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Effective time management is the process of organising, planning and managing your time between your most important priorities.  Learning how to effectively manage time requires setting better goals, planning ahead and prioritising your time wisely.

If you feel there is not enough time in the day to make progress on your goals, these 7 easy time management tips will improve your time management skills and increase your productivity.

Good time management enables you to work smarter, not harder and lowers stress.  When you can manage your time effectively, you can prioritise your time, plan your time and stay focused on what matters most to you.

This article will outline 7 ways to effectively manage your time to help you feel more focused, relaxed and in control of your time.

7 tips for managing your time effectively

These 7 time management tips will help you manage time effectively.

1. Set your goals 

The key to effective time management is to set measurable goals that give you direction and purpose.  When you know your goals, you can understand how you currently spend your time and use your time wisely to reach your goals faster.

Setting long-term goals gives you a vision of your future and helps you use your time productively.  Setting short-term goals gives you motivation and helps you prioritise while managing time wisely.

Goals help clarify your vision, focus your efforts and ensure you use your time and energy productively, to achieve what you want in life.

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2. Increase your focus

Good time management isn’t about working longer and longer hours.  When you can effectively manage your time, you can stay focused for longer and maximise the time you have.

Effective time management helps you narrow your focus when you have too much going on, and everything seems out of focus.  Aside from keeping you focused, managing your time ensures you have more time for your most productive work every day.

Increasing your focus ensures you don’t get distracted and overwhelmed during the day.  Better focus helps you plan ahead, schedule your most important work and keep track of your time.

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3. Be intentional with your time

Being intentional with your time means being clear on how you want to use your time to achieve your most important results.  When you are intentional about your day, you have greater  clarity and purpose around your time.

When you are clear on your most important opportunities and projects, you can increase focus and be more productive.  Being intentional with your time helps you get clear on the things you want to spend time on.  It also helps you prioritise and put your most important work first.

Being intentional with your time ensure you start each day with a plan and end each day celebrating your progress.

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4. Prioritise your time 

Effective time management helps you improve your time management skills, increase your productivity and prioritise your workload effectively.  Prioritising your time helps you identify and focus on important tasks by making them the biggest priority of your day.

When you give your biggest priorities full attention and focus, the quality of the work is improved and you feel in control of your time. To prioritise your time effectively, collect a list of all your tasks and identify your three biggest priorities for the day.

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5. Focus on your results

Effective time management requires a shift in focus from activities to result.  Being busy isn’t the same as being productive and effective.  Good time management means focusing on results and doing high value work, not high quantity work.

Working longer and harder isn’t the most productive way to manage your time.  When you focus on effective time management, your goal will be to achieve specific results, rather than working harder.

Effective time management gives you back control of your day to work on your most productive activities.  Building good habits around your time ensures you focus on results, avoid stress and find better work-lie balance.

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6. Set boundaries around your time

Good time management will help you prioritise your time and focus by setting boundaries around your time.  By setting protective time boundaries, you can improve your time management, increase your focus and achieve your goals faster.

Setting firm boundaries around your time ensures you work on your biggest priorities for longer.  It can also help you eliminate distractions and block out your time to work on your most important work.

Managing time effectively ensures you say no to activities that don’t support your goals.  It also ensures you stay focused and productive throughout the day on your most important work.

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7. Plan your time 

Planning ahead ensures you organise yourself and your time to achieve your most productive results.  Effectively planning out your day helps you prioritise, stay focused and handle stress in a positive way.

When you schedule your day, you can plan how you’ll use your time, which will maximise your effectiveness and productivity.  Daily planning helps you identify your daily priorities, track your progress and celebrate your daily achievements.

Planning your day also helps you set a time limit to complete a task in and block out time work work on your priorities.  When you plan your day you have greater direction, which improves your time management.

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About Mark Pettit

Mark Pettit is a time management coach based in Colchester, Essex, UK.  He is the Founder of time management coaching company, Lucemi Consulting.

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