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To be a successful in business and life you need to be mentally strong and be strong-minded.

Strong-minded people are focused on being mentally strong to help them navigate the fears, failures, experiences and obstacles that come with growing a successful business and life.

Learning how to be strong minded can help you transform past experiences, be they good or bad, and your feelings about them into measurable criteria for future growth.

In this article I’m going to give a definition of being strong-minded, share some quotes about having a strong mind and outline 23 important ways you can be strong-minded.

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How do you become mentally strong?

Mentally strong people take seriously what went well and what didn’t go so well in any situation.  They are able to adapt their thinking and be open minded based on this insight.  Mentally strong people are clear on what they want and don’t want in their future, and use those choices as the measurement for their future growth.

What sets mentally strong people apart is their ability to make decisions and communications that help them stay in a growth mindset despite the challenges, fears and obstacles they face.  Building mental strength is the key to overcoming obstacles and staying confident despite the challenges we face in life.  Read more about developing mental strength

What is a strong-minded person?

I define strong-minded people as having the mindset, capacity and capability to face and overcome challenges.  Strong minded people have a clear purpose and set of guiding principles and values that they stick to through thick and thin.  Being strong of mind means having the mental skills and physical capabilities to respond to and overcome any challenge.  Someone with a strong mind is resolute about their principles and beliefs and is focused on growth, learning and achievement.  They set clear boundaries around what is important to them, and don’t have a fear of missing out.

Characteristics of having a strong mind 

In this article I talk about the characteristics of mentally strong people as those who have the capabilities, the mindset, and the ability to think about their thinking in such as way that they can confront and overcome difficulties of all kinds.

When someone is strong-minded they have the energy, focus and mental stamina to deal with challenges internally.  Having mental toughness gives us the courage to build confidence, overcome obstacles and grow from that experience.  Discover 3 characteristics of a strong mind.

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Strong-minded quotes 

Here are a selection of strong mind quotes about being strong of mind which will be a set up to the 23 characteristics that are important to be strong-minded.

“Mental toughness is spartanism with qualities of sacrifice, self-denial, dedication. It is fearlessness, and it is love.” – Vince Lombardi


“It takes energy, mental toughness and spiritual reinforcement to successfully deal with life’s opportunities, and to reach your objectives.” – Zig Ziglar


“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” – Thomas Jefferson


“It’s when the discomfort strikes that they realise a strong mind is the most powerful weapon of all.” – Chrissie Wellington


“Argue for your limitations and, sure enough, they’re yours.” – Richard Bach

How to be strong-minded

Here are 23 effective ways to be strong-minded and develop the characteristics of a strong mind.

1. Strong-minded people have clear goals

Strong-minded people have a clear direction and purpose.  They have excellent goal setting skills.

They know exactly what they want to achieve and have a clear game plan to get them there.

Although challenges, frustrations and failures may throw them off course for a while, their clarity of vision helps them stay strong of mind to overcome these obstacles.  Get a proven process for setting goals

2. They are committed and intentional

Combined with a strong sense of purpose is a commitment and perseverance to stay the course despite the roadblocks that may come up.

When you have a strong mind, you are committed and intentional to something important to you, no amount of failures will stop you from reaching your goals.  Learn 6 ways to start being intentional.

3. Mentally strong people overcome obstacles

We all have obstacles to overcome on our journey to achieve our goals.

People with a strong mind are clear on the obstacles they face and have a built in strategy to creating a plan of action to overcome the obstacle.

Think back to a time when you overcome an obstacle.  What strategy did you use?

Think of another obstacle you overcame.  Did you use the same strategy?

Try to notice a common process you used to overcome obstacles, and put that process to use the next time an obstacle comes up.

4. Strong-minded people know their capabilities

When the going gets tough, people with a strong mind have to be crystal clear on what they’re really good at, their capabilities.

When you understand what you’re really good at, and spend more time doing that activity, you have the ability to overcome many obstacles.

At any time of crises, focus on using your biggest capabilities.

5. They have a gratitude mindset

People who are strong of mind always appreciate something in their day, no matter how hard it’s been.

If you have a gratitude mindset you will always be coming from a place of abundance, rather than scarcity.

When you’ve had a difficult day, write down one or two things that you’re grateful for.

Try expressing gratitude every day for seven days.  Learn more about how to develop a gratitude practice.

6. They are always learning

When we experience success we feel great, positive and motivated to achieve bigger and better goals.

But when we have frustrations and failures we can look at the experience as a big setback or have a different mindset.

Rather than looking at things that go wrong as failures, strong-minded people have the mindset that it is a learning experience rather than a failure experience.

They put things in place to learn from what happened and go again, rather than staying down and defeated.  This puts them in a mindset of abundance rather than scarcity.  Discover how to develop an abundance mindset.

7. Determined people play a longer game

Strong people who have clarity on their goals have a bigger vision of themselves in the future.

Their vision is longer, often three years, five years, or sometimes twenty-five years.

They’re playing a longer game which removes time scarcity in the present and creates a bigger framework for achieving their goals.

Rather than experiencing busyness and stress to hit shorter and shorter goal deadlines, strong-minded people give themselves the time freedom to achieve what they really want.  Learn how to create more time freedom.

8. They think in terms of abundance not scarcity

Having an abundance mindset makes you feel excited, motivated and energised, while a scarcity mindset can make you feel overwhelmed and stuck.

Strong-minded people are focused on creating value in the world with other like-minded people.

They think in terms of abundance and are always looking for ways to multiply their value in the marketplace and surround themselves with a community of people who think alike.

9. Strong-minded people are clear on their values

Setting up values in advance gives you a consistent track to follow.

