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Mentally strong people develop positive habits to help them navigate the fears, setbacks, experiences, and obstacles that come with creating a successful business and life.  In this article, I’m going to share 16 habits of mentally strong people.  Use these habits to develop the mental strength and positive mindset to achieve what matters most to you.

To become mentally stronger it’s important to develop the positive habits that set mentally strong people apart.  Mentally strong people have a clear purpose and direction in life that guides their thinking, mindset, and actions.

Instead of worrying about what other people think and do, people with mental strength are clear on their goals and make positive progress towards achieving them every day.

Mentally strong people live in a world of abundance and don’t worry about pleasing everyone.  This ensures they follow their goals and don’t compare themselves to others.

Let’s dive into the 16 habits of mentally strong people.

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16 habits of mentally strong people 

Here are 16 habits of mentally strong people.

1. They practice gratitude

Mentally strong people practice gratitude and are grateful for everything they have achieved in their lives.  They express thankfulness and appreciation for what they have, rather than focusing on what they don’t have.

Instead of living in a world of scarcity, people with mental strength regularly practicing gratitude and take the time to notice and reflect upon the things they are grateful for.

This ensures they are positive, happier and express more compassion for the people that matter most.  Learn more about practicing gratitude.

2. They are self-aware

Mentally strong people are self-aware and are focused on growth in every aspect of their lives.  Their self-awareness means they think about their thinking and reflect on how their actions impact others.  Self-awareness gives them greater purpose and an internal drive to reach their goals.

Through self-awareness, they can objectively analyse themselves and manage their thoughts and emotions.  This ensures that every action and reaction is aligned with their value system and vision.

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3. They invest in their personal growth 

Mentally strong people invest in their professional growth and development to help them reach their goals.  They always look to become better versions of themselves and seek out training, coaching, and other development tools to help them get there.

This ensures they are always growing and moving forward to help them achieve their priorities in their life.

4. They learn from mistakes 

Mentally strong people learn from their mistakes and aren’t fearful of failure.  They take the time to reflect upon and understand their experiences to ensure they don’t make the same mistakes again.

Mentally strong people look for learning in every situation to help them grow and further their self-development.

5. They focus on moving forward

Mentally strong people focus on progress, not perfection, and are happy to take risks to help them achieve their goals.  They are focused on making positive progress towards achieving the measurable goals that are most important to them.

People with mental strength look at every situation and setback in a positive light and use the experience to come up with new solutions and new ways of thinking.

6. They retain a positive mindset  

Mentally strong people have a positive mindset and live a life of abundance, rather than scarcity.  This ensures that failures don’t hold them back from reaching their goals.  Having a positive mindset means that in every situation, there is only success or a learning experience.

This mindset boosts confidence and self-esteem and ensures they are always moving forward positively.

7. They measure progress backward

Mentally strong people are always growing because they measure their progress backward from where they started.  This mindset ensures they are always winning and making positive progress towards their goals.

Measuring backward ensures their focus is on positive progress, achievements, and gains.  This gives them the confidence and self-esteem to stay on track and deal with any obstacles they face.  Read more about setting measurable goals.

8. They are courageous

Mentally strong people are courageous and trust their judgement and stay on their path, despite what other people may say or think.  They don’t compare themselves to others and commit to reaching bigger and better goals.

People with mental strength use their capabilities to take on bigger challenges because they are guided by their vision of the future they want to create.  They have the self-belief to take action and make the right decisions to move their life forward.

9. They take responsibility

Mentally strong people are internally driven and take responsibility for their choices, thoughts, and actions.  They are guided by their vision of a bigger future and use that vision to guide their daily actions.

They hold themselves accountable for the choices they make and don’t feel sorry for themselves if things don’t go according to plan.  By choosing their path, people with mental strength react positively to the challenges and successes they experience along the way.

10. They set clear goals

Mentally strong people understand the importance of time and protect their time to ensure they achieve their goals.  They set measurable goals around what is most important to them and what their biggest capabilities are.

Mentally strong people know that only a small number of activities will help them achieve the transformational results they want.  To achieve these results, they take control of their time and set better boundaries around their time.

Read more about how to set goals.

11. They are intentional

Mentally strong people are intentional in everything they say and do.  They are clear about where they want to be in the future and invest their time wisely to achieve those goals.

They are always focused and present on their biggest priorities and make time for the people that matter in their lives.  People with mental strength take control of their environment and circumstances, which ensures they are intentional with their energy and focus.

Get 6 tips on how to be more intentional.

12. They take control of their day 

Mentally strong people take control of their day and spend their valuable time pursuing their goals.  They are proactive and don’t waste time reacting to circumstances and people that impact their positivity.

They know what they want to do and what want to achieve each day.  This ensures they create their day based on what is important to them and not based on what other people want.

This mindset builds achievement and momentum every day, giving them greater confidence and self-esteem.

To take control of your day, read my guide to effective daily planning.

13. They live in the present 

Mentally strong people don’t live in the past and wish they could change things that happened to them.  They don’t let past experiences and results define their present and future.

They focus on being present in the moment and use the present as their guide for creating a bigger and better future.  Learn more about being present.

14. They follow their path

Mentally strong people are guided by their purpose and the bigger and better future they want for themselves.  They choose a vision and purpose that is important to them and don’t stray from it, despite any setbacks or roadblocks.

Having a clear vision and path to follow helps them build better relationships and networks of like-minded people.  They also find collaborators and supporters who will help them reach their goals.

15. They play the long game

Mentally strong people play a longer game, guided by their vision and purpose.  They set long-term goals and are clear on who they want to become and what they want to create in the future.  By being future-focused, they have clarity on what’s most important to them in the present and the future.

People with mental strength set long-term and short-term goals to stay focused and build self-confidence.  They have the motivation and positive mindset to always create something bigger and better.  Read my ultimate guide to goal setting.

16. They build momentum  

Mentally strong people focus on growing and building momentum in their business and life.  They understand how momentum builds positive progress and increases confidence.

People with mental strength know that taking consistent, positive action, and celebrating achievements is the key to achieving their goals.

When you have mental strength, your attention is on always maintaining a positive focus to help you navigate the challenges and setbacks you experience along the way.

To increase your focus, read 10 tips on how to stay focused.

Summing Up

People with mental strength are clear on what success means to them and set their lives up so they are always winning and moving forward.   Use these 16 tips to get started or check out the other resources below.

Now I’d love to hear from you.

What’s your number one tip for building your own mental strength?  How has it helped you achieve your goals?

Let me know in the comments.

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