more productive so you can work smarter, not harder.

It will share 9 productivity tips to help you maximise your time and effectiveness. 

Ditch distraction to increase productivity

It doesn’t matter what business you run.

We are all looking for ways to ditch the distraction and be more productive at work.

When I speak to entrepreneurs I hear the same thing:

  • They’re busy but not productive
  • A growing to-do list is harming their productivity
  • They’re experiencing a growing sense of being overwhelmed  
  • There is a struggle to stay focused and distraction free

Time is a great leveller. 

We all have the same 24 hours in a day.

How productive and focused we are during that time either creates a successful day or just a run of the mill day. 

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Work efficiency and effectiveness 

Some of use can achieve peak productivity and get so much more done in a typical day.

Others struggle to achieve anything apart from a feeling of being time crunched, busy, distracted and overwhelmed.

Which camp do you fall into?

Busyness stops productivity 

Do you find yourself being busy during the day but not productive?

People are reaching the end of the day with a feeling that they have been busy but with no productive results to show for the busyness.

Busyness often comes from a too long to-do list full of activities that don’t move the needle forward in their business.

Overwhelm affects our productive habits  

For many business owners the inputs are growing but the results are decreasing.

They feel overwhelmed with a lack of time and too many activities.

Overwhelm can be stressful.

When you are overwhelmed you become unfocused and unproductive.

You may feel tired or fatigued and it can effect your health and your ability to concentrate and focus.

The result? We become way more unproductive.  

Being distracted kills our energy and focus

Distractions stop us being focused and productive.

Whether this is phone notifications, a distracting environment, people asking questions or other trivial activities.

To stop being distracted block time away from people or go to a space where you won’t be disturbed so you can fully focus and concentrate.

Productivity habits  

Truly productive people aren’t focused on doing more things; this is actually the opposite of productivity.

They are focused on doing less, to do fewer things.

The right things. 

When you are clear on your priorities and the activities that create the biggest value and revenue, you can filter out unproductive activities.

if we can manage time effectively we can be more productive. 

How to be more productive 

When we are productive, we are more focused and confident.

We get to the end of the day feeling we have achieved something important.

If you want to be more productive and stay focused use these 9 productivity tips. 

By implementing these productivity strategies you’ll learn how to be more productive at work and life.

1. Set exciting goals to increase productivity

If you don’t know where you’re going, how do you know when you get there?

When you’re clear on your goals you’re instantly clearer on where you should spend your time.

This makes you more productive.

You get more focused and productive on your high value activities that really move your business forward.

If you want to be more productive create a compelling and exciting vision of your future.

Ask yourself:

What does this future look like?

How will it feel when you get there?

The vision must be emotionally and intellectually engaging for you to take productive action on achieving goals.

How to set and achieve smaller goals

Creating a new vision, especially one where your goals are a lot bigger than where you are right now, has a way of igniting your passion and sparking your productivity.

It may be something that feels hard to achieve, but every step you take towards that bigger vision will certainly build your confidence.

Commitment to this vision, and being more productive every day, depends on your ability to look at any situation you’re faced with or currently in, and see something bigger ahead.

When you know where you’re headed, you will instinctively start to see all the new opportunities and connections that will get you there.

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If you want to be more productive, make a vision map to get you started.

Ask yourself “what has to happen in the next 3 years so that I feel happy with my progress?”

2. Clarity increases productivity

Less is more when it comes to being more productive to achieve your goals.

Once you have your future vision mapped out, build a strategic plan to get you there.

Your future vision may be for 3 years or 5 years, or you may choose a longer time frame.

Measurable goals makes you be more productive 

To be more productive in achieving your bigger vision, set specific goals for the 90 days.

Make the goals measurable and achievable.

The magic number for me and my clients is to create and stick to five goals for the next 90 days.

This creates a simplicity of focus.

Rather than trying to achieve ten or twenty things you narrow your focus to just five crucial goals.

3. Focus on three crucial activities  

Imagine that someone took away all of your activities and you could only choose work on three crucial activities.

These activities would be ones where you created the biggest value, that brought in the most money and that you were highly skilled at.

Activities that were crucially important so they require you to be highly focused and productive.

Which ones would you choose? 

We all have skills and capabilities that represent us at our most productive.

These skills are unique to each of us.

To be truly productive you need to narrow your focus down to only those activities and do more of them.

It might be selling, or building client relationships, or marketing, or strategic planning.

Pick your best three and narrow your focus. .

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4. Create a productive environment

The key to consistent productive days is to set up the right environment so you can be fully focused on the activities that deliver the biggest results.

This is productive preparation.

To be super productive you need your physical and mental energy to be high.

You need to be in the right environment with a clear mind.

Clear your calendar of other activities so you can be fully focused.

Set yourself up in a clean, uncluttered office or space so your mind can focus.

Organise things in advance so you won’t be disturbed. 

5. Commit to increasing productivity 

If you are not truly committed to being more productive and achieving your goals, then chances are that you won’t reach them.

Motivation can only take you so far.

When you’re not motivated, it’s easily to become distracted.

It is the intentional commitment and emotional investment in your future success that will move you forward to heightened levels of productivity and focus.

Have an intentional focus 

Think back to any time that you really committed to achieving something.

Were you fully invested?

Why did it matter?

Did you have to be really courageous to achieve it?

How did it feel when you achieved it?

What difference did it make?

Boost motivation to increase productivity

If your motivation begins to drop when you’re working towards less important goals, you won’t be productive.

To build motivation, ensure your mind and body are energised.

Ensure you sleep well and eat well to create peak productivity.

When you are committed to something, then you are–in a way–forced into action.

Your mindset is focused and your body follows.

When you get the important work done, your confidence goes through the roof.

You feel a level of certainty in achieving the goal you set out to accomplish.

6. Be more productive by working less 

Confidence plays a vital role when you are looking at how to be more productive.

To increase confidence needed to achieve our biggest goals we need to focus on our strengths.

This is key when learning how to be more productive.

What are you best at? Have you identified your unique strengths?

You want to spend as much time as you can working in the areas that you’re great at.

How can you multiply your strengths?

Focus on value creation 

Think of the areas of the business and life when you are doing work you love, that you are great at with your best clients and customers.

That you’re energised in and do your best work.

These areas are where you add the biggest value.

They are when you are most productive,.

Many of us want to do it all. We want to be good at everything. We want to offer a lot of services.

But, in reality, there are some very specific things we are great at; nobody is good at everything!

To be more productive spend more time adding value in the areas where you excel.

7. Set better boundaries

One of the keys to being more productive is to create better boundaries around your time and focus.

To learn to say no to activities, people and opportunities where you’re not working at your productive best.

As we grow, more opportunities come up that can take us away from our goals and doing our best, most productive work.

Get clear on your goals and where you can provide the biggest value to your company, to your clients and to your team and spend your most valuable time in those areas.

8. Progress not perfection

We waste so much time on tinkering and polishing and amending until things are just right.

Until they’re perfect.

If you’re focused on perfection you risk:

  • Wasting previous time 
  • Holding things up
  • Missing out on opportunities
  • Being late to market 

Remember that done is better than perfect.  To stop being a perfectionist, realise that 80% right is good enough and work with other people or team members to help you with the rest.

9. Use time blocking to be more organised 

Multi-tasking or task switching can have an adverse effect on your productivity.  To build momentum and focus on big projects or tasks start working in blocks of focused time.

This could be in 90-minute or 2 hour blocks to really create positive forward movement on something important.

Shut yourself away or go to a quiet space to avoid interruptions.

Working in focused blocks will dramatically increase productivity and could be a game changer for your business.

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