This could be personally and for your business.  It makes it clear what you stand for, and often, what you stand against.

This set of values will attract the right people to you, and repel the people who don’t agree with them.

Having a core set of values acts as a guiding principle to everything you do and is fully supportive of your vision and goals.

10. People with a strong mind have clear boundaries 

When you’re crystal clear on your goals and have a game plan to achieve them you’re also clear on the activities you want to undertake.

If opportunities, projects or relationships don’t align with those goals, strong-minded people have the confidence to say no, rather than saying yes to everything.

11. They have a clear sense of purpose

When you know where you’re going and the reason why getting there is important to you, there is a clear sense of purpose.

Strong-minded people are clear on what’s crucially important to them, and know what getting specific results will really mean to them.

They know that creating something bigger and better in the present is key to creating the future they want.  Read more about how to be present.

12. They don’t compare

Strong-minded people create their own path.

They are guided by their sense of purpose and what will make them happy, rather than comparing themselves with other people.

Comparing ourselves to others can stop us in our tracks and create stress, overwhelm and procrastination.

No two journeys are alike so it’s impossible to compare. 

13. They follow their own path

Strong-minded people are internally driven.

They create their own path based on what is crucially important to them, not what the external world says.

Staying on this path, despite setbacks and roadblocks, gives them the drive and determination to achieve what is important to them.

14. Strong-minded people are honest with themselves

“All progress starts by telling the truth.” – Dan Sullivan

Instead of just going along as if everything is just fine and dandy, strong-minded people have the confidence to be honest with themselves.

To tell the truth about what’s working, what’s not working and where they really are in relation to their goals.

This honest assessment of the present, helps strong-minded people make decisions and communications and take the action required to stay on their chosen path.

15. They don’t need to be the smartest person in the room

Many people want to be seen as the smartest person in the room to boost their ego and confidence.

People with a strong mind are comfortable in their own skin and look at everything as a growth and learning experience.

Rather than being happy with what they’ve achieved, they seek out people and experiences that help them grow and achieve their goals.

16. They know they need support to grow

Some people think they always know best and are the best people to do every job.

Strong-minded people know that to get to the next level of their personal and business they need to surround themselves with the right people.

This could be a coach or mentor.

It could be joining a community of like-minded peers or hiring a team to support the growth of a business.

We all need support to grow.  We simply can’t do everything ourselves.

17. They are intentional in everything

When you are strong of mind you start every project with a powerful sense of what they want and what they want to achieve.

Being intentional about what your ideal outcome looks like creates a powerful sense of purpose, allowing you to clearly understand the importance of what you’re doing.

Building in specific success criteria means you experience greater clarity on what you want the final result to look like.

18. They make time to think and plan

It’s easy for busyness, tight deadlines and huge to-do lists to take over your life.

Days can merge into days if you let that happen.

There is no time to take a step back.  To think and plan.  To check in on yourself.

Strong-minded people who are clear on their goals set dedicated time aside to think about the present and plan for the future.  They carve out this protected time to re-energise, re-focus and course correct their game plan where required.  Read more about how to manage time effectively.

19. Strong-minded people have clear, specific goals

If you don’t know where you’re going, how do you know when you get there.

Having specific, measurable goals with a deadline helps you stay focused and motivated.

Rather than having general goals, strong-minded people use goal setting as they key to their future.

They know exactly what they want to achieve, and when they want to achieve it.  Discover a proven formula for setting measurable goals

20. They collaborate with others to help them grow

“You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.”
– Charlie Tremendous Jones

 People with a strong mind are focused on growth in every area of their business and life.

They know that the catalyst to growth is to spend more time with the people who support them and push them to higher levels of achievement and success.

People who have a strong mind also know that sometimes, for the good of their growth, they need to remove some of the people and situations that are holding them back.

They are comfortable making these decisions for the good of their future growth.

21. They are courageous

When we make the choice to shoot for a bigger and better goal than we’ve ever achieved before, we need to have courage.

People who are strong of mind know that courage is essential for their growth.

Your courage is internally driven, inspired by achieving something exciting in the future.

We all have to face courage when we’re not sure of the outcome in front of us.

This could be speaking for the first time on stage, creating a video, running a new workshop, writing a book or starting a new relationship.

When we see obstacles as challenges to overcome to get to bigger and better goals, we all experience courage.

We can want to do something scary, experience fear and walk away.

Or see the same thing, make a commitment to achieve it and use our courage to overcome the fear.

22. They take small steps to keep growing

By taking small steps towards their goals, and celebrating achievements every day, strong-minded people take the small steps that keep them growing.

I tend to work in quarters and have a small number of specific things I want to achieve.

Making daily progress towards those goals helps you stay strong of mind and build motivation and confidence. 

23. They focus on progress, not perfection

To reach our bigger and better goals, it’s important to acknowledge every step in the right direction that we make.

Acknowledging our progress builds motivation and confidence.

We feel like we’ve actually achieved something, however big or small that achievement is.

Strong-minded people see a degree of achievement in everything they do.

Achievement that compounds over time.

Don’t strive for perfection, focus on making daily progress towards your goals.  Discover a proven process to overcome perfectionism


Strong-minded people are focused on growth and personal development. 

Being mentally strong is about having the capability to stay confident despite the challenges we all face. 

When we have a strong mind we can overcome failures and see them as learning experiences. 

Use the tips I’ve shared in this article to become more strong-minded today. 

Now I’d love to hear from you.

What’s your number one tip to become strong-minded?  What impact has that had on your business and life?

Let me know in the comments.

About the Author

Mark Pettit is a small business coach to business owners who want to simplify their time, energy and focus so they can multiply their freedom, impact and results. 

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